The HAE Global Walk 2018

Thousands helped raise awareness step by step


The HAE Global Walk was launched by HAEi in 2016. From late April to end May 12,000,000+ steps were taken by individuals and groups wanting to be part of the global HAE awareness movement.


In 2017 the campaign ran from 1 April to end May and reached 2,120 people in 32 countries taking 21,000,000+ steps (that is 16,320 km or 10,141 miles).


The third edition of the HAE Global Walk broke each and every record as 54,609,008 steps were taken by 4,262 people from 37 countries. That is 42,007 km or 26,102 miles - or more than one time around the globe. Well, if that isn't truly global we don't know what is :)


Thank you to each and every one who walked for HAE awareness - in their home country or while traveling abroad. A short stroll around the block, a hike with friends and family or an actual HAE awareness event organized by themselves. HAE awareness comes in many forms and this campaign proves to show that every step counts.

Have a look here if you want to see in detail how the campaign went.

steps taken in total
HAEi is here for you!

16 May is the annual HAE awareness day reaching out to all of the world

On 16 May every year the hae day :-) aims to raise awareness of HAE (Hereditary AngioEdema) among the general public and medical community. Our goal is to create an environment in which there is better

care, earlier and more accurate diagnosis, and knowledge that HAE patients can lead a healthy life. Please take part – the success of hae day :-) is maximized through your support.