The HAE Global Walk 2019

New record in raising awareness step by step

Thank you so very, very much to each and everyone who took part in the HAE Global Walk from 1 April to 31 May 2019 – once more proving that this is a truly worldwide HAE event.


First launched in 2016 the HAE Global Walk registered more than 12,000,000 steps. In 2017 the number grew to more than 21,000,000. In 2018 we rose to over 54,000,000 steps. And for 2019 we have registered nothing less than a massive increase to 90,189,232 steps (see the counter below).


For those interested in the national scores, here you have the first 10 countries walked for:


North Macedonia (14,000,000+)

Denmark (13,000,000+)

Spain (8,000,000+)

Canada (7,000,000)

Serbia (6,000,000+)

USA (6,000,000+)

United Kingdom (5,000,000+)

Brazil (5,000,000+)

Germany (4,000,000+)

Argentina (3,000,000+)


– followed by Austria, Australia, Netherlands, and Australia (all 2,000,000+) and then Peru, Slovakia, Sweden, Croatia, Mexico, Jordan, Montenegro, Norway, Venezuela, Switzerland, and Belgium


– and also entries from Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, New Zealand, Poland, Russian Federation, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.


We will be back with the 2020 version of the HAE Global Walk in the months leading up to the 2020 HAE Global Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. And once again our motto will be: Every step counts.


Your HAE Global Walk team

steps taken in total

16 May is the annual HAE awareness day reaching out to all of the world