25 March 2019

Global Walk raises awareness step by step

On and around hae day :-) 2019 a group of HAE patients, caregivers, doctors, and people from HAE organizations will walk three stages of the Camino in northern Spain.


We know that many people would like to take part in this walk but are not able to do so. Therefore we once more arrange the HAE Global Walk, allowing everyone to participate no matter where they are: From 1 April to 31 May 2019 we will be running a campaign in order to raise awareness of the rare disease HAE.


We encourage you to help raise HAE awareness. All you need to do is to walk any distance you would like wherever you feel like it – on your own or together with others – and report the distance walked to www.haeday.org. Your km/miles will then be added to those taken by people walking the Camino as well as all other HAE steps taken around the globe.


On www.haeday.org you can follow the development day by day – for instance, you can see in which countries the steps are walked, how many km/miles have been walked, and how many people have participated.


Please make sure to visit the website often during the campaign period (1 April to 31 May 2019) – and add all the walks you like. Every step counts.