March 06, 2012

A new set of resources to help our member organizations make the most of hae day :-) is now live on The guide aims to assist our members with campaigns and local awareness activity while recognizing that countries have differing levels of need.  

A variety of information is included:

  • The background to hae day :-) and the reality of HAE
  • The role of the HAEi, National Member Organizations (NMOs) and National Patient Groups (NPGs) in hae day :-)
  • A guide to media outreach and template documents to use
  • Tips on using social media to spread the word about hae day :-)

In total, the guide is made up of seven sections but it is hoped that members will use whichever parts are most relevant to them or their countries. Documents are only available in English but members are encouraged to translate as much as they need into their own language.

The objective of hae day :-) is to raise awareness of Hereditary Angioedema among the general public and medical community, with the aim of creating an environment in which there is better care, earlier and more accurate diagnosis and knowledge that HAE patients can lead a healthy life. It is intended that the new resources will help meet this goal by enabling the highest levels of participation.    

It is also possible to get involved in hae day :-) before May 16 by sending a smile, sharing details of events or making a donation.