March 19, 2012

On January 19 2012, we reported that 25 smiles had been sent by people all over the world through in support of hae day :-). Two months later and the figure has increased nearly ten times to 239. Yet we still have room for more – please share our Cover the world with smiles campaign on your Facebook or Twitter profile and ask your friends to send a smile too. This could help to identify new undiagnosed HAE patients.

Five different continents are represented on the interactive smiles map including submissions from cities as far apart as Santiago, Zagreb, Auckland and Moscow. The United States has sent the most smiles but countries like Argentina and Denmark are also significant contributors to the total.

Since HAE affects people all over the world, it is intended that hae day :-) is a truly global event and supporters internationally are invited to ‘send a smile’ through Those who share a smile can also add a short personal message to demonstrate that people everywhere are banding together to raise awareness of HAE.

With less than two months to go until hae day :-) on May 16, please remind your friends, family and colleagues that everyone can send a smile via and at the same time find out more about hae day :-).