Thousands helped raise HAE awareness step by step

On and around hae day :-) 2017 a group of HAE patients, caregivers, doctors and people from HAE organizations walked four stages of the Camino in northern Spain. Many people would have liked to take part in this walk but were not able to do so. Therefore we arranged the HAE Global Walk 2017, allowing everyone to participate no matter where they were.

The HAE Global Walk was first launched in 2016 – and from late April and all through May 2016 we registered more than 12,000,000 steps taken by individuals and groups wanting to be part of the global HAE awareness movement.

The 2017 campaign reached even further as 2,120 people in 32 countries across the globe took steps for HAE awareness. Some on their own, others in larger groups.

Thank you very much to each and everyone who took part in the campaign, thus emphasizing our message: Every step counts.

All these awesome people joined the HAE Global Walk 2017 and helped raising awareness:

Date Name Steps Walked in Participants Note
31/05/2017Raquel de Oliveira Martins5200Brazil1happy day, last day
30/05/2017Raquel de Oliveira Martins7800Brazil1Satisfeita
31/05Akihiko Okamoto11960Japan1Partially clouded
17 May Geir Rønning6474Finland1Walk and run
5 May Geir Rønning9178Finland1Walk and run
3 May Geir Rønning9646Finland1Walk and run
2 May Geir Rønning 9386Finland1Walk and run
1 MayGeir Rønning8840Finland1Walk and run
26 aprilGeir Rønning10790Finland1Walk and run
21 aprilGeir Rønning8840Finland1Walk and run
19 aprilGeir Rønning8229Finland1Walk and run
19 aprilGeir Rønning8229Finland1Walk and run
18 aprilGeir Rønning9139Finland1Walk and run
15 aprilGeir Rønning7475Finland1Walk and run
14 aprilGeir Rønning9945Finland1Walk and run
13. AprilGeir Rønning 7254Finland1Walk and run
11 aprilGeir Rønning6812Finland1Walk and run
10 aprilGeir Rønning8177Finland1Walk and run
9 april 2017Geir Rønning8177Finland1Walk and run
8 aprilGeir Rønning8840Finland1Walk and run
6 april 2017Geir Rønning6851Finland1Walk and run
4 april 2017Geir Rønning7098Finland1Walk and run
2 april 2017Geir Rønning6539Norway1Walk and run
1 april 2017Geir Rønning6695Norway1Walk and run
31/05Sara Smith13000Spain2Back in Santiago de Compostela for patient workshop in Galicia. Walk through Santiago on a beautiful day.
31/05Tomoki Mihara4537Japan1Work
29/05Tomoki Mihara3757Japan1Work
28/05Tomoki Mihara15327Japan1Golf
27/05Tomoki Mihara1339Japan1Home
31/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1HAEDAY:-)
01.04 - 31.5Natasha Jovanovska Popovska234000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walking around the home, looking after a baby may seem negligible, but there are plenty of kilometers involved!
05/28Matsui Shigeyuki5460Japan1Good weather
31/05Keiko Nakamura6500Japan1Small walk makes differnce.
20/05Saori Toyoshima2600Japan2with my son!
2017/05/28Rio26000Japan4Walking with family
31/05Terumi Baba6500Japan1walking
31/05Steen Bjerre1950Denmark1Just a small walk to and from Andreas\' school but every step counts!
17/05/17Rosie Gowing13000Australia2Walked around some of Melbourne\'s lovely parks after attending the HAE Australasia annual meeting.
30/05/17Sandra Eriksen13000New Zealand2More footprints to celebrate HAEday, enjoying a lovely autumn day at our beautiful local beach and park.
30/05Akihiko Okamoto10270Japan1Almost summer weather here in Japan
30/05Steen Bjerre1690Denmark1Just a small walk to and from Andreas\' school but every step counts!
30/05Fiona wardman20670United Kingdom1Walking around London
31/03Rashad364000United Arab Emirates20A group Hike in UAE moutains, orgonized by Adventurati outdoor
15/04Rashad72800United Arab Emirates4Backpacking in UAE mountains, Jabal Jais in RAK
30/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1:)
24.-29.05.2017Kerstin52000Germany16 training runs in may
01/05Dana387194United Kingdom31I run multiple and walk a lot. Using my mobile, I have put in the average daily distance I stepped in May times 31 days.
29/05gerard23400Netherlands6A walk during lunch hour
22/05marijk5200Netherlands2A walk in the park
25/05marijk 26000Netherlands2A warm hike
29-30/05Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1Walking to and from appointments
29/05Ole Frølich7800Denmark1Tracking with my two dogs, Search in the forrest for evidence - found 8 hidden :-)
26/05Stephanie7150Germany1fit & fun
26th May 2017Mark Rhule13000Australia2A walk around our Suburbs North Lakes Queensland Australia
26/5Sherry Swanson 16737United States1Training run
2017-05-29Ben91000Canada2work-over the last 3 weeks
2017-29-05Flavia78000Canada2work and fun for the last 2 weeks
2017-29-05Carmen Craciun65000Canada2I walked a total of 25 km over the last few weeks.
2017-05-29Constantin Craciun65000Canada2I walked a total of 25km for the month of May.
27/05Henrik13000Denmark1Walking for awareness!
29/05Akihiko Okamoto8580Japan1Sunny day
29/5/2017Olivia17680New Zealand2We walked two of the East Coast Bays in Auckland a 6.8km round trip on a sunny Autumn day yesterday.
29/5/2017Olivia17680New Zealand2We walked two of the East Coast Bays in Auckland a 6.8km round trip on a sunny Autumn day yesterday.
28/05/17Sandra Eriksen23400New Zealand3Our family,plus dog, took some steps to remember the amazing time we had on the HAE Global Walk 2016
26/05/2017Rachel Annals42680United Kingdom4Walking, scooting, and balancing biking around Apex Park, followed by ice creams on the seafront, with the little ones
14/05/2017Rachel Annals60254United Kingdom6A girlfriends special shopping day in Bristol, celebrating her 40th birthday
24/05/2017Rachel Annals7532United Kingdom1A late evening dog walk
23/05/2017Rachel Annals19248United Kingdom2A lovely lunchtime work walk in the sunshine
29.05.2017Natasa5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walking to work, meeting and back home
28/05Fiona Wardman24960Austria2Salzburg
27/05Fiona Wardman25740Austria2Salzburg
26/05Fiona Wardman21060Czech Republic2Cesky Krumlov
25/05Fiona Wardman27560Austria2Vienna
24/05Fiona Wardman19500Austria2Vienna
23/05Fiona Wardman16120Slovakia2Bratislava
29/5/2017Patricia Karani13000Kenya2This walk is a celebration for me because when i was on no medicines i never walked. I am greatful!
20.05.2017Kirsti Faksvåg32500Norway1It was a walk for 3 days
29/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1good morning!!
28.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen8216Norway1Sunday walk
05/28Kelley Eilson19500Canada3:)
27-28/5yuichi shimamura23400Japan1step by step
28/05Akihiko Okamoto12220Japan1Walked around
28/05Berliner Jungs 201710400Germany4More walking in Berlin
28/05therezinha ribeiro moyses15600Brazil1haeday
26.05. and 27.05Adelheid Huemer455000Austria10We walked up on the mountain \"Feuerkogel\" at 1800 meters, in two days everybody of our gruop did 42.495 steps.
28/05/2017Gabriela Mesquita5200Brazil2:D
26.7.17Trine Dahl-Johansen10790Norway2walk with a friend
26.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6448Norway1Friday walk
25.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6058Norway1Thursday walk
27/05Berliner Jungs 201758500Germany5More walking in Berlin
27/05Berliner Jungs 201711700Germany2Walking in Berlin
26/05Akihiko Okamoto11570Japan1Happy Friday
26/05Berliner Jungs 201732500Germany5Walking in Berlin
26/05Tomoki Mihara6071Japan1work
25/05Tomoki Mihara5954Japan1work
24/05Tomoki Mihara5304Japan1fun
23/05Tomoki Mihara8398Japan1Work
22/05Tomoki Mihara4498Japan1Work
25/05Maria Ferron15600Malta2walking around with Karin :-)
23/05Tomoki Mihara8398Japan1Working
22/05Tomoki Mihara4498Japan1Working
25/05Henrik13000Denmark25K spring walk for HAE!
04/05Yoshihide Okino52000Japan4A family trip, with HAE day Camino Walk in mind, to walk and cable car ride across \"Kurobe-Tateyama Alpine Route\" Japan.
25/05Akihiko Okamoto10660Japan1Cloudy today
2505Rosemarie Segerqvist52000Sweden2À morning run with My daughter WHO has HAE III
25.05.17Ann Helen Hellevik46800Norway1My lokal mountain hike, 3 km one way and i have done it 6 times april and May so fare:-)
20/05/17Kelley Wilson 3900Canada1:)
18/05/17Kelley Wilson4561Canada1:)
22/05/17Kelley Wilson3900Canada1:)
23/05/17Kelley Wilson4810Canada1:)
24/05Akihiko Okamoto10400Japan1Could not walk enough
22-24/5yuichi shimamura13000Japan1keep it up
24.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen17836Norway2City walk with a friend in the sun
23.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen4810Norway1Tuesday walk
22.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen4459Norway1Monday walk
21.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6214Norway1Sunday walk
24/05Morgana Brandão2600Brazil2 running
24/05Gabriela Mesquita2600Brazil2 running
24/05Sergio Nolasco2600Brazil2For AEH
24/05Livia Nolasco2600Brazil2For AEH
May 23Regan9624Canada1For Don
May 22Regan8243Canada1For Don
May 21Regan8055Canada1For Don
May 21Regan8055Canada1For Don
May 20Regan5670Canada1For Don
May 19Regan5649Canada1For Don
May 18Regan 3536Canada1For Don
May 17Regan10126Canada1For Fon
May 16Regan6130Canada1For Don
May 15Regan6276Canada1For Don ????
23/05Mayumi Yamamoto6500Japan1Commuting
22/05Mayumi Yamamoto6110Japan1Commuting
20Mayumi Yamamoto9425Japan1Walking and running
19/05Mayumi Yamamoto6500Japan1Commuting
18/05Mayumi Yamamoto7800Japan1Commuting
23/05Susan Morin10439Canada1Steps taken today!
23/05Erin Hosaluk 9100Canada1Thinking of Don and his family!
23/05Amie Parkinson5858Canada1Did it to support a friend
22/05Susan Morin7774Canada1Steps taken today!
21/05Susan Morin5811Canada1Steps taken today!
24/05Akihiko Okamoto10140Japan1El aqua mineral, por favor.
20/05Susan7449Canada1Steps taken throughout the day!
19/05Susan 8567Canada1Steps taken throughout the day!
18/05Susan 9490Canada1Steps taken throughout the day!
05/20/2017Sherry Swanson241800United States60HAE IN-MOTION Wheaton, IL
23/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1haeday
23/05Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1To and from a few appointments
22/05Livia Nolasco1300Brazil1 Passeando no Shopping
22/05Akihiko Okamoto10400Japan1Not a long way
22/05Ana de Lourdes Rosa 13000Brazil1Caminhada
22/05Linda & Ken Howlett20800Canada2Beautiful Morning!
22/05Morgana Mesquita1300Brazil1 Running
22/05Sergio Nolasco1300Brazil1Going to work
22/05Steen Bjerre2600Denmark1To and from meetings
17/05Takashi Yamasaki10374Japan1:)
18/05Takashi Yamasaki9672Japan1:)
19/05Takashi Yamasaki6162Japan1:)
20/05Takashi Yamasaki4199Japan1:)
21/05Takashi Yamasaki3328Japan1:)
21/05Promocion coronae marie70200Peru27For aehPeru
21/05Steen Bjerre3900Netherlands1Airport walking on the way back from the HAE conference in Budapest
21/05Steen Bjerre3900Hungary1Airport walking on the way back from the HAE conference in Budapest
20-21/5yuichi shimamura27300Japan110km Walking and 11km Running
19/5yuichi shimamura5850Japan1workday(walking around the kyoto city)
22/05Mari Arai988Japan1One way commute from home to office
21/05Shigeyuki Matsui5460Japan1Very good weather in the morning
20/05Shigeyuki Matsui9230Japan1Walking thinking about rare disease
21/05Akihiko Okamoto4550Japan1Hot outside
21/05/2017Faradiba Sarquis serpa31200Hungary6For HAE month!!
21/05Tomoki Mihara6669Japan1festival!
20/05Tomoki Mihara7111Japan1BBQ
19/05/2017Regis Albuquerque Campos13000Hungary1For HAEDay.
20/05/2017Faradiba SARQUIS Serpa10400Hungary4With friends during the 10th C1-INH Workshop.
20/05/2017Beverley Yamamoto3900Hungary1Walking around Margaret Island in the sunshine
20/05/2017Fiona Wardman3900Hungary1Walking in the sunshine around Margaret Island, Budapest
20/05/2017Rachel Annals3900Hungary1Walking around Margaret Island, Budapest, in the sunshine
19/05/2017Beverley yamamoto2600Hungary1Exploring the markets in budapest
19/05/2017Fiona Wardman2600Hungary1Exploring the markets in budapest
19/05/2017Rachel Annals2600Hungary1Exploring the markets in Budapest city
18/05/2017Fiona Wardman11700Hungary1A lovely way around the city of Budapest
18/05/2017Rachel Annals11700Hungary1A lovely stroll around Budapest city
20/05Akihiko Okamoto11050Japan1It was a hot day
0605Rosemarie Segerqvist57200Sweden2À 11 km race in Näset/ Gothenburg
2005Rosemarie Segerqvist81900Sweden3Worldest great halfmsrathon in Gothenburg
16/05Fabiana Queiroz123500Brazil19A caminhada foi realizada na cidade de Bom Despacho/Minas Gerais por pacientes, familiares e parceiros nesta causa.
13/05Alfonso6500Peru1Todo el Perú unido y apoyando esta noble causa
20.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen5031Norway1Evening walk
19.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen2262Norway1To a meeting
18.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen2834Norway1To a meeting
17.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6318Norway2National constitution day in Norway
16.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3731Norway1Evening walk
15.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen15418Norway2Fun day with my mother
13.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen1300Norway1Evening walk
12.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3133Norway1Evening walk
11.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen1430Norway1To a meeting
10.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen2288Norway1To a meeting
9.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6344Norway1Evening walk
8.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3575Norway1To a meeting
7.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6071Norway1Evening walk
6.5.27Trine Dahl-Johansen11778Norway2Evening walk
5.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen5538Norway1Evening walk
3.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen16094Norway2Evening walk
3.5.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3393Norway1To a meeting
02.05.17Trine Dahl-Johansen8879Norway1Walking in the forest
20/05Steen Bjerre3900Hungary1Conference walking again
20/05Linda & Ken Howlett15600Canada2Have a great day!
19/05Micheli 6500Brazil1I have been walking around the city, I\'m feeling so good with this.
19/05maria ferron15600Hungary3mama + noah + yo: paseito por budapest
12/05maria ferron23400Spain3visitando madrid
11/05maria ferron 41600Spain8paseito por el escorial con toda la familia, kristina y los tios malagueños :-)
10/05maria ferron39000Spain6la familia al completo + prima
07/05maria ferron27300Spain3paseito por torre
09/05maria ferron 15600Spain2sister walk
16/05/2017Cecilia ramirez58500Argentina15with my zumba mates, 3 km each of us
19.05.2017Natasa & Natasha10400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Walk on tne beautiful Margit Ireland in Budapest
27/04Clare Fear3954Spain1Local
26/04Clare Fear3954Spain1local
25/04Clare Fear6632Spain1around our local town
24/04Clare Fear8829Spain1local
15/04Clare Fear4477Spain1local
14/04Clare Fear3703Spain1daily round
20/05therezinha ribeiro moyses15600Brazil1good day!!!
13/04Clare Fear5732Spain1exercise
12/04Clare Fear4791Spain1exercise
11/04Clare Fear9059Spain1exercise
10/04Clare Fear6758Spain1Exercise
06/04Clare Fear5712Spain1Daily exercise
04/04Clare Fear5272Spain1Exercise locally
03/04Clare Fear6862Spain1Exercise
19/05Steen Bjerre3900Hungary1Conference walking
19/05Akihiko Okamoto14040Japan1Round about for walkinig
19/05Tomoki Mihara3484Japan1Work
18/05therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Hi!
19/05Hisato Kawamoto 7800Japan1Commuting
18/05Mayumi Yamamoto6760Japan1commuting
18/05Akihiko Okamoto9100Japan1Commuting
18/05yuichi shimamura5850Japan1Walking around Kyoto city
18/05Faradiba Sarquis Serpa26000Hungary5HAE Day 2017
18/05Steen Bjerre2600Hungary1A bit of running around in the airport and such on the way to the HAE conference in Budapest
18/05Steen Bjerre2600Spain1A bit of running around in the airport and such on the way to the HAE conference in Budapest
18/05Linda & Ken Howlett15600Canada2Gotta keep up the steps!
17/05Linda & Ken Howlett13000Canada2Beautiful evening so we walked again!
18/05Tomoki Mihara3913Japan1Work
16/05Jacqueline Santiago145600Brazil28Santo Antonio de Pádua - RJ
18/05daisuke ogata7670Japan1Walk for HAE
17/05Mayumi Yamamoto7930Japan1Commuting
16/05Mayumi Yamamoto6448Japan1Commuting
17/05Tomoki Mihara6227Japan1Work
10/05Patricia Lima8320Brazil1walking in the morning =)
11/05Patricia Lima3120Brazil1=) Life
12/05Patricia Lima9100Brazil2keep walking =)
13/05Patricia Lima7540Brazil1Walking around =)
15/05Patricia Lima5720Brazil1=)
16/05Patricia Lima5200Brazil1A walk for HAE =)
17/05Patricia Lima5200Brazil1Happy =)
17/05yuichi shimamura5980Japan1workday
17/05Morgana Mesquita5200Brazil2A luta continua!
16/05Jacquie Badiou75317Canada6Sister\'s and nieces group walking challenge
17/05Hiroki Sato 4654Japan1To go to a office and go back to home
17/05Akihiko Okamoto12090Japan1Commute
17/05Alexandra Nikova13000Germany1Wonderful!
17/05Linda & Ken Howlett18200Canada2Beautiful sunny day. Cheers to all you walkers!
13/05Sherry Swanson312000United States48HAE IN MOTION-Team Lyndon
15/05Zan187200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of8Mountain Dešat: peak Kr?in
17/05Raquel de Oliveira Martins3900Brazil1Feliz por mais um evento em Budapest
17/05HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 4273000Spain30HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 4
17/05Hisato Kawamoto8450Japan1Commuting
17/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Good morning!!
02/05 - 16/05Team Austria GD/NS39000Austria1multiple walks with my dogs
16/05Yasunori Hayashida1300Japan1walking home
17/05Takeyuki Kato1300Japan1Beautiful morning walk to the office
16/05A. Rowe4184Canada1A nice day for walking
16/05Kari Feere32500Canada5My daughters and I walked in support of all those who suffer like us. Hugs
16/05yuichi shimamura6110Japan1work day
16/05Fumi Shibutani5200Japan1To be of help, walk the walk.
16/05Hiroki Sato10348Japan1Steps were mainly for visiting a hospital.
16/05Akihiko Okamoto7800Japan1Commuting
16/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Happy Haeday!!
15/05LaToya7950United States1Supporting the cause
14/05Vanessa19500Brazil3We run 5km!
16/05Linda & Ken Howlett15600Canada2Happy HAE Day:-) Wish we were walking with you all again there in Spain. Walking in rain here in Woodstock.
16/05HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 3780000Spain30HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 3
15/05Danielle Ferry7490United States1Supporting the cause
06/05/2017Jane Sproat112976United Kingdom4A little wander with the girls ????
05/16Shanna Oden11925United States1HAE Day....Raising Awareness of an awful disease
16/05Lanna Evans5230United States1I\'m walking for my best friends kids who have HAE and who\'s father passed away from it.
16/05/2017Gabriela Mesquita5200Brazil2walking for life!
14.05.2017Markus Geiger20800Austria2Walking for HAE
1605Hisa to Kawamoto5980Japan1Commuting
16/05Livia Nolasco5200Brazil2Supporting the cause
16/05Sergio Nolasco5200Brazil2Pelo dia Internacional do Angioedema hereditário
16/05Nobuhiro Tanaka 19500Japan1Found time to lose weight
15/5/2017Cecilia 3900Argentina1Supporting the cause
16/05Hiroaki Sato1300Japan1Walking is happy!
15/05Gabriele Beckel 7800Germany1Despite pain in the sole of foot I tried and it worked
16/05Alexandra Nikova13000Germany1Breathtaking scenery
14.05.2017Dina Schlegel15600Germany3it was a great walk!
13.05.17Dina Schlegel39000Germany5It was a great walk!
15/05Gabriela Garcia1300Mexico1Paseo a mi perro
15/05Roberto Olivares Robles3900Mexico1Caminata por la mañana
15/5Linda & Ken Howlett15600Canada2Warming up in Woodstock, Ontario
10/5Linda & Ken Howlett20280Canada3Visit to Kingston
9/5Linda & Ken Howlett15600Canada2Daily morning walk
8/5Linda & Ken Howlett14300Canada2Cool day but enjoyable
15/05Jacquie and Richard Badiou8369Canada2Evening walk in the valley
14/05/2017Rachel Annals61258United Kingdom6A day shopping, sightseeing, eating and drinking to celebrate a special friends 40th birthday
14/05Martha Angélica Arroyo López6500Mexico1During my 5K race for the fight against breast cancer .
6/5/2017Gjoko6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Support for HAE Macedonia.
15/05Gerard16250Netherlands5Business walk
15/05/2017Alicia7800Spain1Buen camino!!!
14/05Guadalupe Cruz20800Mexico1Jugando Basquetbol
15/05 HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 2780000Spain30 HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 2
14/05Kire Milovski13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1HAE MACEDONIA
15/05Willemijn3900Netherlands1Taking a morning walk with my dog
14/05Hadorn Claudia16900Switzerland1running for fun
13/05Clemens Steinecker58500Austria1first part around vienna
13/05Hadorn Jasmine41600Switzerland2Grand prix von Bern
13-14/05Eveline Steinecker130000Austria1round Vienna/rundumadum
11/05Hadorn Claudia16900Switzerland1running for fun
14/05Faradiba15600Brazil2HAE Day
14/05Cecilia Ramirez3900Argentina1I walked in my city and in Lourdes Sanctuary in Buenos Aires Argentina to support the walk and pray for all the patients
14/05therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1Happy Mother\'s Day!
13/05Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 7800Brazil1Good morning!!
14/05Stephanie8944Germany2to be part of the Camino Walk
13/05marijk en gerard 7800Netherlands2Rainy walk
11/05marijk 11700Netherlands1Lovely springday walk
14/05HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 1780000Spain30HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2017 - day 1
15/05Ricardo Montenegro 15600Costa Rica2Caminamos por Angie L.Ch
14/05Shanna Oden20921United States1HAE...Swell free for Mothers Day
10/05Catherine-Anne Abel20921United Kingdom2Walking for my husband, father in law and my daughter. Xxx
13/05Steen Bjerre6500Spain1Walking here and there on the way to the Camino
13/05Evelyn Chacon2600Costa Rica1I am walking for my niece Angie L Ch
12/05Guillermo Alegre Lam.6500Peru1Mis 5k registrados por mi mami y tias en el Haeday.
13/05Rolando Benitez.764400Peru14Un partido de futbol dedicado para AehPeru.
13/05Ricardo Montenegro 15600Costa Rica1Corrí por Angie L.Ch
13/05Evelyn Chacon2600Costa Rica1I am walking for my niece Angie L Ch
12/05Vesna26000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Working walk :)
13/05ASOCIACION PERUANA DE ANGIOEDEMA HEREDITARIO314600Peru11una corta caminata por el HAEDAY.
13/05Carlos Blanch2600Peru2to supermarket
13/05Rachel Annals13520United Kingdom2My 4th 5k walk, part of my challenge to walk alongside those taking part in the HAE inMotion 5k, today in Lyndons memory
10/05Rachel Annals16380United Kingdom2Walking around the city of Bristol and the waterfront in the sunshine
12/05Sparky15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2A walk for HAE
12/05Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1Airports!
12/05suzet lam5200Peru2Caminando con mi suegro por el hospital, se lo dedicamos a AEHPERU.
12/05Michael Alvarado2600Costa Rica1Daily walking distance for Angie Ch. L.
11/05Michael Alvarado16900Costa Rica1Daily walking distance for Angie Ch. L.
16/05Careva 2600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1 Walk for HAE
12/05Daniela14300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Home to work, than to a meeting downtown and back home again ???? #supporthaepatients
12/05Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses7800Brazil1Pelo AEH Day
11/05Evelyn Chacon2600Costa Rica1I am walking for my niece Angie. L. Ch
12/05Stephanie6916Germany1to be part of the Camino Walk
11/05Edmundo Olvera5200Mexico1Camino por la tarde
11/05Aleksandra Pavlovska17420Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Sekoj den so soprugot peshacime. Sakame da sme zaedno dodeka peshacime. Dnevno pominuvame od 9 do 15 kilometri.
6.und 7.5.Karoline Platzer15600Austria1Again my running-way from my house into the Stiftingtal and back (2 times)
05/12Shanna Oden12553United States1In the rain 6 mile run after an HAE swelling this week....not giving up what I like to do
11.05.2017Katarina Kacarska9100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Walk for HAE
11/05Stephanie3510Germany1Walk for HAE
11.05.2017Verce Jovanovska Jankovska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1I walk for HAE
06/05Teresa Caballero89700Spain6We walked by Guadalix river, close to Madrid, with people from \"Conocer Colmenar Caminando\".
12.05.2017Josif1300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Haeday
11-03-17Betzabeth 7800Costa Rica1;)
11/05therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Haeday
10/05Michael Alvarado7800Costa Rica1Daily walking for Angie L. Ch.
07/05Sérgio Duarte Dortas Junior21060Brazil1HAE Awarness in Petrópolis
11/05Shanna Oden12553United States1HAE find a cure
10/05Evelyn Chacon2600Costa Rica1I am walking for my niece Angie L. Ch.
10/05Lívia Ramos2600Brazil2 Walk the HAE
10/05Armando Zepeda3081Mexico1Pasos caminados desda las 7 hasta las 11 AM
10/05Betzabeth7670Costa Rica1El correr de un día.
08/05Sara Smith22750Spain5:-)
10/05Stephanie5200Germany2for HAE ????
10/05Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1To and from meetings
13/05Gema Gonzales52000Mexico4Running for HAE
09/05Caroline57200Germany11Evening walk for HAE in Leipzig
10/05Edmundo Olvera Rojas1300Mexico1Caminar por las mañanas
10/05Gabriela García de los Cobos650Mexico1Camino de la casa al trabajo
10/05Ana Verdugo R.650Mexico1Camino de casa a trabajo
09/05Richard and Jacquie Badiou8369Canada2Scenic walk in the valley
10/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1good morning!
09/05Mary Petit6276United States1:)
09/05Hadorn Jasmine28600Switzerland2running for fun
07.05.hadorn Claudia18200Switzerland1running for fun
05.05.2017Hadorn Claudia33800Switzerland2a nice afternoon walk
09/05Evelyn Chacon1300Costa Rica1I walked for my niece.
09/05Michael Alvarado11700Costa Rica1Running in Lindora + daily walking for Angie L. Ch.
05/08Shanna oden8369United States14 mile run for HAE
09/05Urs Roost11700Switzerland1Walking to the office
09/05Valéria Funcke7800Brazil2Caminhamos pelos pacientes com Angio Edema
05/05Margarete Emery8369United States4Celebrating a birthday and walking around downtown Philadelphia.
06/05marijk en gerard26000Netherlands2A walk in the dunes
09/04marijk28600Netherlands2A nature walk
09/05therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1good morning!
07/05Cristina Cagliari191100Brazil7Graças ao apoio do pessoal conseguimos completar 21k.... AEH Day
07/05Natasha Jovanovska Popovska2011100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of13The participants supported the group of HAE Macedonia on Skopje Marathon.
08/05suzet lam2600Peru1El caminar de un día.
07/05Isabel muñoz2600Spain1Subiendo y bajando cuestas por via Julia y alrededores,
07/05Natasa26000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Skopje Marathon on May 7th with aim to increase HAE awareness under the slogan: I swell, but you cannot tell, I RUN!
08/05Steen Bjerre9100Denmark1Meetings here end there downtown
13/04Mary Petit18829United States1Keep it Up!
07/05Heraclius Serpa10400Brazil1AEH Day
07/05Faradiba S Serpa18200Brazil2AEH Day
07/05Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 842400Brazil36Pelo Haeday:-)
05/05Rachel Annals7950United Kingdom2A walk with the dogs in the sunshine
18/04Mary Petit5230United States1Let\\\'s Go! Continue to Raise Awareness!
07/05Shanna Oden12553United States1Having HAE is a struggle...taking it day by day!
06/05Shanna Oden12553United States1HAE ...We need a cure
07/05Sara Smith19500Spain3Beautiful though warm afternoon for a walk
06/05Oscar Alcazar764400Peru14un partido de futbol dedicado a AEHPERU
06/05Luis Prado6500Peru1Running in Pueblo Libre - Lima, Peru
07/05Luis Prado Alegre764400Peru14jugando un partido de futbol por AEHPERU.
07/05Renata Martins41843Brazil210 Miles :)
05/05Stephanie11700Germany1fitness, fun and HAE
06/05therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Bom dia!
06/05Sara Smith10400Spain1Getting ready for the Camino
02/05Sara Smith10400Spain2An afternoon stroll.
01/05Sara Smith16900Spain2Accompanying my daughter in stretching legs and getting fresh air after many hours on airplanes!!
06/05Andreas, Jeanette & Steen19500Denmark3Brunchin\\\' downtown - making plans for Andreas\' confirmation 2018 :)
03/05MARIA FERRON23400Spain3Frigiliana, Malaga con mi hermana y un amigo
01/05MARIA FERRON50700Spain3Otivar, Granada con mi hermana y un amigo
23/04MARIA FERRON3900Malta1Buscando nuevos caminos en Malta
22/04MARIA FERRON5200Malta2paseando cn Lore y su perro en naxxar
01/05Katrin Korthals18200Germany2Along \"Teufelsmauer\" near by Blankenburg Saxony-Anhalt
05/05therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
05/05Natasa2600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk with my sweet dog this evening was very calming :-)
05/05Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from meetings
27/04Jim & Edna Old2600United States2499 stairs up to Chimmey Rock NC
30/04 + 01/05Karo Platzer15600Austria12 times my running-way from my house into the \"Stiftingtal\"
05/05Sara Marie8787Ireland1Walked Newry Tollpath, along the canal. Beautiful day and saw lots of wildlife.
04/05Eva Pasching6500Austria1Walking instead of taking the Underground after a Hemophilia Meeting with customers in the evening
05/05Linda & Ken Howlett10400Canada2We walk this 5km route daily, except in inclement weather when we walk 4-5 kms on the treatmill
04/05Linda & Ken Howlett13000Canada2We walk this 5km route daily, except in inclement weather when we walk 4-5 kms on the treatmill
04/05Luis Prado Alegre6500Peru1Dedico mi trote del día por mi esposa Suzet que tiene AEH.
04/05Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1Out and about in town again today
18/04 + 22/04 + 03/05Jim Old13000United States2We walk a 5 k in the park Swan Creek here in Toledo at least 3 to4 times per week.
26/04Jim Old12553United States2visited Beltmore Estate in Asheville NC
04/05therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
01/05Shari Starr4184United States1Training for the next HAE 5K!
02/05Julie versloot10400Netherlands1This is my walk in and around my home including some dancing
31/04VIVIAN BIANCHI19500Brazil5Caminhada em Aparecida-SP para HAE-Day Walk
03/05Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from meetings
03/05therezinha ribeiro moyseS7800Brazil1good morning!
02/05Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from meetings
02/05therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Haeday
02/05Valéria Cecilio7800Brazil2Very Nice walk.
01/05suzet lam13000Peru2hoy salimos al cinema y recorrimos algunas tiendas.
01/05Sérgio Dortas Junior6500Brazil1Walk in Petrópolis for HAE Awarness
30/04Sérgio Dortas Junior18200Brazil1Walk in Petrópolis for HAE Awarness
01/05Saam Helene10790Switzerland1Just for HAE-Day Walk
23/04Helene Saam10790Switzerland1Beautifaul walk!
30/04/2017Faradiba Sarquis Serpa27300Brazil3HAEDAY
01/05Stephanie7800Germany2Just for fun an HAE
01/05Sonia Beatriz dos Santos Barboza 13000Brazil2Sou portadora de Angioedema Hereditário e fiz minha caminhada junto ao meu esposo que está sempre ao meu lado para me apoiar
30.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen7800Norway2Sunday walk With a friend
22.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen13000Norway2Meeting in HAE Scandinavia in Copenhagen
21.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen13000Denmark2Meeting for HAE Scandinavia in Copenhagen
21.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen13000Norway2Friday walk With a friend
20.4.17trine Dahl-Johansen3900Norway1Walking to a meeting
18.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Walking in the forrest
17.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen15600Norway2Easter walk With my mother
16.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen10400Norway2Easter walk With my mother
15.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen7800Norway2Easter walk With my mother
14.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen10400Norway2Easter walk With my mother
13.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen13000Norway2Easter walk With my mother
11.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3900Norway1Walking in the forrest
10.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen7800Norway2Monday stroll With a friend
9.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen15600Norway2Sunday stroll With a friend
8.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3900Norway1Walking in Oslo
7.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen5200Norway1Walking in the forrest
6.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen2600Norway1Walking in the forrest
5.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen5200Norway2Walking With a friend to a meeting
3.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen3900Norway1Monday stroll for HAE
2.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Working on the national Conference for Ankylosing Spondylitis association
1.4.17Trine Dahl-Johansen5200Norway1Working on the national Conference for Ankylosing Spondylitis association
29/04Renata Martins13000Brazil2One more day
22/04Renata Martins19500Brazil3NatGeoRun
01/05therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1Dia do trabalho!!
01/05Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from a meeting
30/04Patricia Lima3900Brazil1Life :-)
30/04Rachel Annals6890United Kingdom1My 5k walk/run in the UK, walking alongside those taking part in the HAE in Motion 5k in San Juan, Puerto Rico
29/04maria eduarda vasconcelos11700Brazil3haeday
30/04Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 7800Brazil1Haeday
29/04Stacy Rickman4184United States2A lovely walk on a beautiful day with my husband and dogs
30/04Raquel de Oliveira Martins6500Brazil1Peace!
30/04HAE IN MOTION 5k1841710Puerto Rico457San Juan, Puerto Rico HAE IN-MOTION 5k our largest race to date!
29/04marijk en gerard20800Netherlands2A nice walk in the Dutch dunes
20/04Rachel Annals3975United Kingdom1A lovely evening walk in the sunshine with my dog
22/04Ana Ferron44200Spain2haeday
14/04Ana Ferron19500Spain1Walking with the dog
13/04Ana Ferron52000Spain2Trekking in the mountains
29/04Klaus Röben20800Germany2Eine wunderschöne Wanderung am Bodensee und Seerhein.
29/04therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Dia frio e chuvoso!
28/04Patricia6110Brazil1walk for fun :-)
28/04Shari Starr6276United States1Walked in Chapel Hill NC
26/04therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1haeday
27/04therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
28/04therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1haeday
26/04Isabel Muñoz2600Spain1Paseando a paso rapido por Barcelona
27/04Rachel Annals3138United Kingdom1A quick dog walk before the rain!
28/04Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1To and from appointments
27/04Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
26/04Rachel Annals5649United Kingdom1A lovely evening stroll with the dog
24/04Rachel Annals2511United Kingdom1A quick walk with the dog
23/04Rachel Annals10670United Kingdom3A family walk on St George\'s Day
22/04Rachel Annals4603United Kingdom1Walking the dog
21/04Rachel Annals7323United Kingdom1Walking to and from meetings and dinner, around London
19/04Rachel Annals4184United Kingdom1
17/04Rachel Annals5230United Kingdom1Walking the dog in the sunshine
16/04Rachel Annals21968United Kingdom3A lovely sunny walk around Lyme Regis
02/04Isabel Brunkan12323Costa Rica1Another shift patrolling the beach for Leatherback turtle egg poachers
01/04Isabel Brunkan20545Costa Rica1Patrolling a beach in Costa Rica to protect Leatherback turtles laying eggs from poachers
26/04Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1Here and there in town
04/24Kim brown13000Canada1Went for a long walk this am for this cause
25/04Andreas & Steen5200Denmark2To and from Andreas\' school a couple of times
25/04therezinha ribeiro moyses5200Brazil1bom dia!!
22/04therezinha ribeiro moyses5200Brazil2pelo haeday
24/04Steen Bjerre2600Denmark1Fencing training transformed to steps :)
23/04Sara Smith23400Spain2Beautiful morning in Monte el Pardo. Rockrose in full bloom
22/04Sara Smith6500Spain1Saturday morning stroll
20/04Sara Smith6500Spain1Walking in Madrid
19/04Sara Smith3900Spain1Walking home
23/04marijk5200Netherlands2Evening walk
20/04marijk en gerard5200Netherlands2Evening walk
20/04marijk20800Netherlands2A nature walk
23/04Urs Roost13000Switzerland2Sunday stroll to get some bread
21/04therezinha ribeiro moyses5200Brazil2Pela haeday
20/04Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 5200Brazil2Em SP
22/04Urs Roost13000Switzerland2Going to the weekly food market
19/04Jørn Schultz-Boysen3224Denmark1Walking
22/04Stephanie3900Germany1for fun
22/04Andreas & Steen10400Denmark2Walking to and from vernissage at Gallerie Wolfsen :)
20/04Jørn Schultz-Boysen7813Denmark1HAE walking
21/04Jørn Schultz-Boysen7371Denmark1Walk for HAE
21/04Urs Roost14300Switzerland1Walking to the office
16/04Sara Smith20800Spain2:-)
16/04Sara Smith23400Spain2More Camino training
15/04Sara Smith19500Spain3:-)
14/04Sara Smith23400Spain3:-)
20/04Steen Bjerre7800Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
20/04Stephanie3900Germany1Just for fun
19/04Isabel Maria Muñoz Campos2600Spain1Paseo rapido por mi poblacion ,plazas y jardines
19/04Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from a meeting across the fiord
19/04Stephanie5200Germany1for fun
18/04Klaus Röben15600Germany2Durch die schöne Altstadt von Konstanz.
15/04Lois Perry8871United States1Fitbit
18/04Sydney peel12553United States3 At school
18/04therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1ok
18/04Miki15210Malta3From Ramla bay to Melieha bay.
16/04Tamar23014United States5I\'m disabled so while it was only 2 miles it was far from easy
17/04Sherry Swanson 18829United States1Training run:)
17/04MARIA FERRON20800Spain2Walking around Barcelona with Anna, what a lovely city!!!
15/04MARIA FERRON13000Spain2Visiting Morella (Castellon - Spain) with my friend Maria
14/04MARIA FERRON3900Malta1disfrutando Malta
15/04stavroula labiri5200Greece2haeday:-) Athens
17/04Isabel Maria Muñoz Campos1300Spain1Paseo por sitges
07/04Stephanie6500Germany1For fitness and for HAE
15/04Natasa36400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of7Enjoyed walk by Prespa Lake with my family!
17/04marijk en gerard13000Netherlands2A walk in the Dutch dunes
17/04therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Boa semana!!
17/04Urs Roost71500Switzerland10Short walk before lunch
16/04therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1Domingo de sol em Vitória!
16/04Urs Roost 70200Switzerland6Nice hike in the Swiss alps
15/04therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1haeday:-)
15/04Valéria Cecílio Bueno de Oliveira7800Brazil23 km at the beach
15/04marijk en gerard 15600Netherlands2Nature walk
14/04Estefania31200Malta4It was a walk by the coast of Malta in a public holidays day,where I could enjoy a wonderful sunset.
14/04Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1Just a light walk breaking in the Camino boots from 2016 :)
14/04therezinha ribeiro moyses11700Brazil1andando com chuva!!
13/04Gerard 13000Netherlands2Office break
10/04marijk10400Netherlands2A walk in the park
13/04Sara Smith14300Spain2Out and about
12/04Sara Smith13000Spain1Serious walking!!
11/04Sara Smith19500Spain2Walking the hills and beach of my favorite little spot on the Mediterranean
12/04MARIA FERRON4680Malta1Lovely walk in Tuffieha Bay
12/04therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Pelo HAEday
12/04Andreas & Steen15600Denmark2Walking to and from brunch and an exciting architecture exhibition at Utzon Center
11/04Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from a meeting and then to and from shopping - it all adds up :)
11/04MARIA FERRON3900Malta1lovely sunny day at Malta
07/04Nanna Maria Boysen31200Denmark2Youngsters running for children - also the ones with HAE :-)
09/04Henrik Balle Boysen27300Denmark3A walk for HAE on a beautiful sunny Sunday!
05/04Nicole Scherr8369United States2Raising awareness
09/04Rachel Annals6630United Kingdom1My 5k walk - supporting the HAE in-Motion 5k in Dekalb
08/04Natasa13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Enjoyed my walk with my cuttiest dog
06/04Christy Suvanto13000Canada1It was a great walk
09/04Sherry Swanson523900United States130HAE IN-MOTION 5k- Hopkins Park, Dekalb, IL
08/04Maria Ferron10400Malta1Nice walk around Naxxar, Malta
09/04Charlotte & her birthday party20800Denmark8In and around the AROS Museum in Aarhus
09/04Helene10660Switzerland1A walk with beautiful sommer weather
09/04Sara Smith23400Spain4Another beautiful morning for a walk
08/04therezinha ribeiro moyses19500Brazil3Mas montanhas capixabas
07/04Isabel Muñoz Campos1300Spain1Sola desde casa a la playa
08/04Sara Smith28600Spain2A nice walk on a beautiful Saturday morning
08/04marijk&gerard46800Netherlands3A nature walk
08/04Rachel Annals2511United Kingdom1A quick morning walk with the dog
07/04Jacquie L.-Badiou4184United States2Shopping with my sister in Palm Springs
06/04Jacquie L.-Badiou8369United States2Enjoying the street fair with my sister in Palm Springs
01/04Jacquie L.-Badiou4184Canada1Evening stroll in Vancouver, BC following the CORD conference
07/04Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1Walking in Aarhus, Horsens, and Aalborg :)
06/04Rachel Annals3975United Kingdom1
05/04Rachel Annals3347United Kingdom1A lovely evening stroll
04/04Rachel Annals4603United Kingdom1A lovely dog walk in the sunshine
06/04Steen & Vagn13000Denmark2Two old (well, not that old!) school mates going through the city they once studied in
06/04therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Lindo dia!
05/04therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Meu exercício diário
04/04therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Meu exercício diário
02/04therezinha ribeiro moyses9100Brazil1Eu adoro caminhar!
01/04THEREZINHA RIBEIRO MOYSES6500Brazil1lindo dia!
02/04Helene7020Switzerland1It was wonderful to enjoy the nature
06/04Klaus Röben5200Germany1Walking through the former state garden show in Singen/Hohentwiel.
01/04Klaus Röben10400Germany2A nice Walk on Lake Constance.
06/04Renata Martins6500Brazil1First day
05/04Fernanda Leonel Nunes10400Brazil1Great
01/04Nevena Tsarovska78000France4Creating HAE awareness, while exploring Paris.
04/04Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1Early April morning sunshine :)
03/04Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1Fencing lesson converted to steps
03/04Ole Frølich6500Denmark1Evening dog training with my two dogs.
01/04Sherry Swanson362700United States90First HAE IN-MOTION 5k of 2017 in Warminster, PA! Running/walking for HAE.
01/04Rachel Annals6890United Kingdom1Part of my challenge to take part in each of the \\\'HAE in Motion 5k events\\\' but here in the UK
01/04Andreas, Jeanette & Steen19500Denmark3Around town in the nice spring weather :)

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