HAEi would like to say
54,609,008 thanks
to 4,262 people from
37 countries walking
42,007 km / 26,102 miles
- that's more than
once around the globe -
for HAE awareness

Below you can see all 1,469 entries made by people walking in practically every corner of the world. And here are the countries with the most steps taken during the 2018 campaign:








United Kingdom



All these awesome people joined the walk and helped raise HAE awareness:

Date Name Steps Walked in Participants Note
31-5-18Jeanette & Steen12220Denmark2To and from downtown Aalborg
30-4-18Centro de salud Brena41600Peru32Somos compañeros de Suzet al cual le dedicamos por su dedicacion en difundir su àsociacion Edit
27 to 31-5-18Milenka Sharovikj13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Local walk
20 to 26-5-18Milenka Sharovikj564200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of14Walk & hike
17-5-18Sherry Swanson 36403Slovakia2Walking around Slovakia:)
Week of 31-5-18Richard and Jacquie Badiou20800Canada2Dancing
12-5-18Alfonso Díaz y Sotelo2340000Peru120Los ex alumnos del Colegio La Salle dedicamos todos los pasos de nuestro campeonato a la HAEi Perú. Un abrazo!
Week of 31-5-18Badiou Family187200Canada12Enjoying the apple trees blooming, playing soccer and baseball.
Week of 31-5-18LeGras Family32500Canada5Enjoying the warm Canadian weather.
1-5-18Hiroyuki Matabe9100Japan1Walking for Head Office
13-5-18Sandra Welsh97500United States3Our small family dedicated time to walk for HAE.
30-5-18Fiona Wardman51480Germany4With family in Berlin
30-5-18Toni Dimic28600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Morning sun catch
29-5-18Toni Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run
30-4-18Suzet Lam10400Peru2Caminata con mi esposo Luis por AehPeru.
15 to 21-5-18 Lois Perry156000Austria2between airport walking and participating in the walk and sightseeing etc - I am happy to contribute my \\\"steps\\\" -
31-5-18natasa angjeleska39000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Walk for HAE in Macedonia
31-5-18Trine DJ13598Norway1Walking for HAE
30-5-18Stephanie3900Germany1Walk for HAE
29-5-18Stephanie5200Germany1Walk for HAE
25-5-18Stephanie52000Germany8Walking with friends
30-5-18Carol & Derek22595United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
29-5-18Carol & Derek18829United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
27-5-18Carol & Derek25106United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
31-5-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Nordic walking
31-5-18Rachel46027United Kingdom5Enjoying the sunshine whilst walking around a conservation zoo
30-5-18Rachel7532United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
29-5-18Rachel9624United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
27-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking with Mummy
28-5-18Rachel7532United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
27-5-18Rachel11716United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
31-5-18Sara Smith7800Spain1Walking until the end for this year!!
30-5-18Daphne Dumbrille1300Canada1walking around Ottawa for HAE
31-5-18Jessica Duarte20800Brazil2Pernambuco -preparação
31-5-18Cecilia109200Argentina28Last day HAE awareness day with zumba mates
31-5-18Ken & Linda27300Canada2#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
30-5-18Ken & Linda22100Canada2#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
31-5-18Elizabeth Lawley78000Cyprus12We walked with hash house harriers in the countryside.
31-5-18Andreas & Steen13000Denmark2To and from art class
31-5-18Ann Helen Hellevik8320Norway1Normal day walk
31-5-18Evangelia Englezaki7800Cyprus2We walked through a park for HAE awareness
31-5-18Henrik6500Denmark1HAE walk
29-5-18Maria Eduarda vasconcelos ximenes 280800Brazil27Passeio da escola no mangue do cocó
27-5-18Daniele vasconcelos 91000Brazil710 km no total no parque do cocó-CE,no encontro de parcientes para divulgar AEH.
30-5-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Powerwalk
31-5-18Sérgio Duarte Dortas Junior3510Brazil1Trainning
30-5-18Sérgio Duarte Dortas Junior3250Brazil1Train
19-5-18Sérgio Duarte Dortas Junior15600Brazil1Train
29-5-18Sérgio Duarte Dortas Junior6500Brazil1Train
30-5-18Ivana 15600Serbia2A walk for HAE
31-5-18Eliane e Luiz Carlos19500Brazil2Rio de Janeiro Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas HAEDay
26-5-18Danielle Nunes93600Brazil9HAE day Caminhando com amigos Por um amigo!
31-5-18Danielle Nunes93600Brazil9Hae day Por um amigo!
30-5-18Natasa Angjeleska58500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3WALK and TALK with my boys
31-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
31-5-18Valéria 130000Hungary5I am walking through many countries since Vienna.
31-5-18Steen Bjerre7800Denmark1To and from meeting downtown Aalborg
31-5-18Keith Ridout12220Australia2Dog walk for HAE
31-5-18Keith Ridout6513Australia1Dog walk for HAE
30-5-18Maria Ferron 35100Spain3Paseito
1 to 30-5-18Dina Schlegel78000Germany1Way to work and back
30-5-18Dina Schlegel39000Germany1Fahrrad
30-5-18Dina Schlegel121550Germany17Firmen Lauf
25 to 30-5-18Bob & Judy Simon159900Germany2Munich and Marburg
20 to 25-5-18Bob & Judy Simon159900Austria2Salzburg and Innsbruck
30-5-18Henrik32500Denmark5Sunny evening
30-5-18Cecilia1300Argentina1Another walk from work. Still worried about medication
29-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
30-5-18Trine DJ13559Norway1Walking for HAE
30-5-18Cecilia2600Argentina1Going to the doctor\\\'s to ask for my medication
29-5-18Ken & Linda24700Canada2#HAECanada let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s walk
28-5-18Ken & Linda19500Canada2#HAECanada let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s walk
27-5-18Ken & Linda19500Canada2#HAECanada let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s walk
29-5-18Fran Bomar4184United States1Short walk in the neighborhood.
1 to 30-4-18Ann Helen Hellevik175500Norway1Walking in and around Ålesund
17-5-18Keith Ridout6240Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
29-5-18Eliane e Luiz13000Brazil2Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
28-5-18Jessica Duarte 52000Brazil5Pernambuco - preparação
27-5-18Jessica Duarte52000Brazil5Pernambuco
20-5-18Eliane e Luiz10400Austria2Conhecendo Viena
30-5-18Keith Ridout7800Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
30-5-18Keith Ridout7540Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
29-5-18Keith Ridout2431Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
29-5-18Keith Ridout4550Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
28-5-18Keith Ridout3172Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
28-5-18Keith Ridout6253Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
27-5-18Keith Ridout21112Australia4Walking the dog for HAE
27-5-18Keith Ridout6110Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
26-5-18Keith Ridout14846Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
26-5-18Keith Ridout5616Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
25-5-18Keith Ridout12792Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
25-5-18Keith Ridout5603Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
24-5-18Keith Ridout9750Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
24-5-18Keith Ridout5239Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
23-5-18Keith Ridout12558Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
23-5-18Keith Ridout6903Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
22-5-18Keith Ridout3276Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
22-5-18Keith Ridout6305Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
21-5-18Keith Ridout8840Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
21-5-18Keith Ridout5928Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
20-5-18Keith Ridout9568Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
20-5-18Keith Ridout5330Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
19-5-18Keith Ridout13260Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
19-5-18Keith Ridout5889Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
18-5-18Keith Ridout11440Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
18-5-18Keith Ridout3653Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
17-5-18Keith Ridout12480Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
27 to 29-5-18Ana Ferron39000Spain127-29 May/Daily walk for HAE!
27 to 29-5-18Sara Smith7800Spain127-29 May/Short walks for HAE!
16-5-18Francisco Arellano3900Mexico1Caminar ayuda a mantereruna vida sana y plena!
29-5-18Laura Orozco9061Mexico1Haeday:-)
29-5-18TB13000Japan1Walking for HAE
29-5-18TB6500Japan1Walking for HAE
29-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero21840Argentina2Por una causa
1-4 to 31-5-18Victoria 125529United States1April and May
25-5-18Marko 3900Serbia1Walking for HAE
29-5-18Trine DJ15184Norway1Walking for HAE
28-5-18Trine DJ34606Norway2Walking for HAE
29-4 to 26-5-18Tina Huk198003Canada1 My daily steps adding up
1 to 28-4-18Tina Huk189098Canada1
17 to 24-5-18Sherry S Swanson115068Austria18 days of walking all throughout Austria!!
1-4 to 31-5-18Andreas Bjerre137800Denmark1Walking around - and home from school almost every weekday from April till May.
29-5-18Margherita6500Italy1Walked in Florence
24-5-18Lisa Facciolla3557United States1Afternoon walk to the park
21-5-18Lisa Facciolla11298Turkey2Wow! The airport in Istanbul is quite large...we certainly got some steps in walking from one side to the other.
20-5-18Lisa Facciolla29708Austria2Final day walking the perimeter of Vienna
19-5-18Lisa Facciolla24687Austria2Enjoying Vienna
18-5-18Lisa Facciolla13808Austria2Walking Vienna
17-5-18Lisa Facciolla16737Austria2Walking the streets of Vienna
26-5-18Ken & Linda20800Canada2#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
25-5-18Ken & Linda9100Canada2#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
24-5-18Ken & Linda26000Canada2#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
23-5-18Ken & Linda42900Canada2#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
22-5-18Ken, Linda, Bob, & Judy52000Canada4#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
2-4-18Wendy Rockwell4603United States1Morning walk
1-4-18Wendy Rockwell2511United States1Colorado
29-4-18Wendy Rockwell9205United States1Sunday walk
2-5-18Wendy Rockwell8787United States1Denver, CO
11-5-18Wendy Rockwell9415United States1Getting ready to go to Vienna
13-5-18Wendy Rockwell26361Austria2Vienna
14-5-18Wendy Rockwell19666Austria2Austria
15-5-18Wendy Rockwell16737Austria2Walking through Vienna and the Danube Valley
24-5-18Wendy Rockwell8369United States1Walk in Colorado
25-5-18Wendy Rockwell6067United States1Walk in Colorado
17 to 29-5-18Dusanka Markovic348400Serbia2Nis, Walk for HAE with friends.
29-5-18Ann Helen Hellevik23400Norway1Walk around
29-5-18Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from lunch meeting downtown Aalborg
27-5-18Jose Manuel delgado Cuervo9100Germany1football match
27-5-18Fran Bomar4603United States1Joining this great effort late but every little bit counts...Around my neighborhood and on the Greenway.
28-5-18Henrik Balle Boysen19500Germany1Walking at EAACI for HAEi
26-5-18Henrik Balle Boysen62400Denmark4Walking for HAE
17-5-18Henrik Balle Boysen14300Austria1Walking in Vienna for HAE
16-5-18Henrik Balle Boysen15600Austria1Walking in Vienna for HAE
27-5-18Anne Birke9100Germany1walking route
25-5-18Anne Birke7800Germany1jogging route
28-5-18Anne Birke6500Germany1jogging route
18-4-18Nicky Bowen 13160United Kingdom115345 steps
19-4-18Nicky bowen15649United Kingdom117,353 steps
26-5-18Nicky Bowen 5544United Kingdom1Mine is 6100 steps 2.65 miles on crutches
28-5-18Natasa Angjeleska15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Short walk with my dog to raise HAE awareness!
28-5-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Nordic Walking
25-5-18Malin Norberg7800Sweden1Nordic Walking
21-5-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Powerwalk in the woods
18-5-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Nordic Walking
14-5-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Powerwalk in the forest
26-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel2730Mexico1Walked HAE
29-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel3770Mexico1Walked HAE
28-5-18Laura Orozco8203Mexico1HEE Day
24 to 26-5-18William Yang39000Canada1For HAE
24 to 27-5-18Marco Aurelio ferrara7800Argentina1Por una causa
24 to 27-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero13000Argentina1Por una causa
27 to 28-5-18Trine DJ61776Norway2Walking for HAE
26-5-18Trine DJ12246Norway1Walking for HAE
21-5-18Ken,Linda,Bob &Judy49400Canada4#HAECanada let\\\'s walk
28-5-18Cecilia 7800Argentina3Walking to shop and thinking of HAE
25-5-18Stephanie52000Germany8Walk with my sports friends
27-5-18Daphne Dumbrille6500Canada1morning run to support HAE
28-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1haeday
26-5-18Maria Ferron 15600Spain2walking the dog
28-5-18Michal Wasinski26260Poland1Forest walk
27-5-18Cecilia Ramirez7800Argentina3Family walk
17-5-18Patricia Karani20800Austria2The walk reminded me how strong we are as HAE patients. Standing up strong with HAE despite the challenges!
27-5-18Ann Helen Hellevik14300Norway1Mountan hiking in Ålesund Norway
27-5-18Lukasz13000Poland1Walking and running :)
26-5-18JM & SB5200Denmark2Mutual exercise
27-5-18Natasa Angjeleska62400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of4Holiday walk for HAE in Ohrid
18 to 27-5-18Mayumi Yamamoto79027Japan1Walk for HAE
27-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
27-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses93600Brazil3haeday!
26-5-18Rachel10252United Kingdom1Steps for HAE
26-5-18Carol & Derek25106United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
20 to 21-5-18Family Korthals35100Austria3Walking for HAE after the conference in Vienna
24 to 26-5-18William Yang39000Canada1For HAE
21 to 25-5-18Sara Smith26000Spain121-25 May. Daily walking
12 to 26-5-18Ana Ferron234000Spain112-26 May. Daily walk/12 Km a day
24-5-18Lukasz10400Poland1Running and walking in a gym :)
25-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel1950Mexico1Walked HAE
13 to 19-5-18Milenka Sharovikj1492400Morocco14Walking & climbing Toubkal in Morocco
25-5-18Laura Orozco4368Mexico14,796 pasos
12 to 20-5-18Nico 19500Argentina1My mom in the Global Conference. I walk to and from school and support her from here
23 to 25-5-18Nico 6500Argentina1Por la Asociacion Argentina
24-5-18Carol, Derek and the senior walking group235367United Kingdom15Walking with the senior walking group, supporting my daughter
25-5-18Carol & Derek16737United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
22-5-18Carol & Derek18829United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
20-5-18Carol, Derek & friends41843United Kingdom4Walking for HAE supporting my daughter
13-5-18Carol, Derek & the senior walking group146450United Kingdom14Walking with the senior walking club, supporting my daughter by walking for HAE
25-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
24-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
23-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
22-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
21-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
18-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
17-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
16-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
24-5-18Rachel23537United Kingdom3Walking for HAE with friends
23-5-18Rachel5795United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
22-5-18Rachel5753United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
21-5-18Rachel9938United Kingdom1A lovely sunny lunchtime walk
20-5-18Rachel7950Austria1Walking for HAE
19-5-18Rachel5440Austria1Walking for HAE
18/05Rachel7113Austria1Walking for HAE
17-5-18Rachel5858Austria1Walking for HAE
16-5-18Rachel10042United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
25-5-18Trine DJ30784Norway2Walking for HAE
21 to 24-5-18Trine DJ50063Norway1Walking for HAE
20-5-18Trine DJ16302Norway2Walking for HAE
25-5-18Michal Wasinski27300Poland1Walk and help
25-5-18Cecilia Ramirez19500Argentina3Today. National Day in Argentina. Holiday. Family. HAE experience in my mind
25-5-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from a meeting downtown Aalborg
24-5-18Martina 19500Italy1Running
24-5-18Laura Orozco5720Mexico16,277 pasos
24-4-18Ignacio6500Argentina1Para concientizar
24-5-18Imar Araujo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
22-5-18Birgit Leier9100Germany1Langenzenn - nice run in local forrest with my dog
24-5-18Stephanie7800Germany1Walk for HAE
22-5-18Stephanie5200Germany1Walk for HAE
20-5-18Stephanie13000Austria2Walk for HAE in Vienna
18-5-18Stephanie23400Austria2Walk for HAE in Vienna
17-5-18Stephanie20800Austria2Walk for HAE in Vienna
14-5-18Stephanie5200Germany1Walk for HAE
12-5-18Stephanie6500Germany1Walk for HAE
11-5-18Stephanie22100Netherlands2Visiting Maastricht
24-5-18silvina castellanos13000Argentina1I support the cause
24-5-18Marce Deza con Aine y Edda39000Argentina3Seguimos suando pasos
23-4-18Melina Araya Martínez 5200Argentina1Por la concientizacion por el AEH
24-5-18Karen Flores 2600Argentina1I’m here supporting my teacher Ceci
24-5-18Maria Laura Rosich143000Argentina11Somos un grupo de Kangoo que apoya a esta organización
23-5-18Gabriela Scarfo13000Argentina2Raising awareness
23-5-18Nancy Alvarez 130000Argentina20Supporting the cause
21 to 23-5-18William Yang39000Canada1For HAE
22-5-18Valeria Immediata5200Argentina2I\\\'m here supporting my teacher Ceci.
19-5-18Romina Alejandra Gonçalves9100Argentina1Nice walk in a beautiful country.
23-5-18claudia9386Mexico1walked HAE
24-5-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from meetings downtown Aalborg
22 to 24-5-18María José moreno6500Argentina1Yo support tus cause
24-5-18Keith Ridout5239Australia1Dog walk for HAE
23-5-18Keith Ridout12558Australia2Dog walk for HAE
23-5-18Keith Ridout6903Australia1Dog walk for HAE
23-5-18Cecilia5200Argentina2After Vienna. More walking. Expecting good news
22-5-18Keith Ridout8684Australia2Dog walk for HAE
22-5-18Keith Ridout3276Australia1Dog walk for HAE
21-5-18Keith Ridout8372Australia2Dog walk for HAE
21-5-18Keith Ridout5928Australia1Dog walk for HAE
20-5-18Keith Ridout9568Australia2Dog walk for HAE
20-5-18Keith Ridout5590Australia1Dog walk for HAE
19-5-18Keith Ridout5889Australia1Dog walk for HAE
18-5-18Keith Ridout13260Australia2Dog walk for HAE
18-5-18Keith Ridout3653Australia1Dog walk for HAE
17-5-18Keith Ridout9100Australia2Dog walk for HAE
17-5-18Keith Ridout6240Australia1Dog walk for HAE
Week of 25-5-18Nikki & Chélyne Badiou & Kirsten 117000Croatia3Enjoying the beautiful views in Croatia
Week of 25-5-18Richard & Jacquie Badiou91000Austria2Sightseeing in Vienna.
16-5-18Richard, Jacquie, Nikki and Chélyne Badiou20800Austria4Enjoying the sites of Vienna.
Week of 25-5-18LeGras Family145600Canada4Thank you for walking with us on the Jacobweg Walk.
21-5-18Maurice Mogg26000Austria5Holiday walk to enjoy perfect weather
19-5-18Maurice Mogg28600Austria2City shopping walk
Week of 25-5-18Badiou Family312000Canada8Thank you for walking with us virtually on the Jacobsweg Walk.
18 to 25-5-18Marco Aurelio ferrara26650Argentina1Caminar por una amiga
22 to 23-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero8580Argentina1Por una causa q favorecerá a mucha gente,conseguir el medicamento
22-5-18Laura Orozco7007Mexico17,680 pasos
23-5-18Ferron Sisters33800Spain2Walking the dogs!
22-5-18Natasa Angjeleska46800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Running from conference to a closing party for the Foundation I work
23-5-18Iva Apostolska15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Bike ride in Skopje
18-5-18Iva Apostolska78000Finland6A sightseing walk around Helsinki
23-5-18Ann Helen Hellevik6500Norway1Daily walk
22-5-18Ann Helen Hellevik39000Norway1Nerby Ålesund
27-4-18Marina Gretel Rosminati40040Argentina2Ok
1-5-18Marina Gretel Rosminati49920Argentina2Ok
21-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel6110Mexico1Walked hae
15-5-18Mladen1300Serbia1Hae walk
15-5-18Bojana6500Serbia1Hae walk
6-5-18Violeta Ribarska Chorbeska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Skopje Marathon
20-5-18Karen Wiese20800Germany4Sightseeing in Wiesenburg
19-5-18Karen Wiese26000Germany4Visit to Leipzig
22-5-18A312987Netherlands3Some more airport walking - this time in Amsterdam
20-5-18Laura Orozco3809Mexico14,180 pasos
21-5-18Kristen deeke 15545United States1A cure would be swell!
14 to 18-5-18Grace Gonzalez10461United States1I walked my dog for 1 mile every day last week.
22-5-18Cecilia Ramirez93600Argentina9Asking for a solution in the supply of medication for my country
22-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
22-5-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 6500Brazil1Haeday
22-5-18Aleksandra Filipovska7800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Lunch break run
20-5-18Aleksandra Filipovska7800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Walk with Hana
22-5-18A319500Austria3A little more sightseeing in Vienna and then some airport walking
21-5-18Daphne Dumbrille7800Canada1went for a lovely run for HAE!
19-5-18Daphne Dumbrille6500Canada1ran for HAE over the beautiful holiday weekend in Ottawa.
14 to 22-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska18200Poland1weekly walk
23 to 29-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska20800Poland1weekly walk
16 to 22-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska15600Poland1weekly walk
15-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska15600Poland1nice walk
12-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska31200Poland3walking with friends
10-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska3900Poland1short walk
9-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska3900Poland1short walk
8-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska2600Poland1short walk
7-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska11700Poland1short walk
3-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska2600Poland1short walk
2-4-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska3900Poland1short walk
6-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska35100Poland3family walk
5-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska23400Poland3family walk
4-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska31200Poland3family walk
3-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska31200Poland3family walk
2-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska31200Poland3family walk
1-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska27300Poland3family walk
12-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska5200Poland1morning run
13-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska5200Poland1morning run
15-5-18Dominika Goebel-Majewska10400Poland1morning run
19-5-18Berenice Gome5187Mexico1Caminata por HAY,,
20-5-18Berenice Gomez3328Mexico1Caminata dominical
20-5-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 13000Brazil1Haeday
21-5-18A348750Austria3Sightseeing in Vienna
20-5-18A327300Austria3Sightseeing in Vienna
20-5-18Spanish team72800Spain4De vuelta a casa de la Global Conference
20-5-18Natasa Angjeleska97500Austria5group walk exploring Vienna after succesful HAE conference
19-5-18Ágnes Kun-Szabó65000Hungary2Hiking :)
9-5-18Michal Wasinski7800Poland1City walk
24-4-18Michal Wasinski6500Poland1Hand in hand with HAE suferrers
23-4-18Michal Wasinski7800Poland1Each step counts
14-4-18Michal Wasinski11700Poland1Step by step 4 HAE awareness
1-4-18Michal Wasinski7800Poland1For good start!
20-5-18William Yang13000Canada1For HAE
19-5-18William Yang13000Canada1For HAE
18-5-18 13000Canada1For HAE
20-5-18Petra15600Germany2City walk
7-5-18Petra41843United States2Walk in New York City with Brigitte
18-5-18Andreas Bjerre21320Austria2Walking around Vienna with mom, while dad attends the Conference.
19-5-18Andreas Bjerre25480Austria2Walking around Vienna with mom, while dad attends the Conference.
20-5-182018 HAE Global Conference city tour1319500Austria2902018 HAE Global Conference city tour
20-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walking in sunday morning around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
20-5-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 31200Brazil2Harday
19-5-18Trine DJ27092Austria2Walking for HAE
19-5-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 20800Brazil1Haeday
19-5-18Martina 78000Italy2We had a walking day
19-5-18Imar Araújo11700Brazil3Walk around the Santa Teresa square and neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro.
18-5-18Trine DJ27092Norway2Walking for HAE
16 to 19-5-18Steen Bjerre15600Austria1Walking here and there during the HAE Global Conference in Vienna
15-5-18Biljana1300Serbia1Short hae walk
18-5-18Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Walking around the Vila Isabel neighborhood.
15-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel3952Mexico1Walked HAE
1-4 to 15-5-18Rob 314600Canada1Steps for HAE from April 1 - May 15
16-5-18emotive.agency273967United Kingdom27We pledged to walk more than our daily usual to and from work to help raise awareness of HAE
16-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel6370Mexico1Walked HAE
18-5-18Team Shire Poland210197Poland23Shire Poland supports HAE sufferers
7 to 13-5-18Melanie152100Sweden3Vacation
1 to 6-5-18Melanie63700United Arab Emirates1Sightseeing
17-5-18Willial Yang16900Canada1For HAE
16-5-18William Yang15600Canada1For HAE
12-4 to 17-5-18Mayumi Yamamoto341172Japan1Walk for HAE
17-5-18Laura Orozco4680Mexico15,201 pasos
15-5-18Laura Orozco3640Mexico13,825 paso
17-5-18imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
17-5-18Suzet Lam10400Austria2Conociendo Vienna con Carla.
1-4 to 14-5-18Marika260000Canada1For HAE- April to may 14th
1-4 to 15-5-18Vaneeta Bhatia338000Canada1April to May total walk
1-4 to 13-5-18Diana B219700Canada1Go HAE
1-4 to 12-5-18Rob315900Canada1for HAE Walk
1-4 to 12-5-18Marie Eve335400Canada1Go HAE :)
1-4 to 14-5-18Cindy Frazer347100Canada1my contribution to HAE walk campaign
1-4 to 16-5-18Scott390000Canada1In support of HAE- April & May
1-4 to 14-5-18Albert325000Canada1April to May 14th total distance walked
1-4 to 13-5-18Ely84500Canada1My May walk
16-5-18Rochelle Brantley13390United States2A nice friendly walk on a beautiful day in Georgia, USA.
15-5-18Team AbelsonTaylor564880United States54Walking to support people living with HAE
17-5-18Kun-Szabó Ágnes11362Hungary1 -
16-5-18Josephine Sebigo 9100Canada1I work with Patient who suffer from HAE. I am glad I am able to support HAE by walking
10-5-18Jami Anderson8369United States2Walk for HAE with signs of awareness at local hospital
7-5-18Jami Anderson16737United States4Beautiful afternoon walk with my swell sisters
17-5-18Berenice Gómez2418Mexico1Caminata por AEH!!
16-5-18Jami Anderson125529United States12My friends & family gathered at our local park with a nice picnic to walk 5 miles with awareness signs.
17-5-18HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 4624000Austria40HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 4
16-5-18William Yang15600Canada1daily walk for HAE?
16-5-18Sebastian Kessel35100Germany3Berlin City walk for HAE
16-5-18Roswitha5200Austria1short walk in vienna
29-4-18Michaela88400Austria2walk throug the styrian wine route
5-5-18Eva49400Austria2Strobl Salzkammergut to Schwarzensee + retour
5-5-18Teresa Caballero124800Spain8We walked around Colmenar Viejo in Madrid and visited several old mills.
8-4-18Teresa Caballero145600Spain8We walked in Madrid mountains close to Colmenar Viejo.
16-5-18Angela Lam4184United States1Zoo walk
16-5-18Carlos A, Cairo18200Argentina112 km. running 2 Km caminata
15-5-18Carlos A, Cairo39000Argentina124 Km Running 6 Km Caminata
14-5-18Carlos A, Cairo6500Argentina1Caminata 5 K
16-5-18Tina Schlafly9205United States4The Verseon team dedicates today\\\'s lunchtime walk to HAE awareness
16-5-18Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Walk around Vila Isabel square, Rio de Janeiro
16-5-18Ben Leongzon9100United States1Hike around Lawrence-Thousand Oaks, CA trail for HAE awareness day!
16-5-18Elaine Salewske7657United States1Beautiful hike in the Conejo Valley, California
16-5-18Whitney Alvarez8829United States1Group Hike
16-5-18Rosanne Salazar8975United States1Hike in Thousand Oaks, CA today for HAE Awareness Day!
16-5-18Annie Yoshida8369United States1Lawrence HAE Awareness Day
15-5-18Trine DJ37232Norway4Walking for HAE
16-5-18Trine DJ38038Norway2Walking for HAE
16-5-18Beth Glessner11570United States1Hike in Ventura County with other employees
16-5-18Teresita Aumentado8369United States1Joined the Global \\\"Lawrence\\\" HAE Awareness Day
16-5-18Joyce Bordey8369United States1Hiked the Hawk Run train in the Conejo Valley
16-5-18Melissa Springfield 2092United States1Just a quick walk for HAE on HAE day.
16-5-18Angela Caballero6500Argentina1APOYO A MI PROFESORA CECI QUE TIENE AEH
1 to 10-4-18 Dusanka Markovic74100Serbia1Walking for HAE.
10 to 20-4-18Dusanka Markovic123500Serbia1Walking for HAE.
21 to 30-4-18Dusanka Markovic226200Serbia2Nis Walking for HAE with friends.
1 to 6-5-18Dusanka Markovic223600Serbia4Nis Walking for HAE with friends.
7-5-18Dusanka Markovic 39000Serbia2Walking for HAE.
8-5-18Dusanka Markovic13000Serbia1Walkinh for HAE.
11-5-18Lyn McGuigan25896Australia2Beach walk
12-5-18Lyn McGuigan11011Australia1Walking the dog
9-5-18Dusanka Markovic78000Serbia3Nis Walking for HAE with friends.
13-5-18Lyn McGuigan27664Australia2Walking the dog
14-5-18Lyn McGuigan38350Australia2Good day for a walk
14-5-18Lyn McGuigan38350Australia2Good day for a walk
15-5-18Lyn McGuigan32760Australia2Getting ready for Jakobsweg walk
15-5-18William Yang15600Canada1go HAE go!
14-5-18William Yang13000Canada1For HAE!
16-5-18HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 3643500Austria90HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 3
16-5-18HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 2563550Austria85HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 2
16-5-18HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 11346800Austria70HAEi Jakobsweg Walk - Stage 1
16-5-18Andolfatto7150Canada1An absolute pleasure to do this with so many HAEC friends and now I made some new HAEI friends.
12-5-18Fabio Salata13000Brazil1run
1-4 to 15-5-18Leanne Stanek224900Canada1Fantastic
1 to 15-5-18Bob & Judy Simon156000Canada2Walks around the neighbourhood 3kms/person/day- Enjoying the weather and scenery! From May 01- 15, 2018
13-5-18Gema Gonzalez 20800Mexico1Great pleasure!
16-5-18Gabriela García 1300Mexico1Caminata por la tarde
16-5-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 15600Brazil2Haeday!!!!
30-4-18Dina Schlegel41600Germany2Walking for HAE
6-5-18Dina Schlegel78000Germany2Walking for HAE
9-5-18Dina Schlegel28600Germany2Walking for HAE
11-5-18Dina Schlegel78000Germany2Walking for HAE
15-5-18Dina Schlegel23400Germany1Sightseeing
10-5-18Dina Schlegel41600Germany2Walking on travel
14-5-18Alejandra1300Argentina1Support of cause
8-5-18Dina Schlegel78000Germany2Walking on travel
16-5-18Alejandra2600Argentina1Support of cause
1-5-18Schlegel Dina130000Germany2Walking on travel
16-5-18Keith Ridout9932Australia2Dog walk for HAE
16-5-18Keith Ridout6110Australia1Dog walk for HAE
15-5-18Keith Ridout6851Australia1Dog walk for HAE
14-5-18Keith Ridout10270Australia2Dog walk for HAE
14-5-18Keith Ridout7371Australia1Dog walk for HAE
13-5-18Keith Ridout11830Australia2Dog walk for HAE
13-5-18Keith Ridout5876Australia1Dog walk for HAE
12-5-18Keith Ridout8125Australia1Dog walk for HEA
11-5-18Keith Ridout14742Australia2Dog walk for HAE
11-5-18Keith Ridout6487Australia1Dog walk for HAE
10-5-18Keith Ridout13702Australia2Dog walk for HAE
10-5-18Keith Ridout3458Australia1Dog walk for HAE
9-5-18Keith Ridout12532Australia2Dog walk for HAE
9-5-18Keith Ridout4940Australia1Dog walk for HAE
13-5-18Ianice Viel20921United States2Raising HAE awareness in Florida!
16-5-18José Manuel Delgado Cuervo13000Germany1Walking for HAE around Berlin
8-5-18Erina1300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Short run
6-5-18Erina6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Skopje Marathon, 5k race
10 to 12-5-18Dusanka32500Serbia1Walking for HAE.
16-5-18Karen Wiese5200Germany2Morning run
4-5-18Tanja Eftimoska7800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3A walk to the carousel in the picnic center of Saray
16-5-18Anja Bosilkova5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1A walk for HAE
12 & 13-5-18Shigeyuki Matsui19500Japan1Weekend morning walk
7 to 13-5-18Elisabeth Moen14820Norway1walk for hae
6-5-18Elisabeth Moen3510Norway1walk for hae
5-5-18Elisabeth Moen40040Norway4walk for hae
16-5-18Shigeyuki Matsui52390Japan13Shire Japan employees HAE Day Walk
1 to 4-5-18Elisabeth Moen12350Norway1walk for hae
30-4-18Elisabeth Moen3640Norway1walk for hae
16 to 21-4-18Elisabeth Moen14300Norway1walk for hae
9 to 16-4-18Elisabeth Moen27300Norway1walk for hae
16-5-18Toni Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Run 4 HAE
2 to 9-4-18Elisabeth Moen18460Norway1walk for hae
15-5-18Annette2600Germany1Walking for rare Diseases
6-5-18Boris Tanaskovski54600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Skopje Marathon 2018
13-5-18Saam Helene36400Switzerland4A short hiking tour
13-5-18Helene Saam10400Switzerland1A walking tour
12-5-18André Fischer62400Germany4A walk of 4 four old friends on a sunny day in Bavaria.
16-5-18Klementina Ampovska 3900Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning walk
13-5-18Anne Birke7800Germany1short jogging distance
15-5-18Ken, Linda. Jessica, & Amanda41600Canada4#HAECanada Lets walk
14-5-18Ken, Linda, Jessica, Amanda & Donna65000Canada5#HAECanada Lets walk
13-5-18Ken, Linda, Jessica, Amanda & Donna52000Canada5#HAECanada Lets walk
12-5-18Ken, Linda, Jessica, Amanda & Donna68250Canada5#HAECanada Lets walk
11-5-18Ken, Linda. Jessica, Amanda & Donna126750Canada5#HAECanada Lets walk
15-5-18Aleksandra Filipovska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1A lunch break walk- no excuse that there is no time for extra activity and making a difference for the rare ones
4-5-18Yuji Fujiwara27595Japan1for HAE
14 & 15-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero10920Argentina1Por una causa
12-5-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE26000Argentina2Paseando
12-5-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE26000Argentina2Paseando
13-5-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE13000Argentina1Plaza
15-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE52000Argentina4Caminata con amigas
14-5-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE26000Argentina2Gym
22-4-18Sandra Medina,karen quiroga39000Argentina2kilometros
15-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
16-5-18Nancy Alvarez 18200Argentina7Supporting the cause
12-5-18Nancy Alvarez 15600Argentina6Supporting the cause
15-5-18Nancy Alvarez 26000Argentina10Supporting the cause
14-5-18Suzet Lam13000Peru2Esperando la Conference Global.
15-5-18Alejandra5200Argentina1Support of cause
14-5-18Vanina Grisolia 19500Argentina3Caminamos 5 km x 3 personas!! ! La lluvia esta semana nos dejo!
15-5-18Rachel and Lianne27198United Kingdom2Exploring Exmouth in the sunshine, walking for HAE
15-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
14-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
14-5-18Rachel11925United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
15-5-18lorena salomon10400Argentina1I support the cause
1-4 to 14-5-18Hachem Mahfouz405600Canada1my cumulative walk since April 1st
15-5-18nicolas salomon10400Argentina1I support the cause
15-5-18silvina castellanos6500Argentina1I support the cause
15-5-18Steen Bjerre5850Austria1Airport + to and from meeting with Jakobsweg people
16-5-18Vladimir Stojanovski7800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1walking
4-5-18Vladimir Stojanovski16536Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walking
14-5-18Trine DJ40222Norway2Walking for HAE
6-5-18Vladimir Stojanovski38610Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning Run
14-5-18Danail Popovski1300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1A walk to work
15-5-18Marcela figueroa5200Argentina1Step by step!!!!!
15-5-18Klementina Ampovska 6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Hae walk!
14-5-18Natasha Jovanovska Popovska1300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk to work
14-5-18Manola9100Italy2Giornata lavorativa
6-5-18Zlatica 6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1x
4-5-18Teja163800Turkey18Walking around Istambul
2-5-18Teja70200Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
1-5-18Teja117000Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
30-4-18Teja117000Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
29-4-18Teja117000Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
28-4-18Teja70200Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
27-4-18 Teja163800Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
26-4-18Teja93600Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
25-4-18Teja46800Slovenia18Walking around Kuba
15-5-18Verce Jovanovska9100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk from work to home
14-5-18Verce Jovanovska3900Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk for HAE
15-5-18Cecilia7800Argentina2Hae day is near
15-5-18Fiona Wardman18200Austria1A walk around Vienna visiting the leopold museum and some shopping
15-5-18Gabriela García2600Mexico2Caminata por la tarde
13-5-18MAYE Machnouk 39000Canada1morning runs
1-4 to 1-5-18Debra Workman137998Canada1Babysitting grandchildren, orange theory training, cycling, you name it.
8-5-18Toni Dimic14300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1excersize
14-5-18Toni Dimic13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run
15-5-18Ivana 3900Serbia1A short walk for HAE.
11-5-18Juliane Enk15600Germany1:)
4-5-18Juliane Enk19500Germany1HAE Walk
1-5-18Juliane Enk19500Germany1Mayday
13-5-18Natalia Simia6500Argentina1Una caminata especial para ayudar
15-5-18Martina19500Italy1I\\\'ve gone to university, when I returned home I\\\'ve run for 1 hour and now I\\\'m going to work (I\\\'m a dog sitter)
15-5-18Steen Bjerre2600Netherlands1Airport walking :)
12 to 14-5-18Jacquie & Richard Badiou39000Austria2Enjoying the city of Vienna.
Week of 11-5-18LeGras Family171600Canada6Sister\\\'s and nieces walking virtually together across Canada.
14-5-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
14-5-18Verce Jovanovska9100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk from work to home
13-5-18Verce Jovanovska13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Organising the HAE event for HAE day \\\" We swell but you can not tell we draw well\\\"
12-5-18Verce Jovanovska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning walk for Hae
11-5-18Verce Jovanovska9100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk from work
10-5-18Verce Jovanovska9100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walk from work
14-5-18Hiroyuki Matabe4030Japan1Walk to JPMA
14-5-18Dusanka7800Serbia1Walking for HAE.
13-5-18Dusanka5525Serbia1Walking for HAE.
11-5-18Jovana 63700Serbia7Belgrade walk with friends.
14-5-18Cecilia Ramirez13000Argentina2More training
12-5-18Sara Smith15600Spain1Walking for HAE before and on way to Austria
14-5-18Spanish Jakobsweg Group67600Austria4Walking for HAE on Wolfgangsweg on Mondsee Lake
13-5-18Spanish Jakobsweg Group78000Austria4Walking for HAE on the Wolfgangsweg by Irrsee Lake
6 to 12-5-18Milenka Sharovikj46800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Local walk & hiking
29-4 to 5-5-18Milenka Sharovikj76700Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Local walk & hiking
14-5-18Marcelo6500Argentina1Por la Medicación es el Seguro de VIDA
12-5-18Carlos A, Cairo24700Nicaragua115 k en cinta em Managua 4 K caminata en Panama
11-5-18Carlos A, Cairo13000Nicaragua1Cinta Managua
10-5-18Carlos A, Cairo13000Argentina1Cinta Managua
9-5-18Carlos A, Cairo13000Nicaragua1Cinta Managua
6-5-18Carlos A, Cairo10400Nicaragua1Cinta en Managua
8-5-18Carlos A, Cairo9100Nicaragua1En Managua
7-5-18Carlos A, Cairo11700Argentina1Trote suave
14-5-18Antonio Nieto46800Austria4Preparing El Camino en Vienna
13-5-18Antonio Nieto31200Austria4Preparing El Camino en Vienna
12-5-18Daphne Dumbrille6500Canada1Walking to support all those with HAE.
13-5-18Zave Chad140400Canada2bike / walk
12-5-18Michal7800Poland1Live your dream
14-5-18ann52000Belgium2walk with a friend
12-5-18Ivana 6500Serbia1A walk for HAE.
13-5-18Ivana 6500Serbia1A walk for HAE
12-5-18Michal Wasinski15730Poland1Next steps to the account
10 to 12-5-18Clemens St.66300Austria1Hermannskogel - Anninger - Excelbert auf 3 Tage mit Eveline
10 to 12-5-18Eveline66170Austria1HAE = Hermannskogel/Anninger/Excelberg 3 Tage - 3 \\\"Gipfel\\\" insgesamt 50,9 km
11-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto12480Japan1For HAE
10-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto7410Japan1For HAE
9-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto11180Japan1For HAE
8-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto10790Japan1For HAE
7-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto8450Japan1For HAE
6-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto9100Japan1For HAE
5-4-18Mayumi Yamamoto8320Japan1for HAE
4-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto9620Japan1for HAE
3-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto8710Japan1Walk for HAE
2-4-18?ayumi ?amamoto6890Japan1Walk for HAE
10-5-18Bart Fynaerts156000Italy3Walking in Rome with the family
12-5-18Dusica 65000Serbia5Walking for HAE with my family.
13-5-18-18Natasa Angjeleska39000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of6preparation and participation for marking HAE Day with youngsters in Macedonia
11-5-18Blair Yakimoski 6500Canada1Infused berinert in the morning and just a busy day
13-5-18Hiroyuki Matabe4550Japan1I treated my mother on Mother\\\'s day in Japan
13-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero1950Argentina1Por una causa h a e
12-5-18Gabriela Trenti2600Argentina1Caminata.
13-5-18Cecilia Ramirez26000Argentina2Getting ready for the 16th with my sister
13-5-18Carol & Derek and the walking group161095United Kingdom14A lovely walk around Crowcombe with the senior walking group
13-5-18Rachel & Darcy15063United Kingdom2Spending a mummy/daughter afternoon at Greatwood in the sunshine
12-5-18Rachel9624United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
11-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Doing my golden mile at school
11-5-18Rachel7950United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
10-5-18Rachel8159United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
13-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses44200Brazil2haeday
13-5-18Jessica Duarte93600Brazil12Caminhada no dia das mães. Haeday
2-4-18Pippa Adams 12553United Kingdom2Me and my sister completed a walk for HAE
13-5-18Chris Koeppe669500United States1035th annual Show Your Swell 5K for HAE
5-5-18Mary Bocaranda30030Venezuela3Recorrido en la Ciudad de Caracas
5-4 to 13-5-18Milena Mihajlovic403000Serbia1My walking is my psychotherapy.
1-5-18Jovana52000Serbia2Holiday walk for HAE.
12-5-18Jovana39000Serbia2Walking on sunny Saturday.
13-5-18Aleksandar Ivkovi?7800Serbia1Short walk
13-5-18William Yang15600Canada1Go HAE go!
12-5-18William Yang32500Canada1For HAE!
13-5-18Fiona Wardman30680Finland2A last look around Helsinki, and on to Vienna!
13-5-18Imar Araujo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
13-5-18Ann Helen Hellevik19500Norway1Walk in Ålesund
15-4-18Ann Helen Hellevik32500Norway1Mountan haiking in Aalesund
10-5-18Marcelo6500Argentina1por difusion AEH y sin falta de medicacion
13-5-18Jonathan P. Cramer25106United States4Walked with my wife and friends.
12-5-18Nevena Spasic55926Switzerland3Visited 2 cities in Switzerland, walked by the lake, up in the hills, over 21000 steps :)
13-5-18Trine DJ13546Norway1Walking for HAE
12-5-18Trine DJ13689Norway1Walking for HAE
11-5-18Trine DJ8489Norway1Walking for HAE
10-5-18Trine DJ9230Norway1Walking for HAE
9-5-18Trine DJ9230Norway1Walking for HAE
12-5-18Maurice Mogg18200Austria2City walk for HAE
10-5-18Maurice Mogg19500Austria5Walk vor HAE with family
12-5-18Carol and Derek8369United Kingdom2Walkin for HAE
12-5-18Eliane e Luiz13000Brazil2Rio de Janeiro Haeday
12-5-18Danielle Nunes23400Brazil3Rio de Janeiro Por um amigo
12-5-18Cecilia Ramirez15600Argentina2Getting to know new places
12-5-18Steen Bjerre16900Denmark1Testing the boots on the way to father-in-law\'s 80th birthday
12-5-18Manuela10400Spain2Paseo camino a Viena
12-5-18Fiona Wardman43160Estonia2Waking around Tallinn, Estonia
12-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen2600Norway1Walk in the forrest
11-5-18Marcela figueroa5200Argentina1Step by step!!!!!!!
10-5-18JULIE DANIELS10461United Kingdom1Walking along seafront
11-05-18Bill Yang15600Canada1Go HAE go!
11-5-18Donna cooke12553United Kingdom1A very nice relaxing work in the country side
10-05-18Bill & Shirley Yang31200Canada2For HAE
9-5-18Bill & Shirley Yang52000Canada2Go HAE go!
8-5-18Bill & Shirley Yang57200Canada2Walk for HAE
7-5-18Bill Yang15600Canada1walk for HAE
6-5-18Bill Yang13000Canada1walk for HAE
9-5-18Jessica Duarte70200Brazil6Haeday
11-5-18Eliane e Luiz19500Brazil2Rio de Janeiro Hae day
11-5-18Natasha Jovanovska Popovska5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ongoing preparations for the celebration of the HAE day, walking about the city, shopping for supplies for the event.
12-5-18Richard & Jacquie Badiou5200United Kingdom2London airport
Week of 11-5-18Richard & Jacquie Badiou62400Canada2Viennese waltz, outdoor Jets party and Toronto Airport.
Week of 11-5-18Badiou Family343200Canada12Our little ones improve our average. They are living their soccer and floor hockey.
10-5-18Carrie Fisher28080Canada2Stroll around the city with my love
11-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
11-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero5850Argentina1Por una causa bella “hae
10-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Walk for HAE day May 16
5-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses15600Brazil2for haeday
3-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1for haeday
1-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses15600Brazil2for haeday
11-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
9-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
8-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
6-5-18therezinha ribeiro moyses26000Brazil5for haeday
6-5-18Stephanie13000Germany2Walking for HAE
11-5-18Fiona Wardman 55900Finland2Sightseeing around Helsinki and Suomenlinna
11-5-18Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1Into the city and back
11-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen3900Norway1Citywalk
7 to 11-5-18Ana Ferron130000Spain17-11 May: Trekking for HAE!
9 to 11-5-18Sara Smith5200Spain19-11 May: Daily workout and walk
7-5-18Sara Smith6500Spain1Walking for HAE!
11-5-18ANA LAURA SANCHEZ ARROYO26000Mexico2I will walk with my daughter as all the weekends for joined the HAE Global Walk
11-5-18Natasa13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Preparations for event for HAE youngsters
9-5-18Linda Rhule26000Austria2Sightseeing
10-5-18Linda Rhule13000Hungary2Around Budapest
9-5-18Stephanie5122Germany1For HAE
11-5-18Stephanie58500Germany6Trip to Maastricht with friends
10-5-18Maria Ferron 7800Spain1Walking the dog!!!
10-5-18Ivana and Ognjen13000Serbia2A short walk downtown.
4-5-18Cherry Mapstone100000United Kingdom5100.000 -- Five of us walked this at Badminton Horse Trails
10-5-18Claudia Sanchez Pimentel6760Mexico1Mothers day
8-5-18LAURA 7800Spain1Walking the dogs for HAE DAY
5-5-18laura7800Spain1walking dogs for HAE DAY
1-5-18laura7800Spain1walking the dogs for HAE Day
10-5-18laura13000Spain2walking for HAEday Poniente beach
10-5-18Ken Linda Jessica Donna & Amanda 143000Canada5#HAECanadaletswalk
9-5-18Ken Linda Jessica & Donna 52000Canada5#HAECanadaletswalk
8-5-18Ken Linda Jessica & Donna 39000Canada4#HAECanadaletswalk
7-5-18Ken Linda Jessica Donna 59800Canada4#HAECanadaletswalk
6-5-18Linda Ken Jessica & Donna 59800Canada4#HAECanadaletswalk
5-5-18Ken Linda Donna & Jessica 54600Canada4#HAE Canada
4-5-18Linda & Ken 52650Canada3#HAE Canada
3-5-18Linda & Ken 31200Canada3HAEC lets walk
2-5-18Linda & Ken 33150Canada3HAECanada let’s walk
One May weekRosemarie Segerqvist169000Sweden2Running for practise
1-4-18Reiko2340Japan1walk for HAE
1-4-18Mayumi Yamamoto11310Japan1Apr1
9-5-18Ana Barrere3900Argentina1Caminar es muy importante no solo para la salud física, sino también para la salud mental
10-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero3770Argentina1Por una causa
10-5-18Sydney peel 12553United States2Around campus
10-5-18Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Walk around the Grajau square, Rio de Janeiro.
10-5-18Iva Apostolska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of15k run
10-5-18silvina castellanos13000Argentina1I support the cause
6-5-18Valeria Immediata2600Argentina2Supporting my teacher Cecilia who has HAE
27-4-18 Valeria Immediata2600Argentina2...
08-05-18Valeria Immediata2600Argentina2..
10-5-18Carol, Derek and walking club friends96239United Kingdom8Walking on the Mendip Hills with the walking club
10-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
9-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
9-5-18Rachel8118United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
8-5-18Carol & Derek21758United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, support my daughter
8-5-18Rachel10252United Kingdom1A lovely lunchtime stroll in the sunshine
10-5-18Angela Caballero3900Argentina1APOYO A MI PROFESORA CECI QUE TIENE AEH
7-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
8-5-18Angela Caballero3900Argentina1APOYO A MI PROFESORA CECI QUE TIENE AEH
7-5-18Rachel8578United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
3-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
3-5-18Rachel7950United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
2-5-18Rachel11507United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
10-5-18Yesica Amat2600Argentina1Let\\\'s walk!
1-5-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE26000Argentina2Paseando
9-5-18Marce Deza con Aine y Edda7800Argentina3Vamos por mas!
10-5-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1Rain or shine.. let\\\'s walk for HAE
10-5-18María José moreno13000Argentina1Support the cause
9-5-18Fiona Wardman 3510Australia1Walking through airports
9-5-18Daphne Dumbrille6500Canada1I ran along the wonderful Rideau Canal in Ottawa in support of HAE.
10-5-18Fiona Wardman 21320Finland1Sightseeing around Helsinki
8-5-18Alfonso Diaz64974Peru6La promoción 2007 de la Salle de Abancay, Perú, dedicamos los 50 kilómetros recorridos! Adelante!!
6-5-18Alfonso Diaz52000Peru5Dedicamos cada uno de nuestros pasos a la Asociación de Angioedema Hereditario del Perú!
5-5-18Alfonso Diaz102960Peru6Dedicamos los 50km recorridos hoy a la Asociación de HAE del Perú.
3-5-18Alfonso Diaz102960Peru6La promoción 2007 de la Salle de Abancay dedicamos nuestros pasos a la asociación de HAE Perú.
10-5-18Nancy Alvarez18200Argentina7Supporting the cause
8-5-18Nancy Alvarez31200Argentina12Supporting the cause
9-5-18Claudia Sanchez3770Mexico1Walk for HAE
6-5-18Isabelle Belot20280Belgium2Sunday walk in the sun
9-5-18Edmundo Olvera2860Mexico1Walk for HAE
10-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen9100Norway1Walk by the seaside
1 week of MayJorge Gastélum26000Mexico1I´ll participate making 5,000 meters daily
9-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen2600Norway1Walk at the seaside
1-4 to 9-5-18Tad Rockwell167245United States1Im on crutches but these are the steps I have recorded anyway via my Garmin Trainer from 4/1/18 to today 5/9
9-5-18Maria Ferron 6500Spain1Around Madrid
9-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Walk for AMAEH Mexican Association of Hereditary Angioedema
9-5-18Nico 18200Argentina14Walk with friends. Supporting my mom Cecilia
9-5-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina1Getting ready for HAE walk
9-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero5070Argentina1Por una causa
9-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero5070Argentina1Por una causa
8-5-18Philippe Hebert16380Canada1Walk for HAE
7-5-18Philippe Hebert5980Canada1Walk for HAE
5-5-18Philippe Hebert14950Canada1Walk for HAE
4-5-18Philippe Hebert4680Canada1Walk for HAE
3-5-18Philippe Hebert9360Canada1Walk for HAE
2-5-18Philippe Hebert8710Canada1Walk for HAE
1-5-18Philippe Hebert8450Canada1Walk for HAE
30-4-18Philippe Hebert6110Canada1walk for HAE
8-5-18Thalia Fierro de Leon4550Mexico1Gym Workout
9-5-18Thalia Fierro de Leon1950Mexico3Walking to Lunch
8-5-18Jenna Falbo2600Canada1Walking the dog for HAE
8-5-18Maria Ferron 18200Spain2Walking the dog
7-5-18Hemali2340Canada1Walked for the HAE Suffers!
5-5-18Michael 18317Canada1Time walking in forest and enjoying nature with wife and children.
26-4-18Adriana Martin10400United States2Wonderful walk along the Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier
5-5-18Adriana46027United States2Beautiful walk to Glass Beach in Port Townsend, found a 100 yr old marble in the sand...very rare.
8-5-18Hachem Mahfouz6500Canada1Walk for HAE
8-5-18Hachem Mahfouz5200Canada1Walking for HAE
All April 2018Steen Bjerre39000Denmark1Light training every day all through the month - not really walking but it still counts :)
1-5-18Daniela Weksler16640Switzerland1Walked 18\\\'613 steps to Raise Awareness for HAE
8-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Walk for HAE day May 16
8-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero3120Argentina1Por una causa
8-5-18Luis Prado31200Peru2Por HaePeru
8-5-18Imar Araujo5200Brazil1Walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
8-5-18Trine DJ31980Norway2Walking for HAE
7-5-18Trine DJ12402Norway1Walking for HAE
8-5-18Hemali Gupta1950Canada1For my HAE research patients.
6-5-18Trine DJ16120Norway1Walking for HAE
5-5-18Trine DJ14950Norway1Walking for HAE
4-5-18Trine DJ10569Norway1Walking for HAE
3-5-18Trine DJ10738Norway1Walking for HAE
8-5-18Lill Olsen7800Sweden1.
7-5-18Lill olsen7800Sweden1:D
8-5-18William15600Canada1For HAE sufferers!
7-5-18Andreas Bjerre46800Denmark3Celebrating \\\'\\\'Blue Monday\\\'\\\' With a few friends.
7-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Support the HAE world walk
7-5-18laura 5200Spain1walking dogs for HAE
5-5-18vicente palacio 172900Spain7for HAE! Estrella de la muerte, Puig Campana, Ponoig, Cabal, y las crestas de Sanxet.
6-5-18laura medrano46800Spain3walking the dogs for HAE
8-5-18Keith Ridout15600Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
8-5-18Keith Ridout7371Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
8-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen 7800Norway1Morningwalk at the seaside
7-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Walk in the City
6-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen7800Norway1Walk in the forrest
4-5-18Ángeles Muñoz Hernandez15600Spain4Valdeacederas paseo en el parque
6-5-18Kristel Andries11700Belgium1Walk with the family
6-5-18Romina Alejandra Gonçalves9100Argentina1Walking to raise awareness about the HAE. Sunday walk??
7-5-18Linda Melo6500Canada1I walk monday-friday at work.
8-5-18Katrien van Elk20800Belgium2Sunny walk with a friend
Week of 6-5-18LeGras Family156000Canada6Enjoying the warm weather
7-5-18Angela caballero 3900Argentina1APOYO A MI PROFESORA CECI QUE TIENE AEH
6-5-18Iva Apostolska27300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1I ran a half marathon in Skopje.
8-5-18Keith Ridout7371Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
6-5-18Keith Ridout13520Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
6-5-18Keith Ridout6084Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
7-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero4680Argentina1Por una causa
6-5-18Sara Smith20800Spain2Enjoying walking in beautiful spring weather
5-5-18Sara Smith13000Spain2Walking for HAE
4-5-18Sara Smith18200Spain2Walking for HAE
3-5-18Sara Smith5200Spain1Out and about
7-5-18Carol and Derek16737United Kingdom2Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
7-5-18Nicolás Campins 1300Argentina1Supporting the cause
7-5-18Agustina Marfia 13000Argentina2Let\\\'s walk
6-5-18Verce Jovanovska26000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of4Sunday walk :)
7-5-18Verce Jovanovska5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning walk to work
6-5-18Sandra Conti26000Argentina2Trekking in the Glaciar Perito Moreno El Calafate Provincia De Santa Cruz !!
7-5-18Teresita Parra11700Argentina1I walk to raise awareness about the HAE
6-5-18Alejandra 1300Argentina1Difusión del AEH- Medicación en los momentos que la necesitamos
7-5-18Maria Ferron 39000Spain2Walking the dogs with a friend
7-5-18Linda Rhule13000Austria2Walking
6-5-18Mark Rhule13000Austria2Xx
7-5-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina1Morning walk
30-4-18Bob & Judy Simon156000Canada2Month of April - yard work, pleasure and the beaches of Tofino, BC
5-5-18Sabrina Vazquez1300Argentina1Supporting my teacher who has Hae.
6-5-18Maurice Mogg23400Austria2Afternoon walk around Vienna\'s \"mountains\" to enjoy the sun.
3-5-18Team Shire Belgium238680Belgium27The Belgian Shire team walked together at the cycle meeting to support the HAE community!
6-5-18Michal Wasinski26000Poland1to make HAE aware
4-5-18Michal Wasinski23400Poland1HAE support
6-5-18Andreas & Steen11700Denmark2Walking to church and around the Utzon Center on Andreas\' confirmation day
29-4 to 5-5-18Milenka Sharovikj76700Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Local walking & hiking
5-5-18Natasha Jovanovska Popovska3900Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walking about the city of Skopje
From 01/05 to06/05Shigeyuki Matsui40430Japan1Morning walking during golden week
30-4-18Shigeyuki Matsu6760Japan1Good day
29-4-18Shigeyuki Matsui8840Japan1start of golden weel
6-5-18Nico 6500Argentina5Con mis primos. Apoyando a la Asoc Arg d AEH
6-5-18Carol Derek & friends39751United Kingdom4Walking for HAE, supporting my daughter
6-5-18Rachel, Darcy & friends50212United Kingdom5Enjoying the sunshine walking around Beer
5-5-18Carol & Derek & friends26779United Kingdom4Walking to support my daughter
5-5-18Rachel11716United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
6-5-18Cecilia Ramirez18200Argentina7Cousins and family together. Special Sunday
6-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walking in sunday morning around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
6-5-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic195000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of15Skopje Marathon 2018 - Telekom team for HAE
5-5-18Mark Rhule13000Austria2Exploring Vienna
5-5-18Cecilia Ramirez11700Argentina3Getting ready for HAE day with my family
5-5-18Eliane e Luiz Carlos18200Brazil2Rio de Janeiro Praia de Botafogo
5-5-18Keith Ridout13702Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
5-5-18Keith Ridout6500Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
4-5-18Keith Ridout9100Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
4-5-18Keith Ridout5031Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
3-5-18Keith Ridout12532Australia2Walking the dog for HAE
3-5-18Keith Ridout5135Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
4-5-18Carlos A, Cairo18200Argentina114 K entrenamiento
2-5-18Carlos A, Cairo23400Argentina116 K trining + 2 K caminata
1-5-18Carlos A, Cairo18200Argentina1Entrenamiento de pasadas largas
4-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Celebrating and supporting the world HAE day
5-5-18Rosemarie Segerqvist54600Sweden2Näsetloppet
21-4-18Rosemarie Segerqvist109200Sweden2Höganäs halvmaraton 42 km
5-5-18Imar Araújo2600Brazil1Walkind along the Leblon Beach, Rio de Janeiro
Week of 4-5-18Badiou Family124800Canada12Playing and following our little ones with soccer and going to the park.
4-5-18Natasa Angjeleska13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1After work walk for home supplies :-)
5-5-18Keith Ridout6370Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
4-5-18Keith Ridout6110Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
4-5-18Mark Rhule13000Austria21st day in Vienna, sightseeing Belvedere Palace and St Stephens Cathedral
4-5-18Keith Ridout5031Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
3-5-18Keith Ridout6266Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
3-5-18Keith Ridout5135Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
4-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
4-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero3510Argentina1Por una causa
2-5-18Linda, Ken & Donna33150Canada3HAE Canada - Let’s walk
1-5-18Linda & Ken 44850Canada3HAE Canada - Let’s walk
30-4-18Linda & Ken 31200Canada2HAE Canada - Let’s walk
4-5-18Rachel & Helen31382United Kingdom2A beautiful walk around Triscombe
4-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
3-5-18Rachel8055United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
4-5-18Danielle Nunes9100Brazil1 Por um amigo -HAE
4-5-18Jessica Duarte23400Brazil2Walking for Hae
3-5-18Jessica Duarte23400Brazil2Walking for HAE
4-5-18Karen Flores1300Argentina1I’m here supporting my teacher Ceci
4-5-18Monica 7800Argentina2Apoyo a Asociación Argentina AEH
4-5-18Mariana7800Argentina2Apoyo a Asociación Argentina de AEH
4-5-18Brian Wardman24518Australia1Walking for HAE while working.
4-5-18Fiona24297Australia1A weeks worth of walking.... I know that’s cheating, but :-)
22-4-18Sabine vanlerberghe12480Belgium2Walk with a friend
30-4-18Sabine vanlerberghe24700Belgium2Walk with a friend in the neighbourhood
1-5-18Dawn Toop12553United Kingdom2Walked all around our beautiful village in Dorset
3-5-18Michal Wasinski20280Poland1Next steps for HAE account
3-5-18Cecilia Ramirez5200Argentina2Se acerca el dia AEH... y seguimos esperando saber que todo estara bien
3-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero6760Argentina1Por una causa
3-5-18Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
2-5-18Carol and Derek20921United Kingdom2Walking for HAE to support my daughter
2-5-18Rachel7532United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
3-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the daily golden mile activity challenge in school
3-5-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1Here and there downtown and such
3-5-18Natasa Angjeleska97500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of15Preparatory activities with my colleagues for 25 years anniversary !
15-4-18Isabelle27820Belgium2Sunday walk with the dog
8-4-18Isabelle28600Belgium2I walked with my husband to support HAE
1-5-18Ángeles Muñoz Hernandez5200Spain2Por AEDAF andando por mi barrio
29-4-18laura26000Spain4family walking with animals to support Haeday
28-4-18Ángeles Muñoz Hernandez3900Spain1Por Madrid
2-5-18Malin Norberg13000Sweden2Forest Walk
2-5-18Ángeles MUÑOZ Hernandez7800Spain3Por la ciudad de Madrid
3-5-18Ángeles Muñoz Hernandez2600Spain1Me fui por el parque del Oeste
26-4-18Laura 15600Spain2walk sierra helada
28-4-18laura 91000Spain5Walk in Bernia preparing HAE
29-4-18Asociacion Peruana de angioedema hereditario.127400Peru14AehPeru presente.
2-5-18suzet Lam Torres2600Peru1Mi caminata trabajando por la familia de aeh Peru{
2-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Preparing the HAE May 16
Week of 27-4-18LeGras Family65000Canada5Loving the spring weather.
2-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero5590Argentina1Por una causa
2-5-18Jessica35274Canada2#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
2-5-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE13000Argentina2Gym
27-4-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen7800Norway1Walk in the forrest
28-4-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen5200Norway1Walk in the forrest
29-4-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Walk in the forrest
3-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Walk in the forrest
2-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Walk in the forrest
1-5-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen7800Norway1Walk in the forrest
2-5-18Nancy Alvarez 5200Argentina1Supporting the cause
1-5-18Nancy Alvarez 36400Argentina4Supporting the cause
30-4-18Nancy Alvarez 104000Argentina4Supporting the cause
30-4-18Hanne Dahl-Johansen6500Norway1Walk in the forrest
29-4-18Nancy Alvarez 78000Argentina4Supporting the cause
28-4-18Nancy Alvarez 52000Argentina4Supporting the cause
29-4-18Saam Helene10400Switzerland1a Nordic-Walking Tour around my village
22-4-18Saam Helene10400Switzerland1a Nordic-Walking Tour around my village
17-4-18Saam Helene20800Switzerland2a Nordic-Walking Tour around my village
15-4-18Saam Helene10400Switzerland1a Nordic-Walking Tour around my village
13-4-18Saam Helene10400Switzerland1a Nordic-Walking Tour around my village
8-4-18Saam Helene10400Switzerland1a Nordic-Walking Tour around my village
2-4-18Saam Helene10400Switzerland1A Nordic-Waking Tour
2-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
1-5-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking the golden mile at school
1-5-18Rachel8787United Kingdom1A lovely lunchtime walk
30-4-18Rachel9436United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
2-5-18Alejandra2600Argentina1Support the cause
2-5-18Sara Smith19500Spain2Haciendo camino para HAE
2-5-18Sherry S Swanson18829United States1trail run:)
2-5-18Trine DJ11960Norway1Walking for HAE
1-5-18Trine DJ10816Norway1Walking for HAE
30-4-18Trine DJ10803Norway1Walking for HAE
29-4-18Trine DJ11960Norway1Walking for HAE
2-5-18Angela caballero 2600Argentina1APOYO A MI PROFESORA CECI QUE TIENE AEH
28-4-18Trine DJ10920Norway1Walking for HAE
27-4-18Trine DJ17160Norway1Walking for HAE
30-4-18Vanina Grisolia 13000Argentina2Caminamos 5 km cada uno . Seguimos sumando km...
2-5-18Verce Jovanovska Jankovska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run for HAE
21-4-18Marina Gretel Rosminati29900Argentina2Ok
27-4-18Adriana Beatriz Artero5200Argentina1Por una causa
27-4-18Marina Gretel Rosminati32500Argentina2Ok
28-4-18Adriana Beatriz Artero1300Argentina1Por una causa
25-4-18Valeria Yolanda3250Argentina1supporting the cause
2-5-18Cecilia Ramirez5200Argentina2Walk for Hae
2-5-18Steen Bjerre10400Denmark1To and from this, that and the other
27 to 30-4-18Ana Ferron52000Spain1Daily walk April 27-30
1-5-18Ferron Family62400Spain3Walking for HAE
27 to 30-4-18Sara Smith20800Spain1April 27-30 Out walking
1-5-18Steen Bjerre3900Denmark1To and from meetings
22 to 28-4-18Milenka Sharovikj89700Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Regular walks & mountain hiking
1-5-18Danail Dimov39000Bulgaria3A walk in Vitosha Mountain National Park
1-5-18Antonio Nieto5850Mexico1Preparing the world day of HAE
1-5-18Christy Suvanto 8369Canada1A beautiful evening walk
1-5-18Adriana Beatriz artero2600Argentina1Por una causa
30-4-18Jessica7218Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
29-4-18Jessica21382Canada2#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
28-4-18Jessica13662Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
1-5-18Jessica Duarte 52000Brazil5Pernambuco
30-4-18Carlos A, Cairo22100Argentina113 K carrera + 4 K caminata
29-4-18Carlos A, Cairo6500Argentina1Caminata y trote en cinta
1-5-18Eduardo Costa20800Brazil2 Walking for HAE
26-4-18Carlos A, Cairo7800Argentina16 K caminata y trote en cinta
2-5-18Keith Ridout5161Australia1Dog walk for HAE
1-5-18Keith Ridout2041Australia1Dog walk for HAE
29-4-18Keith Ridout5915Australia1Dog walk for HAE
28-4-18Keith Ridout5876Australia1Dog walk for HAE
1-5-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walking from Rio Comprido Square to Afonso Pena Square. Rio de Janeiro
30-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1Haeday!
25-4-18Jovan Jankovski6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Regular daily walk
26-4-18Jovan Jankovski6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Regular daily walk
27-4-18Jovan Jankovski6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Regular daily walk
30-4-18Jovan6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Regular daily walk
1-5-18Verce Jovanovska Jankovska3900Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run :)
30-4-18Verce Joanovska Jankovska9100Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Coming home from work by walk :)
28-4-18Sherry Swanson409500United States63HAE IN-MOTION 5k-Farmington
30-4-18Katrin and Jan Korthals31200Germany2very challenging route through the \\\"Saxon Switzerland\\\"
30-4-18Antonio Nieto7800Mexico1Walk preparing the HAE Day in Mexico the goal are 45 km in the next 10 days.
1-5-18Mabel Roldán 3900Argentina1Supporting the cause
Week of 27-4-18Badiou Family234000Canada12We put pedometers on the grandchildren. They have a lot of steps!
Week of 20-4-18LeGras Family78000Canada6Virtual sisters and nieces walking group
23, 25 & 27-4-18Jacquie and Richard Badiou31200Canada2Practicing Viennese Waltz
30-4-18Maria Ferron 6500Spain1Paseando al perro
30-4-18Steen Bjerre2600Denmark1Walking on the job
30-4-18Danielle Nunes31200Brazil3Walking for HAE
30-4-18Michal Wasinski17420Poland1Next steps for one target
29-4-18Micha? Wasinski26000Poland1Step by step to stop HAE
30-4-18Adriana Beatriz artero6370Argentina1Por una causa
29-4-18Ken & Linda 27300Canada2HAE Canada Let’s walk
30-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
30-4-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1Como siempre
29-4-18Rachel7741United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
29-4-18natasa angjeleska19500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of33 times daily walk with our sweet dog Dzidzi
29-4-18Toni Dimic31200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Du motion - Dubracki marathon
29-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Dubrovnik sighseeing
28-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic19500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Dubrovnik by night
28-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic39000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Family walk in the magic Dubrovnik
28-4-18Linda & Ken 39000Canada3HAE Let’s walk
28-4-18Suzet Lam5200Peru2Visitando La huaca Mateo Salado.
29-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1for haeday
29-4-18Eliane Araújo e Luiz Carlos18200Brazil2Rio de Janeiro for Hae day
28-4-18Rachel84167United Kingdom9Walking, running and playing in the woods
27-4-18Kelsey Dawley11700Canada1A long walk in nice weather!
27-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Doing the golden mile at school
27-4-18Rachel8975United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
29-4-18Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walking in sunday morning around the Afonso Pena square, Rio de Janeiro.
28-4-18Natasa Angjeleska15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Weekend walk by the river Vardar with Dejan and Toni
28-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1for Hae day!
28-4-18Keith Ridout5915Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
28-4-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina2Walking and shopping with my husband
27-4-18Ken & Linda15600Canada4Short Walk Today To Much Driving
28-4-18Imar Araújo15600Brazil3Walk aroud the Largo do Machado Square, Rio de Janeiro. Visit the Guinle\\\'s Park and the Flamengo Beach
27-4-18Stephanie22022Germany2Sports and Shopping
28-4-18Verce Jovanovska5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run :)
27-4-18 Vanina Grisolia 18200Argentina2Caminamos 7 km cada uno.
27-4-18Jessica22302Canada2#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
27-4-18Alejandra2600Argentina1support the cause
27-4-18 Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walk around de Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
27-4-18Valeria Gibaut 35100Argentina1Supporting the cause!
27-4-18Nico 1300Argentina1Como todos los dias
26-4-18Rachel7741United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
25-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the golden mile at school
25-4-18Rachel21758United Kingdom2A lunchtime walk with a friend
24-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Running the golden mile at school for our fitness activity
24-4-18Rcahel10754United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
26-4-18Andrea Marrari5200Argentina1Walk in my neighbourhood
18-4-18Marcela 2600Argentina1 supporting my teacher cecilia
26-4-18Angela Caballero 1300Argentina1Apoyo a mi profesora que tiene AEH
26-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE5200Argentina1Caminata corta
27-4-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina2Usual walk. HAE day in my mind
27-4-18Steen Bjerre2600Denmark1Around the garden and such
26-4-18Sara Smith11050Spain1Walking for HAE
25-4-18Sara Smith7800Spain1Walking for HAE
24-4-18Sara Smith6500Spain1Walking for HAE
25-4-18Sydney 4184United States1Around campus
21-4-18Sydney 4184United States1At park
20-4-18Sydney 2720United States1At park
19-4-18Sydney 4184United States1Around campus
18-4-18Sydney 3138United States1Around campus
17-4-18Sydney 2720United States1Around campus
16-4-18Sydney3243United States1Around campus
15-4-18Sydney 2448United States1Around campus
21-4-18Robert Simon27300Canada3A Spring walk with my two grandson\\\'s from our house to theirs- stops at playgrounds and water puddles!
26-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett40950Canada3A beautiful HAE Walk in Kingston, ON with family.
26-4-18Jessica Duarte35100Brazil3 Haeday
24-4-18Gabriel Araujo41600Brazil4walking with friends
23-4-18Eliane Araújo e Luiz Carlos 13000Brazil2Rio de Janeiro Haeday
25-4-18Ferron Sisters36400Spain2Walking with the dog
26-4-18suzet Lam Torres7800Peru2caminando por el hospital dedicado a la familia HAE.
26-4-18Jhoany Segovia Valdivia624000Peru15los compañeros de trabajo de Suzet nos aunamos a la actividad de la Asociación de Angioedema Perú, en nuestra caminata d
26-4-18Mariella Medina Galvez2600Peru1por mi compañera y amiga Suzet.
26-4-18Rocina Guerrero26000Peru4Por los pacientes con angioedema hereditario
26-4-18Carlos A, Cairo18200Argentina114 Km cambio de ritmo
26-4-18Christy 7323Canada1Happy to be walking for HAE
26-4-18Liliana Flores3900Peru1Es lo mejor para conservar la salud
26-4-18Carina Ramirez6500Argentina1Global walk
26-4-18Jessica6276Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
25-4-18Jessica7343Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
24-4-18Jessica4603Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
23-4-18Jessica7678Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
22-4-18Jessica 7511Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
22-4-18Sherry Swanson552500United States85HAE IN-MOTION 5k- Deklab, IL
21-4-18Jessica9959Canada1#HAECanadaJoinTheWalk #CaminoStepsChallenge
26-4-18Andreas Bjerre15600Denmark1School trip to \\\'\\\'Egholm\\\'\\\'.
26-4-18Sandra Lusardo2600Argentina1Supporting the cause
22-4-18Michael Dahle39000Norway1Walking our dog...twice!
23-4-18Adriana Beatriz Artero9490Argentina1Por una causa
21-4-18MARINA GRETEL ROSMINATI19500Argentina2-
26-4-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina2Walk with my son
24 to 26-4-18Trine DJ34983Norway1Walking for HAE
28-4-18Carlos Alberto Blanch Guzmán13000Peru1I walk on my street
25-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE26000Argentina2Bici
25-4-18Linda & Ken 23400Canada2HAE Let’s walk
25-4-18Fernando Azevedo de Carvalho21840Brazil2Location: Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
24-4-18Pedro Luiz araújo de Carvalho1300Brazil1Rio de Janeiro Walking to Scholl
26-4-18Steen Bjerre7800Denmark1To and from a meeting
23-4-18Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Walk in a Brazil holliday: from Saens Peña Square to Afonso Pena Square; Rio de Janeiro
25-4-18Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Walk around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
21-4-18Imar Araujo7800Brazil3Around the small area of Brazil Atlantic Forest. Near to the Santa Isabel city and farm
26-4-18Keith Ridout26260Australia2Walking our dog for HAE
21-4-18Kalai14040Singapore1Usual walk
25-4-18Stephanie4550Germany1Walk for HAE
20-4-18Stephanie7020Germany1Walk for HAE
25-4-18Carlos A, Cairo22100Argentina111 K entrenamiento carerera + 6 K caminata
25-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1for Haeday
24-4-18Melina Araya Martínez 6500Argentina1I walked to make people aware of HAE
25-4-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1Usual walk
25-4-18Agustina Marfia13000Argentina2We want the medication for all countries!
25-4-18Andreas Bjerre9100Denmark1Regular school day along with the short walk home.
24-4-18Linda & Ken22100Canada2HAE Let’s walk
25-4-18Keith Ridout14534Australia1Walking our dog for HAE
24-4-18Ana Ferron23400Spain1Paseo con el perro
24-4-18Maria Ferron11700Spain1Paseito por la tarde
24-4-18Natasa Angjeleska10400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of23 daily walks with my sweet companion, my dog Dzidzi
25-4-18SB3900Denmark1Morning walk testing boots
21-4-18Lyn McGuigan9100Australia1walking along our beautiful beach
23-4-18Lyn McGuigan13000Australia1walking along our beautiful beach
24-4-18Carlos Cairo26650Argentina116 K entrenamiento - Carrera + 4,5 K caminata
23-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Taking part in the daily golden mile activity challenge in school
23-4-18Rachel7741United Kingdom1A lunchtime walk
24-4-18Toni Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run
24-4-18Maja Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Night run for Skopski marathon
24-4-18Malin Norberg6500Sweden1Forest walk
23-4-18Ken & Linda23400Canada2HAE Let’s walk
24-4-18Andreas Bjerre7800Denmark1Regular school day plus the short walk home.
24-4-18Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from full-day downtown event
23-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE15600Argentina2Gym
24-4-18Keith Ridout10829Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
23-4-18Keith Ridout13364Australia1Walking our dog for HAE
23-4-18Stefania8580Italy1HAE day
22-4-18Nico 1300Argentina1To school
23-4-18Maja Aleksievska 13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Night walk (Karpos1 - Karpos3 - Karpos1)
20-4-18Krste52000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of5Walk in sunny Belgrade
18-4-18Carol and Derek and friends303361United Kingdom29Walking with the Senior Walkers Club, enjoying the sunshine and views at Crickhowell
23-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness challenge
19-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness challenge
18-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness challenge
16-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness challenge
13-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness activity
12-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness activity
10-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness activity
9-4-18Darcy2092United Kingdom1Walking my golden mile at school for our daily fitness activity
22-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett31200Canada3HAE Let\\\'s Walk
21-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett15600Canada2HAE Let\\\'s Walk
20-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett18200Canada2HAE Let\\\'s Walk
19-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett20800Canada2HAE Let\\\'s Walk
18-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett26000Canada2HAE Let\\\'s Walk
17-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett20800Canada2HAE Let\\\'s Walk
15-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett23400Canada2HAE Let\\\'s Walk
23-4-18Ferron Sisters42900Spain2Y seguimos andando por HAE!!!
22-4-18Rachel16319United Kingdom2Walked by for HAE
21-4-18Rachel19624United Kingdom2Mummy and daughter walking for HAE
22-4-18Ferron Sisters20800Spain2La Herradura
20-4-18Rachel8933United Kingdom1A quiet Friday walk
19-4-18Rachel8578United Kingdom1Enjoying the sunshine
18-4-18Rachel8201United Kingdom1Enjoying the subshine
23-4-18Sara Smith13000Spain2Afternoon walk
23-4-18Andreas Bjerre1510600Denmark83School field trip to Rebild Bakker.
23-4-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1como todos los dias, camino y pienso en poder saber que todos los que tenemos aeh estamos bien
15 to 21-4-18Milenka Sharovikj49400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walking and hiking
19 to 23-4-18Trine DJ55133Norway1Walking for HAE
22-4-18Verce Jovanovska208000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of8Morning klimbing for Hae
21-4-18Natasha Jovanovska Popovska3900Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Hiking on Pelister Mountain
23-4-18Valeria Cecilio5200Brazil2Nice walk.
22-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE2600Argentina1Caminata corta
23-4-18SB5850Denmark1To and from the dentist
22-4-18Ivana and Ognjen7800Serbia2A walk in Nis.
21-4-18Ivana and Ognjen7800Serbia2Walk in Nis.
19-4-18Bart Fynaerts58500Belgium15Team walk with Shire Brussels office
22-4-18Marcelo38376Argentina2Walking for HAE
22-4-18Alejandra38376Argentina2Walking for HAE in sunny Buenos Aires
12-4-18Toni Dimic13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1catching up the day
18-4-18Toni Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1spring morning run
19-4-18Toni Dimic13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run
20-4-18Toni Dimic52000Serbia5Belgrade leasure walk
20-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic5850Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Go to work without using car
22-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Night run - shaping up for Skopje marathon
22-4-18Andreas & Steen13000Denmark2To church and then on to a double confirmation celebration
22-4-18Camila 1300Argentina1Ejercicio regular que práctico los fines de semana
22-4-18Milka6500Argentina1Walk with my doggy mirta.
22-4-18Alejandra19500Argentina1Support the cause
22-4-18Sara Smith4550Spain1Short spring evening walk
20-4-18Sara Smith28600Spain2Otro paseo....
22-4-18Andrea susalla2600Argentina1Caminata
22-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1for HAE Day
21-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses10400Brazil1for Haeday
22-4-18Jessica Duarte20800Brazil2Haeday
21-4-18Alejandra3900Argentina1Support the cause
22-4-18Karina Daciuk13000Argentina2Ayudando a la Asociación Argentina AEH
20-4-18Carlos A, Cairo16900Argentina18 k DE TRAINING + 5 DE CAMINATA
19-4-18Carlos A, Cairo18200Argentina1TROTE 12 k + 2 K caminata
22-4-18Michal Wasinski35100Poland1More steps less attacks
22-4-18Cecilia Ramirez5200Argentina2caminata familiar
20-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE13000Argentina2Gym
21-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE18200Argentina2Paseando
22-4-18Keith Ridout11778Australia1Walking the dog for HAE
21-4-18Danielle Nunes 23400Brazil2Hae day
20-4-18Lynette McGuigan7800Australia1walk along a beach
21-4-18Lynette McGuigan10400Australia1walk along a beach
21-4-18Nico 1300Argentina1Caminando x mi ciudad
21-4-18Sebastian Scovenna9100Germany1A nice run by the river
21-4-18Fernanda Roveta5200Germany1I played a handball match with my team in Munich and now i\\\'m supporting the argentinian HAE association :)
21-4-18Ferron Sisters33800Spain2Paseito!
21-4-18Cecilia Ramirez7800Argentina3Buscando medicamento en familia
20 & 21-4-18Keith Ridout16809Australia1Walking our dog
21-4-18Steen & Andreas 11180Denmark2Testing boots from Camino 2016 and 2017 for the first time this year
20-4-18Adriana Beatriz Artero7800Argentina1Por una causa
19-4-18Jessica 5419Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
17-4-18Jessica 7071Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
16-4-18Jessica 6862Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
15-4-18Jessica 6988Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
13-4-18Jessica 5544Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
12-4-18Jessica7866Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
11-4-18Jessica7155Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
8-4-18Jessica11653Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
18-4-18Jessica8180Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
20-4-18Jessica Howlett8306Canada1HAE let\\\'s walk!!
20-4-18Michal Wasinski14300Poland14 HAE
20-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses7800Brazil1haeday
19-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1haeday
17-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Haeday
15-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses682500Brazil25HAEDAY
14-4-18therezinha ribeiro moyses15600Brazil2haeday
12, 16 & 19-4-18Richard and Jacquie Badiou39000Canada2Learning Viennese Waltz
Week of 13-4-18LeGras family23400Canada6Sister and nieces walking group
2-4-18Stephanie21060Germany3Walk for HAE
9, 10 & 12-4-18Richard and Jacquie Badiou31200Canada2Learning Viennese Waltz
8-4-18Jacquie and Richard Badiou13000Canada2Exploring Toronto
5-4-18Jacquie and Richard Badiou13000Canada2Exploring Hamilton
20-4-18Jessica Duarte54600Brazil6Pernambuco walking with friends
15-4-18Soledad García Abad 15600Argentina2Camine junto a mi bebé que lleve en cochecito. Juntos podemos hacer más.
20-4-18silvina castellanos6500Argentina1I support the cause
20-4-18Ferron Sisters31200Spain2Que no decaiga la causa :-) !!!
19-4-18Ferron Sisters46800Spain2En Sierra Nevada apoyando a HAE
18-4-18Ferron Sisters18200Spain2Paseito en Granada
20-4-18Tamara Radovanovik26000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of4Walking in town of Krusevo.
17-4-18Julieta Cuzzani62400Argentina6Supporting the cause
19-4-18Julieta Cuzzani156000Argentina12Supporting the cause
19 to 20-4-18María José moreno13000Argentina1Support the cause
18-4-18Eduardo da Costa31200Brazil3walking with friends
20-4-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1Walking in the rain
19-4-18Luiz Carlos Rodrigues9100Brazil1Rio de Janeiro
19-4-18Eliane Oliveira de Araújo 15600Brazil2Rio de Janeiro Walking for HAE
19-4-18Gabriel Araújo de Carvalho 41600Brazil4Rio de Janeiro Walking for HAE
20-4-18Vesna Aleksovska26000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of4Walking with friends. Started with one park continued with another .. it took around 2-3 hours. Had a lot of fun.
18-4-18Natasa HAE Macedonia31200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Daily walks with my BFF - the DOG
19-4-18Carina Ramirez3900Argentina1Job
14-4-18Luis Prado78000Peru12un partido de futbol por los pacientes con aeh.
18-4-18Javier Rojas Noriega52000Peru8hoy los chicos del Centro de Salud Breña dedicamos un partido de fulbito por los pacientes con Aeh.
19-4-18Adriana Beatriz Artero13140Argentina1Por una causa
19-4-18Nico 2600Argentina2Apoyo a mi mama
19-4-18María Laura Rosich 257400Argentina11Por esta movida!
13 to 19-4-18Louise89700Australia1Walking for HAE
19 to 20-4-18Keith Ridout15626Australia1Dog walking
19-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE10400Argentina1Caminata diaria
19-4-18Sara Smith28600Spain2Still walking for HAE
19-4-18Agustina Marfia 13000Argentina2En apoyo a la causa que merece ser escuchada.
19-4-18Victoria Ramos Rojas5200Peru2Por una mejor calidad de vida a los pacientes con angioedema.
19-4-18Valeria Gibaut 11700Argentina1Supporting my friend Ceci!
19-4-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1Usual walk
18-4-18Rachel8201United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
8-4-18Michal Wasinski22100Poland1Next steps into account. More will come
7-4-18Michal Wasinski24700Poland1first steps into account to support HAE sufferers
18-4-18Adriana Beatriz Artero9490Argentina1Por esta causa
18-4-18Cecilia Ramirez1300Argentina1More walk
18-4-18Marcela figueroa10400Argentina2Supporting the AEH cause!
18-4-18Julio Panduro Bardales3900Peru1Mi dìa de guardia comunitaria dedicada a los pacientes con angioedema en especial mi amiga Suzet.
18-4-18Evelina Rada Lastra3900Peru1Dedico mi caminata saludable a los pacientes con angioedema.
18-4-18Domitila Francia3900Peru1Dedico mi trabajo de campo a los pacientes con angioedema
17-4-18Carlos Cairo19500Argentina1Training 12 Km + caminata regenerativa 3 Km
15-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett23400Canada2HAE Canada lets walk
14-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett20800Canada2HAE Canada lets walk
13-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett20800Canada2HAE Canada lets walk
18-4-18Trine DJ21892Norway2Walking for HAE
18-4-18Sara Smith28600Spain2Still walking for HAE........... :-)
17-4-18Sara Smith16900Spain2Haciendo camino ..... :-)
16 to 18-4-18María José moreno13000Argentina1Support the cause
17-4-18Sandra Conti26000Argentina2Dancing and aerobic gym
9 to 16-4-18Analia Acevedi91000Argentina2Sometimes I make them walking, sometimes running
17-4-18Carina Ramirez5200Argentina1Job and doctor
18-4-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina1Going to the doctor\\\"s
17-4-18Steen Bjerre5200Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
18-4-18Carlotta3900Italy1Let\\\'s try to start
18-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic10400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Early morning run
1 to 18-4-18Keith Ridout59800Australia1Walking our dog around the countryside
17-4-18Rachel8055United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
16-4-18Amber7865Australia1Not too long
13-4-18Amber12805Australia1It was a long walk!
11-4-18Bart Fynaerts27300Belgium3walking for HAE with the family
7-4-18Fiona Wardman6500Australia1Walking to the waterfront in Auckland, then through the airport, and in Sydney
6-4-18Fiona Wardman7800Australia1Airport and shopping in Auckland
14-4-18Fiona Wardman15600Australia2Shopping ;)
16-4-18Verce Jovanovska5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning walk for HAE. Every step counts.
17-4-18suzet Lam Torres3900Peru13KM por la familia hae .
17-4-18Alejandra Narvaez2600Argentina1Supporting the cause
9 to 13-4-18Cecilia Ramirez7800Argentina1Usual walk but with a thought: HAE
17-4-18Nico 6500Argentina1Helping my mom in this
17-4-18Adriana Beatriz artero4550Argentina1Acompañando la causa
14-4-18Antonio Nieto11180Mexico2To prepare the HAE day
16-4-18Rachel9436United Kingdom1Lunchtime walk
15-4-18Rachel8578United Kingdom1Daily walk
14-4-18Rachel20085United Kingdom2A mummy and daughter day of walking
17-4-18Trine DJ11700Norway1Walking for HAE
16-4-18Julieta Cuzzani26000Argentina4Supporting the cause
17-4-18Julieta Cuzzani39000Argentina5Supporting the cause
15-4-18Teja18200Slovenia2Sunday walk
17-4-18Gabriel Araújo de Carvalho26000Brazil4Rio de Janeiro walking with friends
17-4-18Cecilia Ramirez3900Argentina1Supporting the cause while walking around my city
17-4-18Julieta cuzzani15600Argentina4Supporting the cause
13-4-18Vanina Grisolia 6500Argentina1Supporting the cause.
15-4-18Gabriela Trenti1300Argentina1Caminata por la ciudad de Buenos Aires.
17-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE13000Argentina1Caminata en cinta
17-4-18Patricia R. Sosa13000Argentina1Supporting the cause
21-4-18Nancy Alvarez 7800Argentina2Supporting the cause
16-4-18María José moreno13000Argentina1Camino en la plaza
2 to 15-4-18Ann Ruttens171600Belgium2walked during holidays
2-4-18Ann Ruttens23400Singapore2visiting city
15-4-18Gabriela Scarfo1300Argentina1Supporting the cause
16-4-18Nicolas Campins1300Argentina1Supporting the cause
17-4-18Andrea Flores2600Argentina2Supporting the cause
16-4-18Carlos Cairo15600Argentina18 km de carrera + 4 km caminata
16-4-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina1Asking for solutions to problems
16-4-18Steen Bjerre5850Denmark1Walking back from a meeting; fencing; walking to and from the bar afterwards :)
16-4-18Sara Smith31200Spain2Walking for HAE
16-4-18silvina castellanos2600Argentina1I went shopping
15 to 16-4-18Trine DJ21567Norway1Walking for HAE
16-4-18Eliane Oliveira de Araújo 26000Brazil4Rio de Janeiro Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Caminhando com amigas
15-4-18Fernando Azevedo de Carvalho40560Brazil4The HAE walk was made in Aterro do Flamengo in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
15-4-18Katrien18200Belgium2I walked with a friend
1 to 14-4-18Milenka Sharovikj91000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Walking & Hiking
15-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE65000Argentina5Caminata con amigas
16-4-18MARIA PAULA VALBERDE58500Argentina3Hae day walk
10-4-18Melina Araya 13000Argentina2Una profesora nos contó que ella padece una enfermedad poco frecuente. Nos invitó a dedicar una caminata la concienciació
15-4-18Cecilia Ramirez2600Argentina1Wishing to help and be helped
15-4-18Sara Smith31200Spain2Haciendo camino para haeday :-)
15-4-18Luiz Carlos Rodrigues de Carvalho 7800Brazil1Rio de Janeiro Aterro do Flamengo Walking for HAE
15-4-18Eliane Oliveira de Araujo7800Brazil1Rio de Janeiro Aterro do Flamengo Walking for HAE
15-4-18ABM & SB8320Denmark2To church and back
14-4-18A33900Denmark3Evening walk around the block
14-4-18suzet Lam Torres26000Peru2caminando con el esposo por el haeday.
12-4-18suzet Lam Torres6500Peru1un dia de trabajo .
14-4-18IMAR OLIVEIRA DE ARAÚJO7800Brazil2Around Maracanã stadium - Rio de Janeiro. Just walking
14-4-18Luiz Carlos9100Brazil1 Walking for HAE
14-4-18Eliane9100Brazil1 Walking for HAE
14-4-18Natasa Ivanovska15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Walk for health Health for all world
14-4-18Ivana Golubovic13000Serbia2Saturday walk with Ognjen.
13-4-18Rachel8787United Kingdom1Short walk
12-4-18Rachel7741United Kingdom1Daily steps
11-4-18Rachel9415United Kingdom1An early evening stroll
10-4-18Rachel7741United Kingdom1A lunchtime walk
9-4-18Rachel9624United Kingdom1Just walking
14-4-18Sara Smith13000Spain2Walking on a beautiful day in La Herradura
13-4-18Maria Ferron 6500Spain1Around Madrid
13 to 14-4-18Trine DJ26949Norway1Walking for HAE
14-4-18Keti10400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Just starting
13-4-18Stephanie54288Germany9Walk with my sports group
12-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett20800Canada2HAE Let\\\'s all walk
11-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett23400Canada2HAE Let\\\'s all walk
6 to 12-4-18Louise63700Australia1Walking for HAE
30-3 to 5-4-18Louise61100Australia1Walking for HAE
11 to 12-4-18Trine DJ22061Norway1Walking for HAE
12-4-18Ana Ferron13000Spain1El Escorial - Madrid
2-4-18Ana Ferron15600Spain1La pedriza - Madrid
8 to 11-4-18Ana Ferron41600Spain1daily walk with the dog
12-4-18Maria Ivanovska6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Vardar walk for HAE
9-4-18Maria Ivanovska15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Vardar Key
11-4-18Katrien26000Belgium2I walked together with my daughter to support the HAE community!
10-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett26000Canada2St Marys is a beautiful little town
9-4-18Linda & Ken Howlett23400Canada2Let\\\'s walk
10-4-18Ivana Golubovic6500Serbia1Walking for HAE
11-4-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 26000Brazil2Haeday
11-4-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from meeting downtown
10-4-18Trine DJ10140Norway1Walking for HAE
10-4-18Steen Bjerre7800Denmark1To and from a Winemaker\'s Dinner with Podere Le Ripi
4-4-18Jessica Howlett16486Canada2walking at the mall still counts
17-3-18Jessica Howlett33433Canada2HAE let\\\'s walk
30-3-18Jessica Howlett22553Canada2A nice day to go hiking with friends.
8-4-18Jessica Howlett11653Canada1walking is always more fun with a furry companion
31-3-18Jessica10660Canada2A beautiful oceanside walk on the east coast trail :)
10-4-18Maria Ferron 5200Spain1Small walk after all day raining
6-4-18Sérgio Dortas Junior6500Brazil1Running train
5-4-18Sérgio Dortas Junior3640Brazil1Running train
1-4-18Sérgio Dortas Junior16900Brazil1Running train
1 to 8-4-18Steve & Troyce Venturelka144358United States2Week 1 family walk in Florida
9-4-18Natasha Jovanovska Popovska3900Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1A walk in the park
1-4-18Amanda Mata-Castañeda54396United States126 miles! No swells!
8-4-18Sergio Dortas Junior9425Brazil1Running - Pocket Run
7 to 9-4-18Trine DJ32708Norway1Walking for HAE
9-4-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 15600Brazil3Haeday
6-4-18Therezinha Ribeiro Moyses 13000Brazil2Haeday
8-4-18Teja21918Slovenia3Walking to Bo
9-4-18Verce Jovanovska27300Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of3Easter walk with family and friends
9-4-18Sara Smith9750Spain1Out and about Madrid
8-4-18Rachel14645United Kingdom2Exploring
7-4-18Rachel7741United Kingdom1Enjoying the spring sunshine
6-4-18Rachel15900United Kingdom2Just walking
9-4-18Toni Dimic5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ohrid leasure walk
9-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Morning run in Ohrid - road to Skopje marathon #2
9-4-18Toni Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ohrid morning run
8-4-18Toni Dimic6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ancient Ohrid night walk
8-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic6500Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ohrid night tour
8-4-18Alicia González 104000Uruguay2Distracción
8-4-18Steen Bjerre13000Denmark4A bit of walking at Jakob\'s konfirmation
8-4-18Natasa117000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of9Wonderful Easter day in Ohrid, spent in Ohrid with family with a long walk by the lake
8-4-18Sara Smith16900Spain2Walking on the \\\"Camino\\\" (Camino de Madrid) near Manzanares el Real
8-4-18Toni Dimic10400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ohrid - come and check the beauty. 03.06 Ohrid runs, rare diseases MK will be part of it
8-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Start preparing for Skopje Marathon in Ohrid
7-4-18Toni Dimic5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ohrid teases for a walk over and over
8-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic13000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Festive walk in Ohrid
7-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic5200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Easter walk around Ohrid
8-4-18Toni Dimic23400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Ohrid Ohrid ubav mil,ti za mene raj si bil. Short translation:Ohrid-heaven on Earth
8-4-18Nadja Angjelkovska36400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of4Support for Hae patients Macedonia
8-4-18Tamara Radovanovik36400Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of4Walk for Hae Macedonia
7-4-18Stephanie9360Germany2Walk for HAE
8-4-18Tamara Radovanovik20800Serbia4Walking round mountain Kopaonik in Serbia to support raising awearness for people who have HAE disease.
7-4-18Natasa Angjeleska91000Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of7A beautiful day in Ohrid used for walks and talks with family
7-4-18Verce7800Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Easter walk for HAE
7-4-18Steen Bjerre19500Denmark5Walking to and from the theatre in Aarhus
7-4-18Toni Dimic31200Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of2Leisure walk through sunny and magnificent Ohrid
7-4-18Maja Aleksievska Dimic15600Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1Wonderful walk along the magic Ohrid lake
7-4-18Sara Smith5850Spain1Short afternoon walk
6-4-18Antonio Nieto5200Mexico2Walk through greenhouses where tomatoes are grown.
7-4-18Packa Antovska26000Bulgaria4Walking trough charming city Sofia!
6-4-18Maria Ferron 5200Spain1Small walk with the dog
6-4-18Sérgio Dortas Junior6500Brazil1Running training
5-4-18Sérgio Dortas Junior3640Brazil1Running train
1-4-18Sérgio Dortas Junior22100Brazil1Running training + Down Syndrome walk
6-4-18Trine DJ30966Norway2Walk with Ghera
5-4-18Katrien van Elk10400Belgium1I walked with my family.
6-4-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from a morning meeting downtown
6-4-18Francisca Fernández7800Spain1Only walking around my town
5-4-18Ersan Sevinç10400Turkey2Casual shopping in the town
3-4-18Liljana Vodenicarska8710Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of1
5-4-18Rachel13390United Kingdom2Walking in the sunshine
4-4-18Rachel7950United Kingdom1
3-4-18Rachel 9415United Kingdom1A lovely lunchtime walk
5-4-18Ferron Sisters22100Spain2Walking the dogs
5-4-18Linda Dahle 7800Norway1Many faces, one family?
5-4-18Trine DJ9828Norway1Walking
4-4-18Trine DJ9542Norway1Thursday walk
4-4-18Steen Bjerre10400Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
3-4-18Trine DJ 9373Norway1Wednesday walk
4-4-18Bart Fynaerts7800Belgium2Practice walk as training for the big Belgian walk on May 3rd
31-3 to 5-4-18Saša Pavlic254800Croatia1A six day walk from Rijeka to Zagreb with a cross on the back and a message to deliver.
4-4-18Alejandra10127Argentina1Every step counts for HAE
3-4-18Linda Dahle13000Norway1Fantastic walk with good music in my headphones. Stay strong everyone.
3-4-18Ferron Sisters18200Spain2Paseito por la sierra de Madrid
2-4-18Fiona 23400Australia2Walking off the easter eggs at the Sydney Royal Easter Show
2-4-18Alejandro 11700Argentina1Recreational
2-4-18Jacquie and Richard Badiou10400Canada2Practicing the Viennese Waltz to dance in Vienna.
3-4-18Stephanie4680Germany1Walking for the Camino Walk
2-4-18Alejandra20514Argentina2Walking for HAE
2-4-18Teja337402Slovenia19Easter walk in my village, my steps for HAE
1-4-18Teja 7462Slovenia1Easter walk for HAE
3-4-18Steen Bjerre6500Denmark1To and from morning meeting downtown
2-4-18Natalie13650Belgium1A run and a short walk with my daughter brought me to 14535 steps on Easter Monday!!
2-4-18Kirsti Faksvåg13000Norway1Walk for HAE :-)
2-4-18Rachel7323United Kingdom1A stroll
1-4-18Rachel58580United Kingdom7Enjoying the Easter egg trail along the beach
1-4-18Henrik58500Denmark5Easter Walk for HAE
2-4-18Trine DJ17550Norway2Monday walk with mom
1-4-18Trine DJ33696Norway3Sunday walk with friends
2-4-18Steen Bjerre2600Denmark1A lot of walking in the garden again
1-4-18Steen Bjerre2600Denmark1A lot of walking in the garden
2-4-18Therezinha 6500Brazil1Hae day
1-4-18Therezinha 7800Brazil1Hae day
2-4-18Sara Smith6500Spain1A brisk walk to begin taking steps for the HAE Global Walk
2-4-18Stephanie7800Germany2A little walk through the forest
1-4-18Maria Ferron 21450Spain3A small walk in my hometown

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