Help raise awareness step by step

Once again we are arranging the HAE Global Walk – allowing everyone to take part in a truly worldwide HAE event no matter where they are. From 1 April to 31 May 2019 you can help to raise awareness of the rare disease HAE.

All you need to do to be part of the HAE Global Walk is to walk any distance you would like wherever you feel like it – on your own or together with others – and report the distance (in miles or kilometres) walked in the form below. We will then add your steps to all other HAE steps taken around the globe.

You can follow the development day by day – which countries have walked how much, how many kilometers/miles have been walked in total, and how many people have participated.

Please make sure to visit the website often during the campaign period (1 April to 31 May 2019) – and add all the walks you like. Every step counts.

Thank you for your entry to the HAEi Global Walk 2019.
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All these awesome people joined the walk and helped raise HAE awareness:

Date Name Steps Walked for Participants Note
31-5-19Imar Araujo5200Brazil1usual walk for health around the Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro
31-5-19Marcia Sam13000Canada1Walking for HAE
6-5-19Marcia Sam13000Canada1Walking for HAE
31-5-19Stephanie 3900Germany1Shopping
26-5-19Sandra1820000North Macedonia50A traditional climbing of Titov Vrv
31-5-19Tina14227Canada1WAlking for HAEC
21-5-19Christy Cypress8369United States1As of January 2019 ive begun returning to the gym
8-5-19Carissa Koehler6448Australia1Daily walk
11-5-19Carissa Koehler6045Australia1Daily walk
11-5-19Carissa Koehler11193Australia1Daily walk
12-5-19Carissa Koehler18291Australia1Daily walk plus
13-5-19Carissa Koehler7202Australia1Daily walk
14-5-19Carissa Koehler7501Australia1Daily walk
15-5-19Carissa Koehler7501Australia1Daily walk
15-5-19Carissa Koehler11167Australia1Daily walk
16-5-19Carissa Koehler8996Australia1Daily walk
17-5-19Carissa Koehler6695Australia1Daily walk
18-5-19Carissa Koehler7397Australia1Travel to sydney
19-5-19Carissa Koehler6305Australia1Travel to China
20-5-19Carissa Koehler15743Australia1China trip
21-5-19Carissa Koehler14157Australia1China trip
22-5-19Carissa Koehler15314Australia1China trip
23-5-19Carissa Koehler14300Australia1China trip
24-5-19Carissa Koehler 10842Australia1China trip
25-5-19Carissa Koehler12597Australia1China trip
26-5-19Carissa Koehler10491Australia1China trip
27-5-19Carissa Koehler8255Australia1China trip
28-5-19Carissa Koehler16367Australia1China trip
29-5-19Carissa Koehler10803Australia1Last day China
30-5-19Carissa Koehler6513Australia1Return trip home
31-5-19Carissa Koehler9386Australia1Daily chores and grocery shopping
1 to 31-5-19Brian Cluett130000Canada1To and from work
30-5-19Michele Riggs6276United States1So thankful I am able to WALK & RUN!!
26 to 31-5-19Maria Ferron 26000Spain1Last walks
1-4 to 31-5-19Mia O280800Denmark1Skanderborg Pharmacy walks for HAE Scandinavia
29 to 31-5-19Keith Ridout66040Australia2Walking our dog Dibley for HAE
31-5-19Cecilia R6500Argentina1Walk again
31-5-19Natasa Angjeleska13000North Macedonia1Walk to work and back, shoping and enjoying the day
15 to 18-5-19Sarah Smith Foltz156000Spain5Sightseeing and walking after the HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019
31-5-19Kire78000North Macedonia6Walking for HAE Macedonia :)
30-5-19Susie Lee318240Canada17Takeda Canada Medical, Regulatory, QA and regulatory departments
23-5-19Tina1046074Canada20 Walk with Takeda staff for Hae day
Week of 20-5-19Greg Stephenson13000Canada1Steps to and from work
26 to 31-5-19Carlos A. Cairo76700Argentina1Training for Marathon
19 to 25-5-19Carlos A. Cairo135200Argentina1Trainning for Marathon
25 to 31-5-19Linda, Ken & Amanda Howlett142350Canada3Enjoyed our walking for HAE Awareness. It is a great event!
20 to 24-5-19Linda, Ken & Amanda Howlett81900Canada3Walking for HAE Awareness
11 to 17-5-19Linda, Ken & Amanda Howlett117000Canada3Walking for HAE Awareness
7 to 10-5-19Linda, Ken & Amanda Howlett70200Canada3Walking for HAE Awareness
31-5-19Fabienne17160Switzerland1Jogging in Basel
29 to 30-5-19Tina26047Canada1 Doing my part for HAEC
23-5-19Tina1046074Canada20 HAE day walk with Takeda staff
30-5-19Goran Velickovikj45500North Macedonia5Hiking
24 to 26-5-19Ljupco Jovcevski234000North Macedonia3Mountain walk
1 to 31-5-19Andreas81900Denmark1To and from school, swimming and parkour in May
30-5-19Eva Brosenbauer6500Austria1Morning Run
30-5-19Maja Dimic31200North Macedonia4City tour
28-5-19Maja Dimic26000North Macedonia4City walk with the colleagues
27-5-19Maja Dimic23400North Macedonia3City walk
30-5-19Christine45500Germany5jogging with my running group
30-5-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
25-4-19Nikolina78000North Macedonia2From Borovec to Musala peak
30-5-19Rachel7950United Kingdom1A morning run
29-5-19Rachel9205United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
28-5-19Rachel10042United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
27-5-19Rachel28035United Kingdom2Exploring on our trip to London
26-5-19Rachel29708United Kingdom2Exploring on our trip to London
25-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group313822United Kingdom25With the walking group, supporting my daughter with HAE
25-5-19Rachel42052United Kingdom3A walk/run for HAE
24-5-19Rachel24269United Kingdom2A morning run/walk with a friend
23-5-19Rachel8159United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
22-5-19Rachel24687United Kingdom2A run in the warm sunshine
21-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group407969United Kingdom26The walking group, walking for HAE
21-5-19Rachel20921United Kingdom2Walking with a friend, for HAE
21-5-19Rachel7741United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
30-5-19Kire13000North Macedonia1Walking for HAE Macedonia, in Central park in Skopje.
29-5-19Kire162500North Macedonia25Walking by Ohrid Lake with group of friends which was part of the training for Negotiating with the EU.
28-5-19Kire26000North Macedonia4Short walk by beautiful Ohrid Lake.
27-5-19Kire13000North Macedonia2Short walk by beautiful Ohrid Lake.
26-5-19Kire46800North Macedonia2Hiking on Kadiica peak on Vlaina mountain.
27 to 30-5-19Sara Smith9100Spain1Final steps for the 2019 HAE Global Walk. Hasta el año que viene!!
30-5-19Therezinha 31200Brazil2Hae Day
30-5-19Verce Jovanovska39000North Macedonia3Afternoon walk for HAE
26-4-19Igor Smilev49140North Macedonia5Track from Slepce to Kostinci and Zrze
20-4-19Igor1404000North Macedonia75Track Bogomila - Kapinovo - Nezilovo-Papradiste
14-4-19Igor40300North Macedonia2Track from Staravina to Gradesnica
30-5-19maribel7020Argentina16980 pasos para AEH Argentina
4-5-19Tomislav54600North Macedonia2Skopje Wizz Air Half Marathon
26-5-19Dino7800North Macedonia1Tetovo - Tetovo fortress Baltepe - Tetovo
22 to 26-5-19Sara Smith27300Spain1Airport walking to and from and walking around Budapest Workshop, and a walk on lovely Margaret Island in the sunshine
29-5-19Marija Matovska 39000North Macedonia3Walk around Cavtat and Mlini
15 to 30-5-19Ana Ferron291200Spain1Walking and trekking with dogs, average 14 Km/day
24-5-19Filip364000North Macedonia10Marking titov vrv
29-5-19Manuel9425Spain1walking for HAE
29-5-19CSL Behring Argentina44200Argentina17CSL Behring walked for HAE Argentina.
27-5-19Tatjana Loparski41600North Macedonia1Running for HEA Day in North Macedonia
29-5-19Natasa Angjeleska20800North Macedonia4Walk to a beautiful village and visit to rural schools
29-5-19Jovan Jankovski4810North Macedonia1Regular daily walk
27-5-19Jovan Jankovski4550North Macedonia1Regular daily walk
28-5-19Jovan Jankovski3900North Macedonia1Regular daily walk
8-5-19Matsuyama191100Japan1Walk for HAE Day in my 3 weeks trip in Italy!
26-5-19Matsuyama124800Japan12Walk for HAE DAY in Kyoto Japan arranged by HAEJ as a special walking event in amazing Kyoto!!
13-5-19Matsuyama104000Japan20Walk for HAE DAY in Tokyo Japan, arranged by Takeda pharmaceutical company as their internal event.
29-5-19Sønke Boysen9490Denmark1walking for HAE
29-5-19Stephanie 13520Germany2Doing my sports in the forest
29-5-19Jelena Lazovi11700Serbia1Walk for Serbia and Montenegro
21-4-19Jelena Lazovi9100Serbia2Hiking in Vitosha mountain in Bulgaria, from Boyana church to Boyana waterfall
1-4 to 30-5-19Bente Egaa Andreasen3031340Denmark20Vallensbæk Seniorpark walk for HAE Scandinavia
30-5-19Vesna26000Serbia2Hae patient
31-5-19Vesna26000Serbia2HAE patient
26-5-19Aleksandar 57200North Macedonia2Climbing Titov vrv, the second highest summit on Shar Mointain
30-5-19Verce Jovanovska20800North Macedonia4Afternoon walk
29-5-19Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walk around the Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
28-5-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
29-5-19Fabienne19500Switzerland1Uri ;-)
25-5-19Eduardo Costa86450Brazil7Walking for HAE
26-5-19Daniele Nunes41600Brazil4 Walking for HAE
29-5-19maribel6357Argentina16998 pasos... AEH argentina
29-5-19Steen5200Denmark1To and from meeting downtown
29-5-19Klementina6500North Macedonia1Walk for hae
29-5-19Nikita Lou Newell 17616United Kingdom1I\\\'m from UK but I\\\'ve walked today to help spread awareness to support Diane Scott in the USA Steps total - 20 527
1-4 to 30-5-19Claus (SA)1053000Denmark1Part of SA Pharmacy walk for HAE Scandinavia.
1-4 to 30-5-19Skanderborg Apotek (SA)4004000Denmark10SA Pharmacy walked for HAE Scandinavia.
26 to 29-5-19Henrik Balle Boysen15600Denmark1Walking for HAE
28-5-19Marcos2600Argentina1A few streets between the train station and my house
27 to 29-5-19Cecilia R26000Argentina2walk with friend
28-5-19Verce Jovanovska7800North Macedonia2Afternoon walk
27-5-19Verce Jovanovska7800North Macedonia2Afternoon walk
1-4 to 29-5-19Prijatelj702000Serbia1To and from Work
27-5-19TomTom15600Austria2walking in de rain :-)
25-5-19Patricia52000Kenya2The walk was tough through the forest once again and I remember how far I have survived this illness.
23-5-19Cham Titus 25943Bulgaria2U.K Citizen- decide to do my walk & represent Bulgaria whilst on holiday from Sunny Beach to Nessebar & a return journey
5-5-19Iman52304Australia5I have hae and it’s rare most people don’t get it or what it has done to us I want people to learn more about hae
26-5-19Elke15600Germany2Car Race Formular e in Berlin
19-5-19Grégoire Bouchez27300Belgium1Brussels run
12-5-19Grégoire Bouchez16900Belgium1Morning run
27 to 28-5-19Manuel17160Spain1Por el Angioedema
27 to 28-5-19Carolina18460Spain1HAE Walks
28-5-19Sønke Boysen9750Denmark1walking for HAE
27-5-19Sønke Boysen8320Denmark1walking for HAE
25-5-19Milenka Sharovikj179400North Macedonia6Climbing on Bijak Doruk on Mount. Stogovo
22-4 to 24-5-19Milenka Sharovikj223600North Macedonia1Ordinary everyday walks
28-5-19Melanie13520Austria1went for a walk
21-5-19Melanie13260Austria1went for a run
28-5-19Amber Brabham3138United States1Walked around the neighborhood.
28-5-19Tina 17365Canada1For HAEC
28-5-19Stephanie9100Germany2Me and my husband visiting the \\\"Eagles\\\" concert in Cologne
27-5-19Stephanie5460Germany1Walk to work and shopping
28-5-19Steen3900Denmark1Fencing and a little walk to the pub
16-5-19Miriguli.Abudureyimu263900Germany35All the steps taken during the Berlin Takeda HAE Day Walking Tour.
26-5-19Daphne Dumbrille13000Canada2went for a run with my husband for HAE!
26-5-19 Cristina Paulino 13000Brazil5Burle Marx garden family walking in a sunny Sunday morning for HAE noble cause!
28-5-19therezinha 5200Brazil1Hae Day
27-5-19Vojislav Gushevski10400North Macedonia1Evening run
28-5-19 maribel7540Argentina16889 pasos para AEH Argentina
18 and 26-5-19Carmen Craciun31200Canada2NA
28-2 to 16-5-19US HAEA Virtual WALK/RUN 6018557United States1All the steps taken during the US HAEA Virtual WALK/RUN 2019
16 to 28-5-19Keith Ridout254800Australia2Walking our dog, Dibley for HAE
26-5-19Sønke Boysen8320Denmark1walking for HAE
22-5-19Jovana22100Serbia1Berlin walking tour.
21-5-19Jovana20800Serbia1Berlin walking tour.
27-5-19Christine54600Germany6jogging with my running group
27-5-19Tina24060Canada1 Gardening today
27-5-19Lívia Nolasco5200Brazil2for our cure
25-5-19Don Morin9464Canada2Jogging with my son
22-5-19Don Morin9958Canada2Jogging with my son
20-5-19Don Morin8944Canada2Jogging with my son
17-5-19Don Morin8502Canada2Jogging with my son
15-5-19Don Morin7072Canada2Jogging with my son
11-5-19Don Morin7228Canada2Jogging with my son
8-5-19Don Morin7150Canada2Jogging with my son
25 to 26-5-19César Cieza20709Peru1Caminata del 25 y 26 de mayo
18-5-19Toni22100North Macedonia1mid run
20-5-19Toni19500North Macedonia1morning run
19 to 26-5-19Vojislav Gusevski110500North Macedonia1Mountain tours
26-5-19Natasa Angjeleska19500North Macedonia3walk in the city park
23 to 26-5-19Maria Ferron 33800Spain1Walks
26-5-19therezinha 7800Brazil1HAE Day
17-5-19Women@Takeda Vienna20800Austria4Vienna women walk for HAE
24 to 26-5-19Manuel42250Spain1HAE Walks
26-5-19Danielle39000Jordan3City touring day 2 :)
24 to 26-5-19carolina46748Spain13 days of walking
25-5-19Danielle54600Jordan3Giving a couple of friends a tour around the city
26-5-19Christine15600Germany2running with my friend
24-5-19Christine15600Germany2running with my friend
19 to 25-5-19Ognjen30186Serbia1City walk
18-5-19Julie39000Austria6X Cross Run
26-5-19Julie52000Austria8Frauenlauf 2019
26-5-19Eva Brosenbauer3900Austria1Weekend Walk
24-5-19Eva Brosenbauer7800Austria1Old Danube Run
17-5-19Eva Brosenbauer7800Austria1Old Danube Run
26-5-19Maurice Mogg15600Austria2Relaxing walk on Sunday
25-5-19Maurice Mogg20800Austria2Saturday leisure walk
26-5-19Elmedina858000North Macedonia30Traditional hike on Sar Mountaon
25-5-19TomTom20800Austria4:-) :-)
26-5-19Tina 17365Canada1 Walking for HAEC
24-5-19kazuhiro yamada20280Japan1Daily running
26-5-19kazuhiro yamada54854Japan1kurobe meisui marathon
26-5-19Imar Araújo5200Brazil2Visiting some museums in Rio de Janeiro.
26-5-19Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walk for health around the Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro
26-5-19maribel5070Argentina16789 pasos. Caminata Domingo de Otoño por la mañana.
26-5-19Jeanette & Steen3900Denmark2To and from European Union election 2019 :)
24-5-19Beverley Yamamoto 9100Japan1Walked to work and back
26-5-19Beverley Yamamoto121550Japan11Walk for HAE Day organised by HAE Japan
16 to 31-5-19Bob & Judy Simon208000Canada25km walk/day from May 16- May 31,2019 in Remembrance of our Son Derek Scott- HAE Youth Program.
25-5-19Sønke Boysen9490Denmark1garden-work
16 to 26-5-19Louise Ridout149500Australia1Training for half marathon for HAE
25-5-19Tina13599Canada1 Walking for HAEC
25-5-19Marija Matovska10400North Macedonia8Short walk around Popova Shapka
25-5-19Maria Paula Valberde15600Argentina2Paseando
25-5-19Stephanie52000Germany10Walk through the forrest with our \\\"Bossel\\\" group
24-5-19Stephnie4550Germany1walk to work
21-5-19Stephanie3250Germany1Walk to work
20-5-19Stephanie3900Germany1Walk for awareness
25-5-19Natasa Angjeleska78000North Macedonia5Walk to the Lake Kozjak near Skopje
21 to 24-5-19Tina59312Canada1I want more people to learn about HAE. Knowledge is power!
24-5-19Sønke Boysen8580Denmark1walking for HAE
23-5-19Sønke Boysen10010Denmark1walking for HAE
24-5-19Verce Jovanovska26000North Macedonia4Walking on the rain for HAE
23-5-19Verce Jovanovska36400North Macedonia4Walk in Ohrid for HAE
20 to 23-5-19Linda Melo26000Canada1I try to walk and help people around me be more aware of hereditary Angio edema.
24-5-19maribel6500Argentina16613 steps para AEH Argentina.
24-5-19maribel6370Argentina14998 pasos AEH Argentina
24-5-19Cecilia R13000Argentina2Walk
23-5-19Henrik Balle Boysen14300Denmark1Walking in Copenhagen for HAE
24-5-19Natasa Angjeleska156000North Macedonia8Picnik with family to Kokino - opservatory in Macedonia
24-5-19Julie Baseleres26000Austria2Jogging
21-5-19Elmedina7800North Macedonia1Daily walk
20-5-19Elmedina7800North Macedonia1City walk
23-5-19Elmedina780000North Macedonia50Night hike
19-5-19Elmedina52000North Macedonia4Sunday hike with friends
24-5-19Steen3900Denmark1To the zoo and back
21-5-19Julie Baseleres26000Austria2Jogging
23-5-19Manuel9360Spain1HAE Walks
23-5-19Carolina13455Spain1Kilometros en un día caluroso
22-5-19TomTom13000Austria5with my colleagues for lunch
16-5-19TomTom13000Austria2HAE DAY afternoonwalk
20-5-19M&M23400Austria2Walk around Hamburg city
23-5-19Imar Araujo5200Brazil1Usual walk for health in Rio de Janeiro.
18-5-19Daphne Dumbrille84500Canada5Walked up a mountain in Lake Placid with some great women!
21 and 22-5-19maribel7800Argentina110950 pasos por AEH Argentina!!!
18-5-19Fernando Aviles12857Mexico1-
19-5-19Fernando Aviles18967Mexico1-
20-5-19Fernando Aviles12675Mexico1-
21-5-19Fernando Aviles7527Mexico1-
22-5-19Fernando Aviles8190Mexico1-
22-5-19Manuel10036Spain1Meetings Walks
22-5-19Sønke Boysen11310Denmark1walking for HAE
22-5-19Igor7800Russian Federation1returning in the evening from a meeting
22-5-19Henrik Balle Boysen39000Denmark3Golf for HAE
22-5-19therezinha 7800Brazil1HAE Day
21-5-19Natasa, Toni, Dejan & Dzidzi26000North Macedonia4evening family walk
21-5-19Rikke Sørensen156000Denmark8Landsbyløbet – 10 km og 5 km run with members of Crossfit Frederikshavn
21-5-19Sønke Boysen7280Denmark1walking for HAE
21-5-19Manuel10855Spain1HAE Walks
21-5-19Carolina11830Spain1Walking for HAE
21-5-19César Cieza11895Peru1Caminata por los pacientes con Angioedema Hereditario
20-5-19Rachel7741United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
19-5-19Rachel15063United Kingdom2Enjoying a sunny walk
19-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group392278United Kingdom25Walking for my daughter with HAE
21-5-19Ianice Viel4184United States1Great walk!
21-5-19therezinha 13000Brazil1HAE Day
27-4-19Nanna Boysen405600Denmark12Group walk all day in New York for HAE
19-5-19Marija39000Montenegro4Friends walk
17-5-19Caroline Harding 79167United Kingdom8Dinefwr, Cae William, Penlan Park. Getting ready for the 3 Parks Challenge.
20-5-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
20-5-19Caroline Harding 9457United Kingdom2Dinefwr woods, the last of the bluebells. Beautiful
16-5-19Linda10400Canada1I want more people to know what hereditary Angio edema is. Knowledge will save lives.
19-5-19Dejan52000North Macedonia4Walking in Belgrade for Red Star football club cheering
1-4 to 21-5-19Ann Helen Hellevik314600Norway1Walks summed up from april to may 21
20-5-19Carolina10400Spain1Daily walk
13-5-19TomTom18200Austria2Walk around Salzburg city :-)
20-5-19Juliane9100Germany1office walk
11-5-19TomTom110500Austria5Flachau, walk with familie
18-5-19Sabine Ikerna13000Austria2a day on the soccer place
3-4-19Ann Helen Hellevik6500Norway1Daily walk
21-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Tp work and back
20-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1To work and back
19-5-19Alexandra78000Germany3Sunday walk
18-5-19Alexandra195000Germany6A day in the zoo
17-5-19Alexandra22100Germany1Big Shopping Tour :-)
18 and 19-5-19Sally11960United Kingdom2Country fayres and dog show. Lots of steps!
21-5-19Fiona Wardman26000Australia1Walking over the last week
10-5-19TomTom39000Austria2Walk in Flachau
12 to 18-5-19 Ognjen25987Serbia1City walk continued
20-5-19Daniela5200Austria1training for ladies run
20-5-19Daniela15600Austria2around old danube
18-5-19Sophie Richter20800Germany11
20-5-19Christine Lavall45500Germany5jogging with my running group
16 to 19-5-19Sonia Gutierrez16978Mexico1walk. May 16, 17, 18, 19
16-5-19Nomura Katsumi14950Japan1Fun
20-5-19César Cieza11609Peru1caminata del día
20-5-19Tina13599Canada1 Doing my part for HAEC
13 to 18-5-19Lyn McGuigan61100Australia1beach walk with our dog, a Park Run and daily walking
20-5-19Stephanie3900Germany1walk for awareness
19-5-19Thalia Fierro28951Mexico1Regular Week and Gym Workout
18-5-19Javier Rojas62400Peru12Partido de futbol por los pacientes con angioedema.
16-5-19Kenichi ISHII15002Japan1Go team!
16-5-19Franziska Lichtnack2600Germany1Walk for world HAE Day.
20-5-19maribel4680Argentina15475 steps for AEH Argentina
20-5-19Andreas & Steen10400Denmark2Making our way back from the HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019
19-5-19Andreas & Steen7800Denmark2A little extra walking in Santiago and Madrid
19-5-19HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - extra191100Spain49HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - Monte do Gozo and pilgrims\' mass
16-5-19Mischa202800Netherlands26Global HAE day awareness walk around the city
16 to 19-5-19Tina46027Canada1 Walking for HAEC
18-5-19Maria Paula Valberde18200Argentina2Paseo
18-5-19Juliane20020Germany1dancing on a wedding
18-5-19Joanna81900Netherlands3Leiden Marathon
17-5-19Danielle 28470Germany3Walk around Stadtmitte, Berlin then back home
18-5-19Danielle73840Germany8Walk in Grunewald and surroundings
19-5-19Maja i Marko54600North Macedonia2Walk in Thessaloniki
16-5-19Martha Hoekstra7800Netherlands1We did a tour through Leiden with 26 pharming colleagues
19-5-19Sønke Boysen7540Denmark1garden-working
16-5-19Erika Stocker15496Germany1Walk for HAE awareness
16-5-19Elke3900Germany1Walk for HAE Awareness
16-5-19Elke3900Germany1Walk for HAE Awareness
18-5-19Julie46800Austria6X Cross Run :)
19-5-19Maurice Mogg26000Austria5Digestion walk after lunch
18-5-19Maurice Mogg13000Austria2Saturday shopping walk
19-5-19HAE Macedonia41600North Macedonia32HAE Day in Macedonia with lots of children participating in the event!
18-5-19Fabi9100Switzerland1Joggen Basel
19-5-19Fabi11180Switzerland1Jogging Basel
19-5-19Terumi Baba8580Japan1Walk for HAE awareness
17-5-19Terumi Baba7280Japan1Walk for HAE awarensess
16-5-19Terumi Baba15600Japan1Go Team
19-5-19therezinha 13000Brazil1Caminhando pelo HAE day
18 to 19-5-19Shigeyuki Matsui18200Japan1Weekend Wakd
19-5-19Cecilia R5200Argentina2Sunday walk
17-5-19Suzet 10400Peru2Caminata de trabajo .
19-5-19Imar Araújo2600Brazil1Walk to visit my parentrs in another city.
15-5-19Juan Carlos BarraganTorres25155Mexico1Trabajo en Campo
16-5-19Juan Carlos BarraganTorres19162Mexico1Trabajo CD MX
17-5-19Juan Carlos BarraganTorres18759Mexico1Trabajo Puebla
18-5-19Juan Carlos BarraganTorres17888Mexico1Paseo Familiar y caminata
17-5-19Stephanie23400Germany4Walk for HAE awareness
16-5-19Stephanie36400Germany4Me and other members of our patient organization walk for awareness
15-5-19Stephanie16640Germany4Walk with some other members from our patient organization for HAE awareness
18-5-19maribrl11128Argentina112424 steps AEH Argentina.
18-5-19Andreas & Steen13000Denmark2A little extra walking around the Camino Walk
1-4 to 14-5-19Manuela 915200Spain2Paseitos
18-5-19Sønke Boysen7670Denmark1garden working
17-5-19Henrik Balle Boysen13000Denmark1Walking for HAE!
16-5-19Naoki Furuyama13520Japan1I will do what I can do to support all HAE patients in the world for their happy life!!
18-5-19Cecilia R32500Argentina5After the walk with the Argentine Association, we went on walking again.
12 to 19-5-19Carlos A. Cairo143000Argentina1Training for Marathon
18-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group251058United Kingdom24Walking for my daughter with HAE
16-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group266749United Kingdom25Walking for my daughter with HAE
16-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group334744United Kingdom20Walking for my daughter with HAE
15-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group376586United Kingdom24Walking for my daughter with HAE
14-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group301269United Kingdom24Walking for my daughter with HAE
13-5-19Carol, Derek and the walking group251058United Kingdom24Walking for my daughter with HAE
18-5-19Rachel100632United Kingdom13Taking park in the Bear Trail - having fun whilst getting wet and muddy!
18-5-19Rachel25106United Kingdom3A walk/run with friends
17-5-19Rachel12134United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
18-5-19Kire57200North Macedonia2Hiking on Shara Mountain, Ljuboten peak.
18-5-19Marija52000Montenegro4Giro di Bari
18-5-19Imar Araujo5200Brazil1Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
16-5-19Imar Araujo41600Brazil4Tour in Paraty, a historical city in Brazil
18-5-19Patricia11154Argentina111663 pasos
18/5Maribel 11154Argentina111663 steps AEH.
13-5-19Laura Serrano13000Mexico1-
14-5-19Laura Serrano19500Mexico1-
1 to 15-5-19Alex260000Canada1walking to work and exploring Ottawa
15-5-19Fernando Ramon Aviles14021Mexico1-
14-5-19Fernando Ramon Aviles14300Mexico1-
15-5-19Christian14171Germany1hae day
15-5-19Sonia Gutierrez12113Mexico1walk during May 15th
18-5-19HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - day 3:3936000Spain45HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - day 3:3
18-5-19Silvina6500Argentina1I support haeday
17-5-19Natasa Angjeleska10400North Macedonia1Work related work, as well meeting for rare disease alliance!
18-5-19Maribel 3380Argentina13245 steps HAE Argentina!!!!
1-5-19Yoshihide Okino11700Japan1Walked around Ako, Akashi, and Himeji Castles
30-4-19Yoshihide okino18460Japan1Visited 4 castles in Okayama and Hyogo prefecture
29-4-19Yoshihide Okino15080Japan1Konpira-san visit
28-4-19Yoshihide Okino13000Japan1Walking in Shikoku Pref.
17-5-19Sønke Boysen10790Denmark1walking for HAE
15-5-19Sønke Boysen10660Denmark1Walking for HAE
13-5-19Berenice Gomez8710Mexico1Un paso para apoyar con el Angioedema
16-5-19Rommyna Martinez Avila3171Mexico1pasos durante las horas laborales
16-5-19Sonia Gutierrez5006Mexico1:)
17-5-19Rommyna Martinez Avila15860Mexico1caminata laboral en la visita a los clientes
14-5-19Elisa Morales7914Mexico1:)
15-5-19Elisa Morales10322Mexico1:)
16-5-19Elisa Morales8857Mexico1:)
17-5-19Gabriela valle5330Mexico14.10 km
17-5-19maribel5200Argentina15384 steps walking forma HAE
18-5-19Patricia2028Argentina12082 pasos
17-5-19Marija26000Montenegro4Giro diBari
17-5-19Andreas & Steen11700Denmark2A little extra walking around the Camino Walk
16-5-19Andreas & Steen5200Denmark2A little extra walking around the Camino Walk
15-5-19Gema Gonzalez 10140Mexico1HAE Awareness
17-5-19HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - day 2:3800800Spain44HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - day 2:3
17-5-19Maja15600North Macedonia2Evening family walk
17-5-19Manuel28600Spain1Caminando por el HAE
17-5-19Carolina26039Spain1Camino De Santiago 2019
17-5-19Cecilia R166400Argentina16With great people walking and meditating
22-4 to 14-5-19Juliane184652Germany1tracked steps 22.04-14.05.2019
17-5-19maribel7800Argentina114000 ateos for HAE Argentina!!!! ?
16-5-19Juliane10517Germany1HAE DAY
1 to 16-5-19Patricia63869Argentina159.397 pasos.Aeh Argentina?
16-5-19natasa angjeleska 41600North Macedonia4Climbing Vodno hills for HAE Day celebration!
17-5-19Katie41843United Kingdom2Walked up and around Malvern hill
16-5-19Johanna Ruppersberg22100Germany1Thursday routine for HAEDAY
16-5-19Trine130000Denmark20HAE Scandinavia walking on hae day:-)
12-5-19Ana Andreeva9100North Macedonia1Walk around Amsterdam
11-5-19Ana Andreeva6500North Macedonia1Walk around Rotterdam
9-5-19Ana Andreeva2600North Macedonia1Walk around The Hague city center
16-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen145600Denmark14Adobe Summit - London
15-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen91000Denmark14Adobe Summit - London
14-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen127400Denmark14Adobe Summit - London
13-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen6240Denmark2Walk with my dog
12-05Jørn Schultz-Boysen5460Denmark2Walk with my dog
11-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5980Denmark2Walk with my dog
10-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen7280Denmark2Walk with my dog
9-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen187200Denmark24Golfing
8-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5460Denmark2Walk with the dog
7-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen8580Denmark3Walk with the dog
16-5-19Nicole Godber169000Netherlands26Walked with 26 other Pharming colleagues
16-5-19Resi4030Austria1daily walk to work
15-5-19Resi4030Austria1daily walk to work
14-5-19Resi4030Austria1daily walk to work
10-5-19Resi5590Austria1daily walk
16-5-19Britta5200Germany1Normal office day
16-5-19Britta4927Germany1Normal office day....
16-5-19Maja i Marko44200North Macedonia2Hae Day :)
16-5-19Marija Matovska 39000North Macedonia2Late Night Run around Skopje for International HAE Day
16 to 17-5-19Marina Sadlon6500Germany15 km on 16.05.2019 (12-19:00) + 0,89 on 17.05.2019 08:00-10:00
16-5-19Eva Brosenbauer1300Austria1HAE Walk.
14-5-19Eva Brosenbauer1300Austria1HAE Walk.
16-5-19Melanie12740Germany1Walk to the office and sports in the evening
16-5-19Chantal Appeldoorn7800Netherlands1City walk in Leiden with 25 Pharming colleagues
16-5-19Danielle62400Germany4Walking and jogging with friends after work
16-5-19Christine Lavall18200Germany2Jogging with Gabi Traber through the forest for 1 hour 10 minutes
16-5-19Anette Vellinga7800Netherlands1City walk in Leiden with 25 Pharming colleagues
14-5-19Cathrin6500Germany1It´s my daily walk to work (and back home).
13-5-19Cathrin6500Germany1It´s my daily walk to work.
18-5-19Cathrin35100Germany3It will be an exciting beachwalk on the baltic sea. It is our wedding day and we enjoy it with fresh air, nature and fam
16-5-19Oliver Schlager6500Germany1normal walking through the day
13-5-19Resi31200Austria2Sightseeing tour
16-5-19Sabine Putzig3900Germany1daily steps
16-5-19Yasuhiro Kawachi28600Japan2Team building fieldwork
16-5-19Anna Hamada10920Japan1As part of the team building exercise for Rare Disease & Patient & Scientific Affairs teams
16-5-19Yasuo Miyaguchi691600Japan40activity of team building
16-5-19Mikiko78000Japan5Team Building Training
16-5-19Yas Koike78000Japan5Walking around Tokyo with colleagues
16-5-19Mikiko78000Japan5Team Building Training
16-5-19Takuro Ohyama18200Japan1It was a very hot day in Japan
16-5-19Gabriela valle8320Mexico16.40 km
15-5-19Gabriela valle8450Mexico16.50 km
16-5-19Shu Hashino68250Japan5Team building activity around Ueno park
16-5-19Kumiko Nishimura13520Japan1Team building
16-5-19Hidenori Hase66300Japan5Team Building
16-5-19Toshiki Kameda15340Japan1Takeda pharma Rare Disease group, team building event
16-5-19Koji Kohara16900Japan1Walking with Rare Disease Team
16-5-19Tomomi Kashimura13000Japan1participated team bulding activity
16-5-19Naomi Mayo41843United States10We had 10 people walk wearing our red shirts. We clocked in 4000 steps, which is roughly 2 miles!
16-5-19Shirley Sutjiadi41843United States10HAE walk
16-5-19Verseon6500United States1Verseon runs for HAE awareness
16-5-19HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - day 1:3855400Spain47HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019 - day 1:3
16-5-19Klementina 52000North Macedonia4Walk for Hae
16-5-19Sandra Eriksen7800New Zealand3Celebrating HAE Day in Aotearoa/New Zealand, thankful for the wonderful support from the global HAE community
16-5-19Verseon78000United States25Verseon walks for HAE awareness
5 to 11-5-19Carlos A. Cairo119990Argentina1Training for marathn and walking in the beach
28-4 to 4-5-19Carlos A. Cairo147160Argentina1TRaining for mrathon and walking on the beach
14 to 20-4-19Carlos A. Cairo85410Argentina1Training for marathon
10 to 13-4-19Carlos A. Cairo65000Argentina1Training for Marathon
9-4-19Carlos A. Cairo19500Argentina1Training for Marathon
15-5-19Andreas & Steen10400Denmark2Walking to get ready for the Camino Walk
1-4 to 15-5-19Bob & Judy Simon585000Canada25km walk/day for the month of April and first 15 days of May in Remembrance of our Son Derek Scott- HAE Youth Program.
16-5-19Team OnePath78000Canada12Raising awareness for HAE worldwide
15 to 16-5-19Manuel34450Spain1Camino de Santiago. Spain
15 to 16-5-19Carolina33800Spain1Camino De Santiago HAE
16-5-19Nikita Lou15754United Kingdom1From home to nearest (main) town centre, then out & about shopping too. Steps total - 18 346
16-5-19maribel9100Argentina18790 steps for HAE
15-5-19Daphne Dumbrille5200Canada2A walk with my mother on a lovely day.
16-5-19Renate Bürger50895Germany27On behalf of the team Takeda GmbH Konstanz. Walk to lunch for HAE Patients. Thanks to all :-). distance traveled: 39,1km
13-5-19April16737United States2Out for a run
8 to 15-5-19Sally18317United Kingdom1A few days walking here and there. Counting my steps for HAE
16-5-19R. Vlaar9100Netherlands1City tour in Leiden with colleagues
16-5-19Amie Lyman6276United States1Today I ran for my sister Anna. She passed away five years ago have struggling with HAE for 13 years.
16-5-19Natalie Gruse6500Germany1morning run :)
16-5-19Chris13000Germany1A little run
12-5-19Danielle37700Germany5Last day in Milan
16-5-19Marloes7800Netherlands1Group of ~25 employees of Pharming N.V. pharmaceutical company walked for HAE awareness
1-5-19Danielle195000Germany15May Day at Kreuzberg :)
22-4-19Danielle72150Germany5Touring Zagreb, Croatia
15-5-19Patricia Karani52000Kenya2It was a beautiful walk in Kerieta forest and reminiscing on my HAE journey of life and all I have been able to overcome
19-4-19Danielle143000Germany10Walk with friends in Stuttgart
18-4-19Danielle43160Germany4Tour around Stuttgart
10-4-19Danielle32500Germany5Walk near Tiergarten
6-4-19Danielle91260Jordan6City tour
5-5-19Danielle113880Jordan12Out and about on Friday evening
14-4-19Danielle52000Jordan4Walk near the river
13-4-19Danielle52000Jordan5Small city tour with friends
9-4-19Danielle8580Jordan1Walk home after work
6-4-19Danielle15210Jordan1A walk with friends around the city :)
5-4-19Danielle9490Jordan1Walk around the city
19-4-19Alexandra52000Germany4Ostsee :-)
17-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
16-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
15-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
15-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
15-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
16-5-19Sandra Volkerijk195000Netherlands25City tour Leiden
12-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
11-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
16-5-19Sandra Volkerijk195000Netherlands25City tour Leiden
10-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work and Back
15-5-19Kire31200North Macedonia2Walk to work and back, and evening walk by the river Vardar...
16-5-19Dora Kekesi7800Netherlands1A nice walk in Leiden with the Pharming colleagues
9-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
16-5-19Karin Overmeer1950Netherlands1Rest of the great HAE walk we did in Leiden city with all other Pharming colleagues.
16-5-19Galina210600Netherlands27great experience
8-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
8-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
7-4-19Alexandra65000Germany2Just for Fun
16-5-19Ana Galaricha-Douglas7800Netherlands1A super nice walk around the city of Leiden with the Pharming colleagues :)
5-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
4-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
3-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
2-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
1-4-19Alexandra15600Germany1To Work And Back
26-4-19Alexandra26000Germany2Hiking with a friend
25-4-19Alexandra65000Germany2Hiking with a friend
24-4-19Alexandra39000Germany2Hiking with a friend
16-5-19Barbara Grooveld242190Netherlands27Walk through Leiden, The Netherlands with colleagues
2-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
3-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
3-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
6-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
7-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
16-5-19Michel 8320Netherlands1-
16-5-19Burt van der Boom227500Netherlands25A wonderful tour through Leiden city!
8-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
9-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
10-5-19Alexandra15600Germany1Walk to work and back
16-5-19Stefan Osnabrug130000Netherlands20A nice walk with colleagues through the old centre of Leiden
16-5-19Alexandra Nikova13000Germany2Good Morning Run :-)
15-5-19Alexandra Nikova13000Germany2Good Morning Run :-)
13-5-19alexandra nikova13000Germany2Good Morning Run :-)
16-5-19Karin Overmeer5200Netherlands1Great HAE walk with Pharming through lovely Leiden city!!
16-5-19junda kel162500Netherlands25Pharming organized a company walk through the city center of leiden
13-5-19Alexandra Nikova19500Germany1Walking for HAE
14-5-19alexandra Nikova13000Germany1Walking for HAE
14-5-19Danielle5980Germany1Walk in Milan
15-5-19Alexandra Nikova13000Germany1Walking for HAE
16-5-19Alexandra Nikova13000Germany1Walking for HAE
14-5-19Melanie Hutter12480Austria1went for a run
9-5-19Melanie Hutter13520Austria1went for a run
12-5-19Simay507000Serbia1I went to Serbia and wanted to walk while traveling.
16-5-19Keith Ridout14612Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
15-5-19Keith Ridout19864Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
14-5-19Keith Ridout13000Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
15-5-19Natasa Angjeleska23400North Macedonia3Walk to work in the morning, walk with my dog in the afternoon and evening
13-5-19Keith Ridout21034Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
12-5-19Keith Ridout16588Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
11-5-19Keith Ridout21970Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
10-5-19Keith Ridout20124Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
9-5-19Keith Ridout18226Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
8-5-19Keith Ridout16900Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
7-5-19Keith Ridout15860Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
6-5-19Keith Ridout17784Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
6-5-19Keith Ridout17784Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
5-5-19Keith Ridout20280Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
13-5-19Schlegel9100Germany1normal work day
14-5-19Dina Schlegel6500Germany1Normal work day
15-5-19Schlegel6500Germany1Walking round in Cologne
15-5-19Nina 7410Germany1Walk for HAE on Wednesday
14-5-19Nina4420Germany1Walk for HAE on Tuesday
13-5-19Nina7150Germany1Walk for HAE on Monday
12-5-19Nina7800Germany1Walk for HAE on Saturday
10-5-19dolcy dsouza13000United Arab Emirates1weekend Walk
15-5-19Stephanie4290Germany1Walk for HAE
8-5-19Dolcy Dsouza10140United Arab Emirates1A walk in the park
15-5-19Gabriele18200Germany1For HAE Day
15-5-19Nilla Ciairano 20800Italy2Wonderful walk on tha beach!!!!
15-5-19Michaela Waldherr9672Austria1steps on a normal work day
14-5-19Johanna Ruppersberg28600Germany1Tuesday routines for HAE Day
16-5-19Johanna Ruppersberg23400Germany1Wednesday routines for HAEDAY
12-5-19Verce Jovanovska31200North Macedonia8WAlk to ZOO
11-5-19Verce Jovanovska31200North Macedonia4WALK to the park
16-5-19Serpil Yelken 23400Turkey3This is my life walking
15-5-19Tina14122Canada1 Walking for HAEC
13-5-19Takashi Yoshida163800Japan18Employees of Takeda pharmaceutical company limited walked with member of HAEJ after studying about HAE disease
14-5-19Gema Gonzalez 6500Mexico1HAEDAY
13-5-19Gabriela Valle5967Mexico14.59 kms
13-5-19Gema González15569Mexico1Walking for HAE Patients
15-5-19maribel7501Argentina16780 steps
15-5-19Rachel28872United Kingdom2Running with a friend, in the afternoon sunshine
14-5-19Rachel20085United Kingdom2A lunchtime walk with a friend in the sunshine
13-5-19Rachel8369United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
12-5-19Rachel7741United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
11-5-19Rachel28872United Kingdom6A family/friends walk to have dinner
11-5-19Rachel26361United Kingdom3A run with friends
10-5-19Rachel30964United Kingdom2Enjoying a long run along the canal in the sunshine
9-5-19Rachel7113United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
8-5-19Rachel8996United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
7-5-19Rachel10670United Kingdom1Walking in the sunshine for HAE
15-5-19Ivana13000Serbia1A walk for HAE & all the survivors from HAE Serbia and HAEi. You\\\'ve added meaning to my life, thank you. <3
15-5-19Danni harber7846United Kingdom1Dog walk
16-5-19Mustafa Kurt15600Turkey2it was a wonderful walk with my family.:)
15-5-19Klementina13000North Macedonia1Walk for hae
15-5-19Bojana15860North Macedonia1Walk around Skopje
1-4 to 14-5-19Vaneeta260000Canada1daily walks
15-5-19Furkhanda Haxton6276United Kingdom1A sunny day and a chance to get some exercise.
15-5-19?rem Duman13000Turkey1I have a hereditary angioedema.I saw this activity and i wanted to be a part of this.(sorry 4 my grammatical error)
1-4 to 13-5-19Hachem219050Canada1Recording walks in beautiful Ottawa
15-5-19Ersan5200Turkey1HAE has literally changed my life. I took the first step to make another change in my routine and started to walk.
15-5-19Fernando Aviles6500Mexico15 pasos
14-5-19Sonia Gutierrez10577Mexico1walk in the day
14-5-19Mariana Legarda5200Mexico14 km
14-5-19Juan Carlos Barragan Torres 19917Mexico1Trabajo en campo cd mx
13-5-19Juan Carlos Barragan Torres11887Mexico1Trabajo de campo visitando MEDICOS Tratantes
15-5-19Maja7800North Macedonia1Walk for HAE - home- office - home
13-5-19Dagmar 6500Austria1walk to work
10-5-19Dagmar5200Austria1Walk to work
14-5-19José Antonio Paz11700Mexico19 Kms
15-5-19Tony and Gerrie Castaldo12553United States2Daily walk
8 to 15-5-19Louise83200Australia1Walking and running for HAE
15-5-19yoshihiro shimizu3900Japan1think
1-4 to 15-5-19Jovana58500Serbia1Dnevna rutina
14-5-19Natasa Angjeleska13000North Macedonia2Walk to work and back, and evening walk with my dog :-)
15-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
14-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
13-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
10-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
9-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
8-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
7-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
6-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
3-5-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
30-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
29-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
26-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
25-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
24-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
23-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
22-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
19-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
18-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
17-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
16-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
15-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
12-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
15-5-19Mónica Tolchinsky6500Argentina1Por la lucha de medicamentos para la enfermedad de AEH
11-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
10-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
9-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
8-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
5-4-19Jovana 7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
4-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
3-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
2-4-19Jovana 7800Serbia1Walk to work and back.
1-4-19Jovana7800Serbia1Walk from home to work and back.
26-4-19Milica Jovanovic10231Serbia1Walking through the forest
14-5-19Jenny11700Germany1hae walk
13-5-19Miriam Garcia Toriz8883Mexico1Por salud, el mejor ejercicio es caminar y moverse
13-5-19Fernando Aviles Miranda10000Mexico1Try to walk more during my work day
7-5-19Alex10400Canada1walk around downtown
13-5-19Sonia Gutierez7111Mexico1walk during the day
14-5-19Rikke Sørensen 57200Denmark8Landsbyløbet 2. etape – members of Crossfit Frederikshavn running Landsbyløbet Edit
4-5-19Karina Langsager81900Denmark3Lillebælt halvmarathon på vegne af Hae Scandinavia
12-5-19Danail Dimov41600Bulgaria4The walk took place in the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula - Vitosha National Park in Bulgaria.
12-5-19Rikke Sørensen241150Denmark10Aalborg Halvmarathon – members of Crossfit Frederikshavn running half marathons or 10 km runs
12 to 14-5-19Maria Ferron 33800Spain1On the way to the Camimo
5 to 11-5-19Ognjen27794Serbia1Walking in the city
14-5-19Sønke Boysen8970Denmark1walking for HAE
14-5-19Anja6500North Macedonia1Morning run for HAE
5-5-19Rikke Sørensen6500Denmark1Preparing for Aalborg Halvmarathon, 10 km run
13-5-19Maria Paula Valberde11700Argentina3Paseito
10-5-19Maria Paula Valberde13286Argentina2Caminata
14-5-19Carina Ramirez3900Argentina1Problems witt medication supply
14-5-19cecilia r 6500Argentina1walking as usual approaching HAE Day
14-5-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
14-5-19Gabriela García1300Mexico1Walk for HAE
14-5-19Andreas & Steen10400Denmark2On our way to the Camino Walk
14-5-19Klementina6500North Macedonia1Afternoon walk
7-5-19Mike8190Canada1walk for HAE
7-5-19Vaneeta7280Canada1walk for HAE
1 to 15-5-19Karina Langsager27300Denmark1Rundt i KBH
1 to 30-4-19Karina Langsager81900Denmark1Rundt i Kbh
13 to 14-5-19Manuel 27300Spain1Walks
13 to 14-5-19Carolina24700Spain1Sunny walks HAEI
1-4 to 14-5-19Marika 223600Canada1walks from april 1st to May 14th
14-5-19Stephanie4160Germany1Walk for HAE
13-5-19Stephanie 3900Germany1Walk for HAE
13-5-19Sara Smith13000Spain2Walking for HAE
12-5-19Sara Smith6500Spain1Walking for HAE
9-5-19Sara Smith13000Spain1Walking for HAE
8 to 14-5-19Ana Ferron163800Spain1Trekking in and around La Herradura (Granada), average 18 Km/day
14-5-19maribel9490Argentina19278 Steps...walking for AEH!!!!
14-5-19Klaus Röben15600Germany2Spaziergang
11-5-19Matt House10400Canada1Ran along Ottawa\\\'s canal for HAE
11-5-19Daphne Dumbrille13000Canada2Went for a run for HAE.
14-5-19Maja & Marko26000North Macedonia2Walk for HAE day
14-5-19maribel9100Argentina19780 steps AEH!!!!!
14-5-19therezinha 5200Brazil1HAE Day!
14-5-19maribel9984Argentina19765 steps
11-05-19Carmen Craciun97500Canada3Walks over the last 3 weeks.
13-5-19Edmundo9490Mexico1Walking for HAE
4-5-19Jadwiga Toepfer67600Germany2Steps: 38.875 // walking around Prague
13-5-19Natasa Angjeleska15600North Macedonia3Walk with my sweet dog
12-5-19Karen15600Germany6Walk on Tempelhofer Feld (Berlin)
14-5-19Ahmed Lotfy39000Egypt1walk to support HAE patients and to raise HAE awareness
10-5-19Beverley Yamamoto15600Japan1Walking to office and back
12-5-19Beverley Yamamoto22100Japan1Walking for HAE
13-5-19Sønke Boysen12740Denmark1Walking for HAE
11-5-19Henrik Balle Boysen10400Denmark1Walking for HAE
15-5-19Eva Brosenbauer1300Austria1Walk to the Office.
13-5-19Mandy & Conny26000Germany2Havellauf für HAE
13-5-19Jenny Voigt7800Germany1HAE walk
13-5-19ELISA3344Mexico1Godin Activo!! Yeihh!!!
5 to 11-5-19Lyn McGuigan53300Australia1Walking around town and beach and shops
13-5-19imar araujo2600Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
13-5-19Cecilia R13000Argentina1Getting ready for our walk next saturday in BA
13-5-19Marcó adriana59800Argentina2Por una causa solidaria
12-5-19Elmedina1274000North Macedonia35Beautiful hiking day
2 to 30-4-19maribel195000Argentina118000 steps
13-5-19Maribel 9620Argentina17985 steps
20-4-19Marc Cohen41340Canada2Walk at lake placid
13-5-19maribel6370Argentina14980 steps
11 to 13-5-19Adriana Artero 44200Argentina1Una muy buena causa ..
12-5-19Marija Matovska 72800North Macedonia2Hiking, Bistra Mountain
13-5-19therezinha 18200Brazil1caminhando pela praia
12-5-19Julie 18200Austria1Jogging
11-5-19Jovana39000Serbia3Walking tour to Soko grad.
12-5-19Sønke Boysen7540Denmark1walking for HAE
11-5-19Sønke Boysen6760Denmark1walking for HAE
12-5-19Shigeyuki Matsui6500Japan1Weekend walk
11-5-19Gabriela Negritu26000Switzerland4 Bern Grand Prix Marathon HAE walk
5 to 11-5-19Maria Ferron 85800Spain1More walks
12-5-19Grégoire Bouchez16900Belgium1Morning run
9-5-19Grégoire Bouchez26000Belgium2Evening run
12-5-19Eva Brosenbauer5200Austria1Weekend Walk
11-5-19Eva Brosenbauer2600Austria1Weekend Walk
10-5-19Eva Brosenbauer5200Austria1Weekend Walk
12-5-19Jenny Voigt2600Germany1HAE walk
11-5-19Jenny Voigt5200Germany1HAE walk
10-5-19Jenny11700Germany1HAE walk
2 to 12-5-19Manuel42770Spain1HAEI
10 to 12-5-19Carolina44200Spain1Weekend walks
13-5-19maribel6201Argentina18790 steps
12-5-19Imar Araujo5200Brazil1Walking for health.
12-5-19Furkhanda Haxton4184United Kingdom1enjoying the sun
11-5-19Kire46800North Macedonia4 Climbing on Vodno mountain, near Skopje...
1-5-19Kire130000North Macedonia10 1 May walking on Obozna mountain, East Macedonia.
12-5-19maribel6500Argentina16000 pasos
11-5-19Klaus Röben 23400Germany3Visit in Stuttgart
12-5-19Andreas, Jeanette & Steen39000Denmark3Celebrating the 50 years jubilee of the Limfjord Tunnel
11-5-19Stephanie3900Germany1HAE Walk
10-5-19Stephanie3900Germany1HAE Walk
9-5-19Stephanie4550Germany1HAE Walk
7-5-19Stephanie3250Germany1HAE WALK
12-5-19maribel3900Argentina12980 pasos
1-4 to 9-5-19Marija Brajovic195000Serbia1A walk to work and back
12-5-19Ole Frølich31720Denmark2Annette and I preparing for HAEi/AEDAF Camino walk 2019
11-5-19Natasa Angjeleska13000North Macedonia2Walk to buy presents and celebrate the birthday of a beautiful girl with HAE
10-5-19Natasa Angjeleska23400North Macedonia3Short walk in support to HAE Day with feiends
11-5-19Cecilia R10400Argentina1Health walk
11-5-19therezinha 6500Brazil1HAE Day
11-5-19Silvina5200Argentina1I support hae day
10-5-19Agus3900Argentina1Cmon people! We have to fight for our rights! Lets walk.
8-5-19TOMTOM7540Austria1steps work
7-5-19TOMTOM8320Austria1steps work
6-5-19TOMTOM5460Austria1steps work
11-5-19Andreas & Steen7800Denmark2To and from the hairdresser
10-5-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1walking for HAE
10-5-19Marija19500Montenegro6Short walk with family
10-5-19Mabel Roldán 9100Argentina1I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
10-5-19Alejandra7800Argentina1Adding my steps for HAE!
8-5-19Guilherme Oliveira13000Brazil1Walk to work and back
10-5-19Ianice Viel4184United States1HAE Awareness
8-5-19Don Morin7150Canada2Jogging with my son
10-5-19Julie 20800Austria2Jogging
1 to 10-5-19Marina3900Serbia1A walk to work and back
1 to 10-4-19Marija Brajovic6500Serbia1Walk to work and back
9-5-19Manuel10816Spain1Walk :)
10-5-19Carolina11999Spain1Walking for HAE
9-5-19Erina Najdovska1300North Macedonia1Walking in support of raising HAE awareness
8-5-19Erina Najdovska5980North Macedonia1Walking in support of raising HAE awareness
7-5-19Erina Najdovska3900North Macedonia1Walking in support of raising HAE awareness
6-5-19Erina Najdovska3900North Macedonia1Walking in support of raising HAE awareness
5-5-19Erina Najdovska18200North Macedonia1Walking in support of raising HAE awareness
10-5-19Kitty YU29640China2.
9-5-19Melina Araya6500Argentina1To support the cause.
7-5-19Melina Araya9100Argentina1To support the cause
3-5-19Melina Araya7800Argentina1To support the cause
8-5-19Eva Brosenbauer2600Austria1Walk in Budapest.
9-5-19Sønke Boysen11050Denmark1Walking for HAE
9-5-19Nuria6500Argentina1Caminando por la peatonal
9-5-19Nuria11700Argentina1Caminando por la playa y haciendo visitas.
8-5-19Nuria6500Argentina1Apoyo la causa . Estoy de vacaciones y camino...camino y camino.
9-5-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
7-5-19Furkhanda Haxton3900United Kingdom1Walking and exploring in Devon.
9-5-19Klementina13000North Macedonia1Walk for Hae
8-5-19Daphne Dumbrille5200Canada2walked to the Glebe and back for HAE!
6-5-19Anne Rowe3900Canada1Walked around Point Pleasant park.
5-5-19Anne Rowe3900Canada1Went for a stroll in Halifax\\\'s north end.
4-5-19Daphne Dumbrille13000Canada2Went for a weekly run for HAE!
1-5-19Marija12480Montenegro4Walk with family
8-5-19Marija2600Montenegro1Walk on sanny day
2-5-19Marija26000Montenegro4HAE walk
8-5-19Carolina12779Spain1Walking for living
7-5-19Trine 13000Denmark2Preparation for hae day:-)
7-5-19Peter Hermeling9100Germany1A walk around the see.
6-5-19Peter Hermeling7800Germany1A walk around the see.
3-5-19Michael9685Canada1In the forest looking for wild turkeys
5-5-19Michael23426Canada2Took our two dogs for a long walk around our property.
4-5-19Claude Tanguay10400Canada1Hiking near my cottage !
8-5-19Maja & Marko31200North Macedonia2Walk on sunny day :)
8-5-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1Walking for HAE
29-4-19Rachel18829United Kingdom6Walking and climbing through trees at Go Ape
8-5-19Verce Jovanovska11700North Macedonia3Afternoon walk
8-5-19Celia J. F41600Spain2Paseo por dominio fontenebro
8-5-19Marie-Eve Jacques10400Canada1Went for a run
8-5-19Suzet5200Peru2camino al trabajo
8-5-19Cecilia R13000Argentina2To and from the doctor\\\'s to get my prescription. Feeling worried about the situation with medication in my country
8-5-19Imar Araujo7800Brazil2Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
8-5-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
7-5-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
8-5-19Mabel Roldán 7800Argentina1I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
7-5-19Sally5720United Kingdom2Every small step counts for HAE
3 to 5-5-19Sally10530United Kingdom1Counting steps for HAE
6-5-19Rachel Hunt 2720United Kingdom1Around work
6-5-19Rachel5858United Kingdom1Steps for HAE
6-5-19Rachel40797United Kingdom13A family walk for Charlie\\\'s birthday
5-5-19Rachel92264United Kingdom9A lovely stroll with friends at Holford Combe
4-5-19Rachel37031United Kingdom3A run with friends
3-5-19Rachel17992United Kingdom2A run through the woods with a friend
2-5-19Rachel8159United Kingdom1Steps for HAE
29-4 to 7-5-19Ana Ferron163800Spain1Walking with the dogs; average 14 Km/day
1-5-19Rachel9205United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
30/04Rachel10461United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
29-4-19Rachel8494United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
28-4-19Rachel87033United Kingdom16Enjoying the afternoon at Woodlands Adventure park with friends
8-5-19Sara L. Smith11700Spain1Walking for HAE
6-5-19Sara L. Smith9100Spain1Walking for HAE
28-4-19Rachel31382United Kingdom6Climbing through the trees at Go Ape
5-5-19Sara L. Smith6500Spain1Walking for HAE
27-4-19Rachel43307United Kingdom3A run with friends
8-5-19Klementina 13000North Macedonia2Mountain walk
8-5-19Paola5200Italy1Walk for HAE
8-5-19Enrica13000Italy2Walk for going to work and to visit some friends
1 to 30-4-19Ely Mikan52000Canada1April walk from home to work
6-5-19Stephanie 3900Germany1Walk for HAE
8-5-19Michael Leo4550Canada1Walk from work to home.
7-5-19Nina 4940Germany1daily walk for HAE
7-5-19Verce Jovanovska15600North Macedonia2Walk for Hae
7-5-19Manuel9425Spain1Daily walk
7-5-19Carolina13975Spain1Sumando pasos
6-5-19Resi4420Austria1short walk
30-4-19Resi3250Austria1short walk
8-5-19Steen3900Denmark1To and from meeting downtown
25-4-19Carissa Koehler 8879Australia1Daily walk
26-4-19Carissa Koehler 10374Australia1Daily walk
27-4-19Carissa Koehler 13351Australia1Daily walk
28-4-19Carissa Koehler 8918Australia1Daily walk
7-5-19Melanie Hutter17680Austria1went for a run
2-5-19Melanie Hutter15990Austria1went for a walk
30-4-19Melanie Hutter11960Austria1went for a run
29-4-19Carissa Koehler 6279Australia1Daily walk
30-4-19Carissa Koehler 7137Australia1Daily walk
1-5-19Carissa Koehler 8307Australia1Daily walk
2-5-19Carissa Koehler 8437Australia1Daily walk
3-5-19Carissa Koehler 8775Australia1Daily walk
4-5-19Carissa Koehler8827Australia1Daily walk
5-5-19Carissa Koehler23088Australia1Daily walk plus s ome
6-5-19Carissa Koehler12246Australia1Daily walk
7-5-19Carissa Koehler9360Australia1Daily walk
7-5-19Dagmar6500Austria1Walk to Train Station and walk instead lunch
7-5-19Sønke Boysen9750Denmark1Walking for HAE
8-5-19Eva Brosenbauer1300Austria1Walk to the office.
5-5-19Grégoire Bouchez20800Belgium2Evening run
6-5-19Ivana6500Serbia1Belgrade gallery stroll
7-5-19Toni Grozdanov10400North Macedonia1Walk to work and back
7-5-19Nancy Álvarez 62400Argentina8I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
6-5-19Henrik Balle Boysen15600Denmark1City and airport walk for HAE
7-5-19Tina 10775Canada1Walking for HAEC
6-5-19Fiona Wardman5200Australia1Walking for HAE
6-5-19Don Morin5720Canada2Jog with my son
7-5-19Maja31200North Macedonia2Day for short walk :)
7-5-19Elisabeth9100Austria1go for a walk
1 and 7-4-19Michaela Waldherr9711Austria1Training for women‘s run
1-5-19Michaela Waldherr49920Austria2Walk on 1st May to the Vienna Prater where the „Maifest“ took place
6-5-19Ivana6500Serbia1A Walk from the Office
5-5-19Ana Clara Paizan13000Brazil2Walking for HAE
6-5-19Manuel 8125Spain1HAE
6-5-19Carolina10010Spain1Monday Walk
7-5-19Christina Toth13000Austria2training for the Vienna Frauenlauf
7-5-19Cecilua R27300Argentina3Walking wirh friends to raise awateness
7-5-19Nuria 3900Argentina1Playa...viento y energía!! Apoyo la causa !!! Vamos !!
5-5-19Alejandra22100Argentina1Caminando por la playa
7-5-19Alejandra3900Argentina1En Mar del plata vacacionando
3-5-19Nuria19500Argentina1De vacaciones caminando y caminando !!!!
7-5-19Nuria1300Argentina1Vamos Argentina. Bellísima causa. El ayudar enriquece el alma. Apoyo la causa !!
6-5-19Nuria2600Argentina1Cada paso vale!!! Apoyo la causa
6-5-19Nuria5200Argentina1Apoyo la causa
6-5-19Nuria11700Argentina1Suporte the cause
3-5-19Daniela15600Austria2around \\\"Alte Donau\\\"
5-5-19Nuria13000Argentina1Es importante concientizar a las personas sobre la enfermedad y ayudar a quienes la padecen. Apoyo la causa.
4-5-19Stefan117000Austria15Short Weekend Hike
6-5-19Alejandra13000Argentina1Support the cause
4-5-19Nuria7800Argentina1Es importante tomar conciencia de la necesidad y urgencia. Apoyo la causa.
5-5-19Alejandra7800Argentina1Support of the cause
4-5-19Alejandra5200Argentina1Support off the cause
4-5-19Nuria19500Argentina1Porque apoyo la causa
3-5-19Nuria5200Argentina1Porque apoyo la causa
7-5-19Mark RHULE16640Australia2Longer walk today
4-5-19Intan E20800Austria2Daily Walk
3-5-19Intan E23400Austria3Daily Walk
6-5-19Sønke Boysen11440Denmark1walking for HAE
3 and 6-5-19Dagmar10400Austria1Walking to Train Station and little sightseeing tour with my cousin
2-5-19Maurice Mogg41600Austria2City visit of Passau.
6-5-19Natasa Angjeleska23400North Macedonia3Walks with my dog
6-5-19Tina15796Canada1 Walking for HAEC
13-4-19Carlos A. Cairo7800Argentina1Walk with dogs
12-4-19Carlos A. Cairo22100Argentina1Training for Marathon
11-4-19Carlos A. Cairo16900Argentina1Training for Marathon
10-4-19Carlos A. Cairo19500Argentina1Training for Marathon
9-4-19Carlos A. Cairo19500Argentina1Training for Marathon
8-4-19Carlos A. Cairo20800Argentina1Training for Marathon
7-4-19Carlos A. Cairo7150Argentina1walk with the dogs
5-5-19Fernando Azevedo de Carvalho13000Brazil1Corrida realizada nos bairros Leblon e Ipanema do Rio de Janeiro.
6-4-19Carlos A. Cairo24700Argentina1Training for Marathon
5-4-19Carlos A. Cairo23400Argentina1Training for Marathon
4-4-19Carlos A. Cairo15600Argentina1Training for Marathon
3-4-19Carlos A. Cairo19500Argentina1Training for Marathon
2-4-19Carlos A. Cairo22100Argentina1Training Marathon
5-5-19Adriana Moreno32500Brazil5Steps for life
6-5-19Imar Araujo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work.
6-5-19Cecilia R5850Argentina1walking as usual
22-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
21-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
20-4-19Jennifer Howlett8369Canada1.
19-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
18-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
17-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1.
17-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1.
16-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
15-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
14-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1.
13-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
12-4-19Jennifer Howlett8369Canada1.
11-4-19Jennifer Howlett2092Canada1.
10-4-19Jennifer Howlett4184Canada1.
9-4-19Jennifer Howlett8369Canada1.
8-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1.
7-4-19Jennifer Howlett8369Canada1.
6-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1.
5-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1.
6-5-19Celia J F7800Spain1Carrera por Hoyo
6-5-19Steen10400Denmark1To and from meetings downtown and such
3 to 6-5-19María isabel39000Argentina1Cada día mi recorrido es caminar 30 calles de 100 metros.
4-5-19Don Morin6526Canada2Jog
1-5-19Don Morin7254Canada2Jog
6-5-19Ianice Viel4184United States1Great!
1-4 to 6-5-19Parveen Parmar219765Serbia1Still walking to meet my babe Ivana
1-4-19Parveen Parmar3120Serbia1Walking with my date Ivana
6-5-19Maja5980North Macedonia1Walking in nature
1-5-19Marija Matovska 10400North Macedonia1Run around Skopje
5-5-19Marija Matovska 58500North Macedonia3Run around Skopje
4-5-19Marija Matovska 65000North Macedonia10Skopje Marathon
3 to 5-5-19Manuel39650Spain1HAE Walks
3 to 5-5-19Carolina37635Spain1Weekend Walks
5-5-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1walking for HAE
5-5-19Natasa Angjeleska62400North Macedonia4Walk in the City park in Sokpje
1-5-19Sabine Ikerna35100Austria3A very nice day in Vienna (zoo of Schönbrunn) with a lot of steps for HAE :-)
28-4-19Anja39000North Macedonia2We’re dedicating our daily Istanbul walk (as part of our Easter holiday) to raise awareness for HAE!
28-4 to 4-5-19Ognjen100412Serbia2Exploring Ohrid, North Macedonia :)
3-5-19Jovana5200Serbia1Tour through Devils town in South Serbia.
3-5-19Jovana20800Serbia4Tour through Devils town in South Serbia.
4-5-19Stefan Ferscha5200Austria1Training
5-5-19Verce Jovanovska20800North Macedonia4Sunday afternoon family walk
4-5-19Verce Jovanovska13000North Macedonia2Saturday walk for HAE
3-5-19Verce Jovanovska5200North Macedonia1Afternoon walk for HAE
4-5-19Ana Andreeva6500North Macedonia1Walk with the dog
6-5-19Grazyna1950Poland12x a day I walk with my 2 dogs 1,5 km
5-5-19Tina81594Canada2 Walking for HAEC
29-4 to 5-5-19Linda, Ken & Amanda Howlett159900Canada3HAE Awareness Walk
21 to 28-4-19Linda, Ken & Amanda Howlett200070Canada3HAE Awareness Walk
20-4-19LInda, Ken & Amanda Howlett29250Canada3HAE Walk
5-5-19Cliff Boodoosingh50212Canada8Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Lakeside Park in Oakville, ON and enjoying summertime temperatures.
5-5-19Natasa Angjeleska78000North Macedonia5Walk in the City park with friends
2-5-19Ronald Cruz5460Peru1Ejercicio
5-5-19Celia J F20800Spain2Paseo hasta las charcas
27-4 to 4-5-19Maria Ferron 44200Spain1Walks of the week
5-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5980Denmark2Walk with the dog
4-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen27300Denmark2Golfing
4-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5720Denmark2Walk with the dog
3-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5460Denmark2Walk with the dog
4-5-19Gert Kattenhøj58500Denmark15Running for HAE!
5-5-19Sharol Quinto9490Peru1Caminata de domingo
5-5-19Lorena Ramirez9490Peru1Caminata de domingo
3-5-19Stephanie4550Germany1HAE Walk
5-5-19Milagros Cieza9490Peru1Caminata de domingo
21-4-19Karen Jespersen-Hansen50960Denmark7Walk for HAE Sacdinavia (Eater)
5-5-19Andreas & Steen8320Denmark2Testing footwear before the HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019
5-5-19Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
4-5-19Cecilia R42900Argentina11At the Book Fair in Buenos Aires with family and friends.
3-5-19Ivana13000Serbia2A midnight walk in Zemun
3-5-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
2-5-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
3-5-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
3-5-19Alejandra13000Argentina1Support off the cause
4-5-19Alejandra7150Argentina1Support off the cause
4-5-19Sønke Boysen9360Denmark1asking for HAE
2-5-19Maja6500North Macedonia1Home - office - home
3-5-19Maja6500North Macedonia1Home - office - home
4-5-19Maja19500North Macedonia3Family evening walk
4-5-19Maja19500North Macedonia3Skopje run 5k
3-5-19Suzet145600Peru56Bailando por las Bodas de Oro del Centro de salud Breña, se lo dedicamos a los pacientes con hae.
5-5-19Jeff26000Australia1Completed a long run - adding my steps for HAE
5-5-19Louise29900Australia1I completing a long run & other walks today
3-5-19Louise10400Australia1Daily walk for HAE
2-5-19Louise7800Australia1Daily walk for HAE
1-5-19Louise7800Australia1Daily walk for HAE
30-4-19Louise9100Australia1Daily walk for HAE
29-4-19Louise11700Australia1Daily walk for HAE
28-4-19Louise7800Australia1Daily walk for HAE
27-4-19Louise23400Australia1Run for HAE
25-4-19Louise9100Australia1Daily walk for HAE
24-4-19Louise14300Australia1Daily walk for HAE
22-4-19Louise9100Australia1Daily walk for HAE
21-4-19Louise7800Australia1Daily walk for HAE
20-4-19Louise13000Australia1Daily walk for HAE
4-5-19Kelly Bergstrom4184United States1Hiked!
4-5-19Tina14331Canada1 Go HAEC
3-5-19Tina13808Canada1Walking for HAEC
4-5-19María Paula27196Argentina2Paseando
4-5-19Mabel Roldán 3900Argentina1I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
4-5-19Sara L. Smith9100Spain1Walking for HAE
4-5-19therezinha 31200Brazil2Hae Day
3-5-19Patricia Lima13000Brazil1Caminhada diária! Daily walk!! ;-)
3-5-19Alejandra5200Argentina1Support off the cause
2-5-19Alejandra2600Argentina1Support off the causse
4-5-19Keith Ridout9659Australia1Walking our dog - Dibley
4-5-19Keith Ridout20176Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
3-5-19Keith Ridout11466Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
2-5-19Keith Ridout18044Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
1-5-19Keith Ridout8840Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
3-5-19Sønke Boysen9360Denmark1walking for HAE
2-5-19Sønke Boysen3250Denmark1walking for HAE
1 to 3-5-19Lyn McGuigan45500Australia1shopping and a Park Run
3-5-19Fiona Wardman12350Australia1Walking to and from transport, to a conference and home
3-5-19Mabel Roldán 6500Argentina1I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
3-5-19Cecilia R26000Argentina2With my son
4-4-19Jennifer Howlett8369Canada1.
3-5-19Klaus Röben15600Germany2Kleine Wanderung
3-5-19Sara L. Smith18200Spain2Camino training
2-5-19Sara L. Smith13000Spain2Camino training
3-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1Happy hump day :-)
2-4-19Jennifer Howlett8369Canada1Tuesday\\\'s child is full of grace
1-4-19Jennifer Howlett6276Canada1just another manic monday
1-5-19Alejandra Menendez6500Argentina1Adding my steps
1-5-19Katrin Korthals7800Germany2A little walk through the \\\"Garden Realm of Dessau-Wörlitz\\\" (Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreich)
2-5-19 Natasa13000North Macedonia2Walk to work and back home
2-5-19César Cieza8034Peru1Caminata diaria
3-5-19Silvina3900Argentina1I support haeday.
3-5-19Steen11700Denmark1To and from meetings at zoo and university
2-5-19Manuel9100Spain1Counting my steps for HAE
2-5-19Carolina11310Spain1Daily walk for HAE
2-4-19Dinah7280Austria1Walk/run around the Wienerberg lake
15-4-19Dinah9490Austria1Walk/ Run through the park of Schoenbrunn castle
24-4-19Dinah6500Austria1Walk / run through the park of Schoenbrunn castle
1-5-19Dinah32422Austria2Hike to the top of Schoepfl in Lower Austria
2-5-19Stefan Ferscha6500Austria1Training for marsch
19-4-19Louise10400Australia1Daily walk for HAE
17-4-19Louise6500Australia1Daily walk for HAE
16-4-19Louise11700Australia1Daily walk for HAE
15-4-19Louise15600Australia1Daily walk for HAE
1 to 2-5-19Tina31382Canada1 Go HAEC
2-5-19Biljana1716Serbia2Short walk
27-4-19Biljana1976Serbia2Short walk
25-4-19Biljana1105Serbia1Short walk
2-5-19Sally4550United Kingdom1Counting my steps for HAE
1-5-19natasa78000North Macedonia5HAE awareness walk on Labour Day!
2-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen85800Denmark12Golfing
1-5-19Julie 18200Austria2Short run :)
1-5-19Maria Paula Valberde13650Argentina3Caminata
30-4-19Grupo brena62400Peru12Jugando un partido de fulbito por Suzet.
16-4-19Irene Schrenk7800Austria1Walking around
23-4-19Irene Schrenk9100Austria1Walking in Vienna
29-4-19Kim11297Australia1Around town and work
2-5-19Kim9581Australia1Walking around town, working
2-5-19Lyn McGuigan16250Australia1Shopping and walking around town
25-4-19Karen & family49400Germany4Sightseeing in London
24-4-19Karen & familiy20800Germany4Sightseeing in London
23-4-19Karen & family31200Germany4Sightseeing in London
22-4-19Karen & family20800Germany4Sightseeing in London
1-5-19Eva Brosenbauer7800Austria1Walk with our dog Jack
1-5-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen7800Denmark2A walk with the dog
30-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5720Denmark2A walk with the dog
28-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen24700Denmark2Golfing
27-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5200Denmark2A walk with the dog
1-5-19Eva Brosenbauer7800Austria1Walk with our dog Jack.
1-5-19Peter Hermeling36400Germany4Walk trough the Nature with my little Kids and Wife.
2-5-19Andrea Flores5200Argentina2I will walk to help you! We can do it together
1-5-19Nancy Alvarez 9100Argentina7I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
1-5-19Alejandra2600Argentina1Support the cause
30-4-19Nuria5200Argentina1Suporte the cause
30-4-19Alejandra4550Argentina1Support the cause
1-5-19Nuria5200Argentina1For the suces
1-5-19Sally3250United Kingdom1Longer dog walk today in the sunshine
29-4 to 1-5-19Carolina 33527Spain1Sunny days
25-4 to 1-5-19Manuel101400Spain1HAE
1-5-19jadranka81250Montenegro5Walk trough Verona for HAE!
30-4-19Jadranka 51350Montenegro5 Our walk trough Padova for HAE.
29-4-19Jadranka58500Montenegro5Our first recorded steps for my brave sister and her family.
29-4 to 1-5-19William & Shirley Yang104000Canada2Go HAE go!
1-5-19Katrin Poschmann 7800Germany1Lauf am Rhein
1-5-19Suzet Lam2600Peru1Caminando por los pacientes con hae.
1-5-19Luis Prado6500Peru1Caminando por Suzet.
30-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic23400North Macedonia3Training for Skopje marathon
28-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic15600North Macedonia2Easter walk
28-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic13000North Macedonia2Training for Skopje marathon
27-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic7800North Macedonia2Afternoon walk
27-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic13000North Macedonia2Training for Skopje run
27-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic18200North Macedonia2Morning walk to the church Lazarica
1-5-19Sara L, Smith18200Spain1Camino training
1-5-19Milica & Dušanka28080Serbia2Raising HAE awareness ?
1-5-19Sharol Quinto Milla10920Peru1Ruta al Pinar (caminata por AEH)
1-5-19Lorena Ramirez Pacchioni10920Peru1Ruta al Pinar (caminata por AEH)
1-5-19Milagros Cieza10920Peru1Ruta al Pinar (caminata por AEH)
30-4-19Natasa Angjeleska46800North Macedonia6HAE meeting with patient group in Albania
1-5-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walk for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
28-4-19Jana Schulz533000Germany41Laufen mit dem Spielmannszug
29-4-19Jana Schulz18200Germany2Gassi mit dem Hund
30-4-19Jana Schulz23400Germany2Forest walk
1-5-19Eduardo Costa 23400Brazil3HAE-walk
27-4-19Eduardo Costa10400Brazil1HAE-walk
22 to 28-4-19Cielo Hernandez60840Canada1-
30-4-19Marina Gretel Rosminati16900Argentina2-
29-4-19Mabel Roldán 6500Argentina1I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
1-5-19Klaus Röben5200Germany1Demonstration zum Maifeiertag
30-4-19Fiona Wardman13390Australia1Walking through airports on the way home - Bogotá, Santiago, Auckland, Sydney
30-4-19Sønke Boysen12220Denmark1HAE-walk
29-4-19Sønke Boysen9880Denmark1HAE-walk
28-4-19Sønke Boysen6890Denmark1HAE-walk
1-5-19Leona39000Croatia3Celebrating May 1
1-5-19Mile39000Croatia3Celebrating May 1
1-5-19Mirjana39000Croatia3Celebrating May 1
29-4-19natasa angjeleska97500North Macedonia5HAE awareness walk
30-4-19Tina7364Canada1Walking for Canada
29-4-19Tina13076Canada1 Walking for Canada
30-4-19Nancy Alvarez 46800Argentina6I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
30-4-19Keith Ridout7280Australia1Walking our dog - Dibley
29-4-19Keith Ridout13572Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
28-4-19Keith Ridout17524Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
30-4-19César Cieza9750Peru1Caminata del día
30-4-19Melina Araya3250Argentina1To support the cause.
29-4-19William Herrera Espinoza3900Peru1Trote en cancha deportiva
29-4-19Ronald Cruz3900Peru1Noche de trote
30-4-19Imar Araujo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
29-4-19Imar Araujo1300Brazil1Daily walk heading to work
22 to 28-4-19Ana Ferron109200Spain1Walking the dogs, average 12 Km/day
30-4-19Sara L. Smith11700Spain1Camino training
28-4-19Sara L. Smith15600Spain1Walking for HAE
26-4-19Sara L. Smith14300Spain1Walking for HAE
24-4-19Sara L. Smith7800Spain1Walking for HAE
29-4-19Jefferson Ramirez7800Peru1Night walk at \\\"pentagonito\\\" in San Borja
30-4-19Andreas3900Denmark1Back from swimming
1 to 30-4-19Andreas13000Denmark1Parkour and swim through the month
1 to 30-4-19Andreas78000Denmark1To and from school trough the month
30-4-19Ma. Paula Valberde 17199Argentina3Caminata
29-4-19Stephanie4290Germany1Walk for HAE
26-4-19Stephanie4550Germany1Walk for HAE
20-4-19Stephanie2990Germany1Walk for HAE
18-4-19Stephanie3640Germany1Walk for HAE
17-4-19Stephanie3380Germany1for HAE
12-4-19Stephanie3120Germany1For HAE
11-4-19Stephanie3120Germany1just for fun
10-4-19Stephanie3640Germany1Walk for HAE
30-4-19Sally2340United Kingdom1I’m back! dog walking around the village :)
9-4-19Stephanie3380Germany1Walk for HAE
6-4-19Stephanie5070Germany1Wak for HAE
29-4-19Don Morin3237Canada1Jog
29-4-19Melina Araya5850Argentina1Sumando pasos para concientizar sobre las enfermedades poco frecuentes.
29-4-19Nuria1300Argentina1Suport the cause
1-4-19Carlos Cairo19500Argentina1Training of running
29-4-19Alejandra1950Argentina1Support the cause
30-4-19Silvina2600Argentina1I support haeday organization
30-4-19Silvina2600Argentina1I support haeday organization
30-4-19Carina Ramirez3900Argentina1Work
29-4-19Nancy Alvarez 5200Argentina2I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
30-4-19Cecilia R19500Argentina3Walk with friends
30-4-19therezinha 6500Brazil1HAE DAY
29-4-19Intan E7800Austria1daily walk
28-4-19Intan E7800Austria1Daily Walk
27-4-19Intan E28600Austria2Daily Walk
26-4-19Intan E.49400Austria2Long Run
29-4-19chemez alejandra2600Argentina1Provisión del Berinert normal, por nuestra VIDA
30-4-19Christina M6500Austria1daily morning walk in the vineyards - very windy today
30-4-19Stefan10400Austria1Walk to Work and back
29-4-19María Paula Valberde 6500Argentina1Caminata
29-4-19Mark Rhule15600Australia2Long walk
30-4-19Mark Rhule6760Australia2Short stroll
30-4-19Sarah Braet6500Belgium1Went for a run on Jagerspad in Melle.
25-4-19Grégoire Bouchez15600Belgium1Evening run
11-4-19Grégoire Bouchez18200Belgium2Morning run in Zug
7-4-19Grégoire Bouchez16900Belgium1Morning run
20 to 27-4-19Lyn McGuigan80600Australia1daily walks along the river, beach and walking the dog
29-4-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walking for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
29-4-19Cecilia R9100Argentina1Walking to and from a check up. Thinking of HAE
29-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen15600Denmark1Airport walk for HAE
28-4-19Packa Antovska20800North Macedonia2Ohrid beauties
28-4-19Verce Jovanovska46800North Macedonia6Easter walk in Mavrovo
27-4-19Verce Jovanovska31200North Macedonia4Easter walk for HAE
28-4-19Daphne Dumbrille13000Canada5Walked to see the raging Ottawa River at Hog\\\'s Back Falls and walked around the park.
27-4-19Daphne 13000Canada2Went for a run with a friend to raise HAE awareness.
29-4-19Natasha Jovanovska Popovska23400North Macedonia6Hiking in nature
27-4-19Luc Tremblay11088United States1Nice hike in the mountains
29-4-19Celia J F7540Spain1Carrera por la sierra de Hoyo
28-4-19Erina Najdovska1300North Macedonia1A walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
27-4-19Erina Najdovska6500North Macedonia1A walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
26-4-19Erina Najdovska18200North Macedonia1A walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
25-4-19Erina Najdovska2600North Macedonia1A walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
24-4-19Erina Najdovska10400North Macedonia1A walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
28-4-19Ivana31200Serbia8A Family Easter Walk
25-4-19Ivana18200Serbia7A Walk in Novi Sad
26-4-19Danilo3900Serbia1I walk for HAE! ?
23 to 28-4-19Lars Eriksson143000Sweden2Walk 23-29 of April
16 to 22-4-19Lars Eriksson66300Sweden1Walk 16-22 of April
9 to 15-4-19Lars Eriksson84500Sweden1Walk 9-15 april
28-4-19Hemali Gupta6500Canada1For HAE Canada
28-4-19Eva Brosenbauer3900Austria1Walk with our dog Jack.
20 to 27-4-19Maria54600Spain1My week walks...lots of rain this week :-)
28-4-19Sandra Barnet43602Austria6family walk on sunday
27-4-19Stefan Langer39000Austria2Hiking with Child
25 to 28-4-19Carolina137423Spain1Walking for HAE
28-4-19Julie Baseleres16900Austria1Jogging
26-4-19Melanie Hutter15600Austria1went for a walk
28-4-19Daniela6500Austria1sunday run
27-4-19Stefan Ferscha55900Austria1Mammutmarsch Vienna
28-4-19Matthias Dobner15600Austria2Sunday-walk
28-4-19César Cieza6760Peru1Caminata de domingo
26 to 28-4-19Tin McGrath25106Canada1Walking for HAE Canada
28-4-19ALejandra11700Argentina1Helping HAE patients claim for their rights to get Berinert when they need it
28-4-19Imar Araújo2600Brazil1Walking to visit my parents in another city.
28-4-19Natasa and family156000North Macedonia6Family walk for Ortodox Easter in beautiful Ohrid monasteries :-)
23-4-19Nancy Alvarez 35100Argentina9I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
25-4-19Nancy Alvarez 19500Argentina5I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
27-4-19Nancy Álvarez 54600Argentina7I support HAE patients who need the regularization of the supply of their Berinert
28-4-19Nicolas Campins 5200Argentina1It is a beautiful day I just wanted to walk in a park near my home.
28-4-19Cecilia R130000Argentina10Family and friends for HAE. We need the supply of Berinert as we used to have to have good quality of life again
28-4-19Schauppi 21567Austria1Running Eggenburg
27-4-19therezinha 3900000Brazil100Caminhando com Fé
28-4-19Milagros Cieza10400Peru1Ruta Huaraz-Pinar-Huaraz. Por los pacientes con angioedema hereditario en Perú.
27-4-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1walk in city
24-4-19Manuel52000Spain4Walk with friends
27-4-19Natasa Angjeleska52000North Macedonia2Walking and enjoying the beautiful nature in Ohrid!
26-4-19Patricia Garnham5720Canada2a different local walk today
27-4-19Patricia Garnham2730Canada1I walked around my residential development.
27-4-19Fernanda de Oliveira Martins52000Colombia10Participants of the South America and Mexico Regional MOs meeting went to a walk before the start of the meeting
26-4-19Rachel42680United Kingdom3A windy walk/run with friends
25-4-19Rachel23014United Kingdom2A woodland run with a friend
25-4-19Rachel7532United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
24-4-19Rachel12344United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
23-4-19Rachel9205United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
25-4-19Suzet2600Peru1Dia de trabajo dedicado .
27-4-19Steen5200Denmark1Back from season start at LOA
26-4-19Ivana7800Serbia2Midnight walk downtown
26-4-19Sofija7800Serbia2Daily morning walk
27-4-19Keith Ridout21918Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
26-4-19Keith Ridout12454Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
26-4-19Sønke Boysen9360Denmark1walking for HAE
27-4-19Barbara U.19500Austria1pre-work run and post-work walk
27-4-19Christina M5200Austria1Daily morning walk in the vineyards
26-4-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walking for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
20-4-19Simone13000New Zealand2M
25-4-19Fiona Wardman15600Australia1steps collected over a few days in airports, meetings and a little shopping
21-4-19Celia J F7150Spain1Carrera por Hoyo
23-4-19Celia J F24440Spain2Paseo por la Pedriza
26-4-19Celia J. F6890Spain1Carrera por Hoyo
25-4-19Don Morin3237Canada1Jog
24-4-19Don Morin6786Canada2Jog
22-4-19Don Morin3341Canada1Jog
20-4-19Don Morin6500Canada2Jog
26-4-19Angela16900Austria2Around Alte Donau
22-4-19Karin Pflegerl6500Austria1Run on Easter Monday morning
26-4-19Christian Mödlhammer9100Austria1Friday Workout
25-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen20800Denmark1Walking while traveling for HAE
26-4-19Michael Dekner10400Austria1morning run
24-4-19Sønke Boysen9880Denmark1walk for HAE
22-4-19Matthias Dobner36400Austria8Walk with friends.
19-4-19Nicole10400Austria1Daily Walk
20-4-19Nicole13000Austria1Daily Walk
21-4-19Nicole19500Austria1Daily Walk
22-4-19Nicole19500Austria1Daily Walk
22-4-19Nicole18200Austria1Daily Walk
23-4-19Nicole7800Austria1Daily Walk
24-4-19Nicole15600Austria1Daily Walk
25-4-19Nicole Schiefer15600Austria1Daily Walk.
25-4-19Thomas6500Austria1Daily walking for the job
26-4-19Thomas Kianek7800Austria1Daily walking for the job
26-4-19Peter5460Austria3Walk to school and kindergarden
25-4-19Intan Emzita7800Austria1Daily Walk
24-4-19Intan Emzita6500Austria1Daily Walk
23-4-19Intan Emzita3900Austria1Daily Walk
25-4-19Iva Nikolikj5200Austria1Daily walk to work
22-4-19Intan Emzita78000Austria4Daily Walk
21-4-19Intan Emzita23400Austria1Long Run
20-4-19Intan Emzita39000Austria2Bummeln
19-4-19Intan Emzita13000Austria2Daily Walk
18-4-19Intan Emzita16900Austria1Daily Routine
17-4-19Intan Emzita19500Austria1Daily Walk
16-4-19Intan Emzita10400Austria1Daily Walk
15-4-19Intan Emzitaa15600Austria1Running
16-4-19Intan Emzita13000Austria1Walking
13-4-19Intan Emzita62400Austria3City Tour
12-4-19Intan Emzita14300Austria1Daily Walk
11-4-19Intan Emzita3900Austria1Daily Walk
10-4-19Intan Emzita2600Austria1Daily Walk
8-4-19Intan Emzita5200Austria1Daily Walk
7-4-19Intan Emzita19500Austria1Sunday Walk
6-4-19Intan Emzita22100Austria1Shopping Tour
5-4-19Intan Emzita7800Austria1Daily Walk
4-4-19Intan Emzita6500Austria1Daily Walk
3-4-19Intan Emzita2600Austria1Daily Walk
2-4-19Intan Emzita3900Austria1Daily Walk
25-4-19Melanie Hutter13000Austria1went for a run
1-4-19Intan Emzita5200Austria1Walking
23-4-19Melanie Hutter13000Austria1went for a run
12-4-19Melanie Hutter13000Austria1went for a run
9-4-19Sandra Romelic10400Austria1At work
24-4-19Julie Baseleres23400Austria3training for \\\"Frauenlauf 2019\\\"
11-4-19Melanie Hutter13000Austria1going for a run
26-4-19Stefan Langer10400Austria1Walking to Work b&f
4-4-19Melanie Hutter16900Austria1going for a run
25-4-19Stefan Langer5200Austria1Walking to Work
21-4-19Tamara D36400Austria7Easter Tour at Arzberg Styria Austria
24-4-19Stefan 5200Austria1Walking to Work
23-4-19Stefan Langer5200Austria1Walking to Work
24-4-19Sønke Boysen10270Denmark1walking for HAE
25-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen28600Denmark4Golfing
1-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen7800Denmark2Walking the dog
2-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5720Denmark2Walking the dog
3-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5720Denmark2Walking the dog
4-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen6240Denmark2Walking the dog
5-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5200Denmark2Walking the dog
6-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen9360Denmark2Walking the dog
7-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5980Denmark2Walking the dog
8-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5460Denmark2Walking the dog
9-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen7800Denmark2Walking the dog
10-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5460Denmark2Walking the dog
11-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen7280Denmark2Walking the dog
12-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen8320Denmark2Walking the dog
13-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5720Denmark2Walking the dog
14-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen6500Denmark2Walking the dog
15-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen6760Denmark2Walking the dog
16-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5720Denmark2Walking the dog
17-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen6760Denmark2Walking the dog
18-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen6240Denmark2Walking the dog
19-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5980Denmark2Walking the dog
20-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen5460Denmark2Walking the dog
23-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen2860Denmark1Walking the dog
24-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen2600Denmark1Walking the dog
26-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen1690Denmark1Walking the dog
25-4-19Keith Ridout4368Australia1Walking our dog - Dibley
24-4-19Keith Ridout21346Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
23-4-19Keith Ridout11362Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
22-4-19Keith Ridout9724Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
20-4-19Keith Ridout6630Australia1Parkrun at Goondiwindi, Queensland
19-4-19Keith Ridout9178Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
18-4-19Keith Ridout12220Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
17-4-19Keith Ridout8892Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
16-4-19Keith Ridout7358Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
15-4-19Keith Ridout7436Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
14-4-19Keith Ridout4264Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
12-4-19Keith Ridout9568Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
11-4-19Keith Ridout11362Australia2Walking our dog - Dibley
25-4-19Tina McGrath21654Canada1 Walking for HAE Canada...busy day
25-4-19Linda Rhule11700Australia1Walking
25-4-19Mark RHULE23400Australia2Walking
25-4-19Mark RHULE23400Australia2Walking
25-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walking for the job
25-4-19Schauppi9100Austria1Running Eggenburg
25-4-19Jeanette & Steen5200Denmark2This & that :)
24-4-19Carolina 26650Spain2Daily walking
21-4-19William Woods2092United States1Finally getting out of the house for a hike in the woods.
24-4-19Sofija13000Serbia2I walked with my friend, for HAE
24-4-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walking for health around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
24-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walking for the job
7-4-19Eveline54600Austria1Running Marathon Vienna
4-4-19Eveline7800Austria1Running Türkenschanzpark
2-4-19Eveline14300Austria1Running Prater
19-4-19Ivana & Duci & Duda7800Serbia3A Walk in Nis
24-4-19Ivana7800Serbia1A Walk for HAE
23-4-19Verce Jovanovska26000North Macedonia4Walk to work
21-4-19Verce Jovanovka26000North Macedonia4Walk to park for HAE
20-4-19Verce Jovanovska15600North Macedonia4Morning walk
24-4-19Tina 10775Canada1 Walking for hae
24-4-19Schauppi18200Austria1Running Eggenburg
19-4-19Schauppi15600Austria1Running Eggenburg
16-4-19Schauppi13000Austria1Running Eggenburg
15-4-19Schauppi7800Austria1Running Laa/Thaya
8-4-19Schauppi7800Austria1Running Eggenburg
7-4-19Schauppi27300Austria1Vienna City Marathon
2-4-19Schauppi9100Switzerland1Running Opfikon
1-4-19Schauppi13000Switzerland1Running Opfikon
23-4-19Linda Howlett15600Canada2Beautiful day for a walk here in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.
10-4-19Dagmar14300Austria1Thanks to the health app- collected steps morning run in Vienna and walk to the train station
17-4-19Dagmar31200Austria4Every Wednesday Morning run in Vienna with nice colleagues
3-4-19Julia10400Austria1Morning run with my colleagues
10-4-19Julia10400Austria1Morning run with my colleagues
14-4-19Julia 10400Austria1Lainzer Tiergarten Run
17-4-19Julia7800Austria1Morning run with my colleagues
19-4-19Julia10400Austria1Attersee Run
20-4-19Julia9100Austria1Hiking with friends
23-4-19Julia9100Austria1Mondsee Run
23-4-19Carolina52000Spain2Walking for HAE
24-4-19Mark Rhule4160Australia2Short walk
24-4-19Julia Slaje20800Austria4Morning run with my colleagues
23-4-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1walking for HAE
24-4-19Dagmar7800Austria1Morning run in Vienna with nice colleagues
2-4-19Tina10556Canada1Daily steps
1-4-19Tina12086Canada1Walking for hae
23-4-19Tina17783Canada1Walking for Canada
22-4-19Tina19143Canada1Walking for Canada
21-4-19Tina13651Canada1Walking for Canada
20-4-19Tina13745Canada1Walking for Canada
19-4-19Tina10252Canada1 Walking for canada
18-4-19Tina22804Canada1 Busy day
17-4-19Tina20398Canada1Walking for canada
16-4-19Tina17992Canada1Walking for Canada
15-4-19Tina11507Canada1 Walking for Canada
14-4-19TI a9519Canada1 Walking for canada
13-4-19Tina13808Canada1Walking for Canada
12-4-19Tina13808Canada1 Walking for canada
11-4-19Tina8682Canada1 Walking for canada
10-4-19Tina17574Canada1 Walking for canada
9-4-19Tina13599Canada1 Walking for canada
8-4-19Tina17260Canada1 Walking for canada
7-4-19Tina12553Canada1 Walking for hae
6-4-19Tina8682Canada1 Walking for hae
5-4-19Tina8892Canada1Walking for hae
4-4-19Tina7323Canada1Walking for hae
3-4-19Tina17783Canada1Walking for hae
22-4-19Rachel7950United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
21-4-19Rachel and Helen20085United Kingdom2An Easter Sunday walking up Brent Knoll in the sunshine
20-4-19Rachel48956United Kingdom6Spending the day with family, enjoying a walk in the sunshine
19-4-19Rachel38705United Kingdom5Walking and Easter egg hunting with friends
18-4-19Rachel30755United Kingdom3Exploring Haldon Forest with friends
17-4-19Rachel28453United Kingdom4Walking and climbing with friends
16-4-19Rachel8369United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
15-4-19Rachel7741United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
22-4-19Valéria Cecílo1300Brazil1Alone. Just 1k
23-4-19Steen5200Denmark1To and from zoo meeting
23-4-19therezinha 6500Brazil1Hae Day
20-4-19therezinha 19500Brazil3Hae Day
19-4-19therezinha 19500Brazil3caminhada pelo HAE Day
18-4-19therezinha 26000Brazil2HAE DAY
22-4-19Sønke Boysen7917Denmark1walking for HAE
23-4-19Mark Rhule4420Australia2Every step counts right;)
21-4-19Milenka Sarovic375700North Macedonia17Mountain Shara hike
15 to 20-4-19Milenka Sarovic26000North Macedonia1Daily walks
8 to 14-4-19Milenka Sarovic52000North Macedonia1Daily walks with Sunday hike
1 to 7-4-19Milenka Sarovic22100North Macedonia1Daily walks
22-4-19Toni15600North Macedonia2Walking with my dog
22-4-19Jeanette & Steen5200Denmark2In and around the garden
21-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen20800Denmark2Easter walk for HAE
22-4-19Imar Araujo1300Brazil1Daily walking for the job
14-4-19Ulisses Carramaschi Cavalcanti15600Brazil2Distância percorrida no bosque da barra no rio de janeiro.
21-4-19Ulisses Carramaschi Cavalcanti6500Brazil2Distância percorrida na praia do espelho em Trancoso Bahia
22-4-19Ulisses Carramaschi Cavalcanti7800Brazil2Distância percorrida andando na praia dos Coqueiros em Trancoso Bahia.
14 to 20-4-19Maria Ferron 72800Spain1More walks
21-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen2990Denmark1Walk in the woods with my dog
22-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen2860Denmark1Walk in the woods with my dog
22-4-19Jørn Schultz-Boysen13260Denmark1Golfing :-)
22-4-19Carolina64740Spain2Daily walk
21-4-19Marija Matovska52000North Macedonia2Walking around City of Skopje
21-4-19Erina Najdovska9620North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
20-4-19Erina Najdovska2223North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
19-4-19Erina Najdovska3679North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
18-4-19Erina Najdovska2730North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
17-4-19Erina Najdovska3601North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
16-4-19Erina Najdovska5408North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
15-4-19Erina Najdovska2171North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
14-4-19Erina Najdovska2379North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising awareness for HAE
21-4-19Jovana1747200Serbia56Group hiking over the ridge of Suva mountain.
21-4-19Sønke Boysen12740Denmark1garden working, walking for HAE
20-4-19Carolina156000Spain10Walk with friends
21-4-19Carolina26000Spain2HAE WALK
21-4-19Ognjen14378Serbia2Walking by the river
21-4-19Mirjana35100Croatia3Across island of Hvar
22-4-19Mark RHULE8580Australia2Short stroll
15 to 21-4-19Ana Ferron88400Spain1Walking the dogs, average 14 K a day
20-4-19Sara L. Smith9100Spain1Walking for HAE
17-4-19Sara L. Smith6500Spain1Walking for HAE
16-4-19Sara L. Smith10400Spain1Walking in the mountains
21-4-19Natasa114400North Macedonia11Sunday - funday walk in Ohrid by the Fortress and the magical Lake Ohrid
21-4-19Mile35100Croatia3Across island of Hvar
21-4-19Ivana Kozjak7800Croatia3Lovely Easter walk trouhg town
20-4-19Sønke Boysen7540Denmark1walking for HAE
20-4-19Sally39000United Kingdom4A day by the coast on a sunny Saturday. Beach combing in Cromer.
19-4-19Olivia11700New Zealand3A short stroll down to the beach :)
20-4-19Olivia 18720New Zealand3Beautiful day to take some steps for HAE.
20-4-19Mirjana39000Croatia3Walk through Suuraj
20-4-19Marija19500Montenegro3First steps in Montenegro
20-4-19Natasa&Dani175500North Macedonia9Sisters walk :-)
20-4-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walking for health around the Maracanã Satdium; Rio de Janeiro.
20-4-19HAE Montenegro19500Montenegro3Our first steps in Montenegro!!!
19-4-19Toni Grozdanov26000North Macedonia2Walking with my dog and at work!
19-4-19Dejan Angjeleski208000North Macedonia8Canyon Matka walking with group of friends
19-4-19Maja6500Croatia1Still walking?
18-4-19Maja5200Croatia1Daily walk?
19-4-19Sønke Boysen12870Denmark1Walking for HAE
19-4-19Andrea Siu Lam5200Peru1un dia de trabajo por mi tia con angioedema.
19-4-19Oficina de calidad624000Peru12partido de fulbito dedicado a nuestra compañera de trabajo Suzet.
19-4-19Javier Perez Rojas5200Peru1Caminata por los pacientes con angioedema .
19-4-19alvaro5200Peru1dedicando un dia de trabajo
19-4-19Luis Prado5200Peru1dedicado a mi esposa Suzet
17-4-19Despina Velkovska5200North Macedonia1Walk for HAE
19-4-19Suzet5200Peru2paseo de compras
19-4-19Carolina62400Spain2HAE Walks
19-4-19Sally18460United Kingdom2Walking the dog on a Good Friday. Gardening in the sun all for HAE !
19-4-19Natasa 19500North Macedonia3Walking to Children\\\'s Clinic to give presentation on HAE patient advocacy
19-4-19Viktor312000North Macedonia12Hiking around STRUGA...Jablanica mount..
19-4-19Irene Balsells Castellanos85800Spain6Walking throug the country
19-4-19Kristina9100Croatia1Walk for Hae
18-4-19Carolina208000Spain4Family walks HAE
16-4-19Marija Matovska 18200North Macedonia2Running around Skopje
14-4-19Marija Matovska 1300000North Macedonia50Hiking around village of Belovishte
13-4-19Marija Matovska 39000North Macedonia2Hiking around Vodno
7-4-19Marija 214500North Macedonia11Hiking on Vodno Mountain
19-4-19Mile23400Croatia2RUN FOR HAE
19-4-19Leona18200Croatia2HAE Croatia!
12 to 19-4-19Lyn McGuigan54600Australia1walks around town and beach
17-4-19Olivia7800New Zealand2A wee stroll to and through the local park. Me and my toddler. It\\\'s slow going, but great to get outside :)
19-4-19Mark Rhule2860Australia2A short stroll around the block, every step counts right
18-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walking to the job.
18-4-19Sally7449United Kingdom18th day in a row, never felt so fit!
18-4-19Melita7800Slovenia1For hae day
18-4-19Celia J F6500Spain1Carrera por GÜejar Sierra
17-4-19Maja5200Croatia1Daily steps for HAE
17-4-19Sønke Boysen10270Denmark1walking for hae
17-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walking for the job.
17-4-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walking around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro
17-4-19Sally21411United Kingdom3Walking, kids, dog, sunshine. Perfect
11-4-19Karen Jespersen-Hansen18460Denmark2walk for HAE-Scandinavia
12-4-19Karen11700Denmark2walk for HAE-Scandinavia
17-4-19Danni8369United Kingdom1##mumlife
16-4-19Karen15600Germany4Visiting friends
16-4-19Sønke Boysen9360Denmark1walking for HAE and garden work
5-4-19Sandra183222Netherlands3How difficult it is, I keep walking. Step by step!
15-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen20800Denmark1Walking airports for HAE
16-4-19César Cieza7709Peru1Caminata en Huaraz, AEH Perú
16-4-19Sally19734United Kingdom3Walking in the sun with the kids!
16-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Usual walking for the job.
15-4-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walking around The Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro.
14-4-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Wlaking to visit my parentes in another city.
16-4-19Natasa13000North Macedonia2walking to work and back home
16-4-19Danni harber7553United Kingdom1#mumlife
16-4-19Maja Kalebic Marusic5200Croatia1Walking for HAE day:)
1-4-19Karen Jespersen-Hansen10400Denmark2City walk in Steticin Polen
16-4-19Senka Buzdovacic9100Croatia1Walking for HAE
15-4-19Manuel13000Spain1Walk for HAE
16-4-19Andreas & Steen15600Denmark2Picking up art from an artist himself :)
16-4-19Mirjana6500Croatia1Walk for HAE
6-4-19Ivana Kozjak7800Croatia2We had a lovely walk on Sljeme peak, Medvednica mountain
15-4-19Sønke Boysen7540Denmark1walking for HAE
15-4-19Carolina27300Spain2 Walk for HAE
14-4-19Nusret Bajramov7800Croatia1Walking for Croatia for HAE day
15-4-19Marina3900Croatia1Walk for HAE Croatia
15-4-19Sally5642United Kingdom1Still walking, here, there and everywhere!
13-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic13000North Macedonia2Afternoon mother @ daughter walk by the river Vardar
15-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic7800North Macedonia1Home - office - home
7-4-19Teja 538720Slovenia56We were in Trentino, Italy for support our Tim
14-4-19therezinha 9100Brazil1hae
13-4-19therezinha 19500Brazil3HAE DAY
15-4-19Celia J.F17160Spain1Carrera por Hoyo de Manzanares
14-4-19Rachel7950United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
13-4-19Rachel103561United Kingdom9A park walk/run with friends and children
12-4-19Rachel51048United Kingdom4Day two exploring Legoland
11-4-19Rachel51885United Kingdom4Having fun walking around at Legoland
10-4-19Rachel109838United Kingdom15Exploring the outdoors with friends and Easter egg hunting with the children
9-4-19Rachel8369United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
7-4-19Rachel44981United Kingdom5Walking with friends
15-4-19Maja Kalebic Marusic2600Croatia1Walling around Split for HAE
1 to 14-4-19Arianny137280Venezuela1Mis pasos cuentan
6-4-19Ivan10400Serbia1Daily run in support of raising HAE awareness.
6-4-19Dušan58500Serbia3Walking around London for HAE.
11-4-19Jovana13000Serbia2Walking with friend for HAE.
14-4-19Sally4563United Kingdom1Still walking!
14-4-19Sønke Boysen6240Denmark1walk for HAE
12 to 14-4-19Carolina209040Spain2Weekend Walks
14-4-19Danni harber5230United Kingdom1Day of cleaning
13-4-19Danni harber6276United Kingdom1Family day
14-4-19Celia J.F6500Spain1Carrera por los escenarios de Hoyo
13-4-19Danielle Nunes36400Brazil4 Walking for HAE
13-4-19Eduardo Costa20800Brazil2 Walking for HAE
9 to 14-4-19Ana Ferron93600Spain1Walking the dogs, average 12 K per day
7 to 13-4-19Maria Ferron 72800Spain1More daily walks!!!
14-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ14300Spain1Walking for HAE
13-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ10400Spain1Walking for HAE
11-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ9100Spain1Walking for HAE
14-4-19Andreas & Steen31200Denmark2Serious Camino training :)
13-4-19Erina Najdovska4030North Macedonia1Daily walking activities in support of raising HAE awareness
12-4-19Erina Najdovska7150North Macedonia1Daily walking activities in support of raising HAE awareness
11-4-19Erina Najdovska4290North Macedonia1Daily walking activities in support of raising HAE awareness
9-4-19Erina Najdovska8580North Macedonia2Daily walking activities in support of raising HAE awareness
8-4-19Erina Najdovska2600North Macedonia1Daily walking activities in support of raising HAE awareness
14-4-19Natasa&Dani&Sneze182000North Macedonia14Sisters and family members walk to support HAE
13-4-19Natasa Angjeleska91000North Macedonia10Walk with extended family to support HAE patients
14-4-19Verce Jovanovska39000North Macedonia6Walk to Zoo
13-4-19Sally6071United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
12-4-19Sally7371United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
14-4-19Judit2964Spain1Walk with dogs
14-4-19HAE Australasia500500Australia35HAE Australasia Patients & Carers walking around Movie World
11-4-19Sally10049United Kingdom1Walking for my husband and daughter for HAE x
8-4-19Rachel7323United Kingdom1Walking in the sunshine
13-4-19Sønke Boysen10920Denmark1walk for HA
13-4-19Nina19500North Macedonia3Fantastck walk wih my daughter in law and my grandson in the park and in the center of the town.
13-4-19Katie O Sullivan 9750Ireland1Park run
13-4-19Helen13892United Kingdom1
12-4-19Helen11570United Kingdom1
11-4-19Helen11005United Kingdom1
10-4-19Helen 9708United Kingdom1
9-4-19Helen10837United Kingdom1
8-4-19Helen11339United Kingdom1
7-4-19Helen Bond 11549United Kingdom1
6-4-19Helen Bond 14750United Kingdom1
5-4-19Helen Bond 10147United Kingdom1
4-4-19Helen Bond 12741United Kingdom1
3-4-19Helen Bond 10314United Kingdom1
2-4-19Helen11925United Kingdom1
1-4-19Helen12051United Kingdom1.
13-4-19Esther Díaz9100Spain1Walking for HAE in Gran Canaria
13-4-19Celia J.F28600Spain2Circular integral a la sierra de Hoyo de Manzanares
12-4-19Ivana6500Serbia1Belgrade gallery stroll
13-4-19Steen5200Denmark1A day in and around the house
12-4-19Verce Jovanovska15600North Macedonia2Raise awareness for Hae
13-4-19Verce Jovanovska13000North Macedonia2Morning walk for HAE
12-4-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1walking for HAE
13-4-19Kaye6994Australia1Beautiful walk along the beach path before the HAE Australasia patient conference.
13-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen15600Denmark1Walking for HAE
12-4-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walking around The Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
12-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Usual walking for the job
12-4-19Kire Milovski10400North Macedonia1Daily walking...
10-4-19Kire Milovski8450North Macedonia1Daily walking...
12-4-19Celia6890Spain1Carrera por los escenarios de Hoyo
12-4-19therezinha 41600Brazil4caminhada pelo HAE day
12-4-19Danni10461United Kingdom1Dog walk
11-4-19Danni harber10461United Kingdom1Family walk
10-4-19Danni harber 9687United Kingdom1Family walk
12-4-19Keith Ridout4784Australia1Dog walk
12-4-19Keith Ridout5681Australia1Dog walk
11-4-19Keith Ridout3796Australia1DOG WALK
5-4-19Keith Ridout17160Australia1Dog walk
4-4-19Keith Ridout3341Australia1Dog walk
4-4-19Keith Ridout8229Australia1Dog walk
12-4-19Andreas, Jeanette & Steen7800Denmark3Around the zoo
12-4-19Steen7800Denmark1Around the ship yard + to and from meeting downtown
2-4-19Keith Ridout5590Australia1Dog walk
1-4-19Keith Ridout 4420Australia1Dibley dog walk
5-4-19Celia26000Spain2Paseo al cerro de los álamos desde la presa del embalse de la Jarosa, en Guadarrama
9-4-19Celia 10400Spain2Paseo por la Pedriza
25-3-19Celia49400Spain4Subida a peñalara desde Cotos
11-4-19Carolina57200Spain2Walking for HAE
11-4-19Sønke Boysen8580Denmark1HAE-walk
11-4-19Stanislava5200Bulgaria1Keep going
11-4-19suzet Lam Torres5200Peru2dedicado a los pacientes de Perú
3-4-19Centro de salud Breña561600Peru12Dedicamos nuestro partido de fulbito a nuestra compañera y amiga Suzet LAM.
12-4-19Kim northmore3900Australia1Enjoying the last warm weather
11-4-19Imar Araujo3900Brazil1Usual walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
11-4-19Natasa Angjeleska13000North Macedonia2Walking to a meeting within Ministry of Health
11-4-19Steen10400Denmark1To and from meetings downtown + a bit of exercise yesterday ;)
10-4-19Sønke Boysen14170Denmark1HAEwalk
4-4-19Sandra de Wit15262Netherlands2Walking keeps me going
2-4-19Sandra de Wit6500Netherlands2Walking is getting more difficult for me, but every day I keep on trying.
1-4-19Sandra de Wit11310Netherlands2Walking is getting more difficult for me, but every day I keep on trying.
9 to 10-4-19Carolina93600Spain2Por el Angioedema
10-4-19Despina Velkovska5200North Macedonia1Walking for HAE, with 10 month baby
7-4-19Eduardo Costa15600Brazil2Walking for HAE
6-4-19Eduardo Costa 18200Brazil2Walking for HAE
9-4-19Cecilia R13000Argentina2Walk with friends
9-4-19Sønke Boysen8840Denmark1walking for HAE
9-4-19César Cieza7033Peru1Caminata en Chacas - Ancash, Perú
9-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen26000Denmark2Walking for HAE ......!
10-4-19Fiona Wardman3120Australia1Walking for HAEi
9-4-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walking around The Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.
9-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walking for the job in Rio de Janeiro
1-4-19Katie O Sullivan 8450Ireland1First steps
9-4-19Katie O Sullivan 8450Ireland1Enjoying the beautiful weather
9-4-19Steen14300Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
8-4-19Natasa Angjeleska15600North Macedonia2Walking my dog
8-4-19Ana Ferron10400Spain1Walking the dogs
7-4-19Ana Ferron13000Spain1Walking the dogs
9-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ6500Spain1Walking for HAE
8-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ5200Spain1Walking for HAE (BTW, does the dog count? :-)
7-4-19therezinha 41600Brazil2pelo HAE day
6-4-19therezinha 7800Brazil1caminhada pelo HAE day
8-4-19Caroline Harding 8243United Kingdom1Dinefwr. In Llandeilo. A beautiful National Trust site, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.
7-4-19Caroline Harding 13808United Kingdom3Dinefwr woods, In Llandeilo. A beautiful National Trust site, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.
6-4-19Caroline Harding 10231United Kingdom3Dinefwr. In Llandeilo. A beautiful National Trust site, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.
4-4-19Caroline Harding 27742United Kingdom3Dinefwr. In Llandeilo. A beautiful National Trust site, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.
3-4-19Caroline Harding 2511United Kingdom1Dinefwr. In Llandeilo. A beautiful National Trust site, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.
2-4-19Caroline Harding 5774United Kingdom1Dinefwr. In Llandeilo. A beautiful National Trust site, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.
8-4-19Erina Najdovska2210North Macedonia1Daily walk in support of raising HAE awareness
1-4-19Kire Milovski4758North Macedonia1Daily walking...
7-4-19Kire Milovski12454North Macedonia1Hiking to near mountain Vodno for HAE Macedonia.
8-4-19Lars Eriksson31200Sweden2gick för HAE-Scandinavia
6-4-19Lars Eriksson31200Sweden2gick för HAE-Scandinavia
2-4-19Lars Eriksson39000Sweden2gick för HAE-Scandinavia
02-04-19Birthe253500Denmark13Walked 15 km with family and friends
8-4-19Kristian829400Denmark29#TeamHAE ran a half marathon across Jutland for HAE
8-4-19Ole78000Denmark4Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE with friends
7-4-19Ole39000Denmark3Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE with friends
6-4-19Ole52000Denmark4Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE with friends
5-4-19Ole39000Denmark3Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE with friends
04-04-19Ole39000Denmark3Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE.
3-4-19Ole39000Denmark3Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE.
2-4-19Ole26000Denmark2Did a walking afternoon-session for HAE.
1-4-19Ole52000Denmark4Did a walking afternoon-session with friends.
8-4-19Imar Araújo1300Brazil1Daily walking for the job in Rio de Janeiro.
6-4-19Anita linnerud26000Norway2Walk with dogs
8-4-19Anita linnerud26000Norway2Walk with dogs
8-4-19Marina3900Serbia2Center of Belgrade
8-4-19Steen6500Denmark1To and from meeting downtown
8-4-19Carolina15600Spain1I support hae day
8-4-19Manuel10400Spain1Walk for HAE
7-4-19Sønke Boysen6370Denmark1walk for HAE
1-4 to 6-4-19Rosemarie Segerqvist58500Sweden1Half marathon and training for a week
6-4-19Verce27300North Macedonia7Walk to Zoo for HAE
7-4-19Verce10400North Macedonia4Walk to park for HAE
7-4-19Katie O Sullivan 9100Ireland1Enjoying the sunshine
7-4-19Steen3900Denmark1I house and garden and such :)
7-4-19Toni Grozdanov52000North Macedonia4Friends hiking to support HAE Macedonia
7-4-19Carolina54600Spain2 Caminata bajo la lluvia
6-4-19Helen Hield 2600France1Little stroll, one step at a time...
6-4-19Ana Ferron9100Spain1Walking the dogs
5-4-19Ana Ferron10400Spain1Walking the dogs
7-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ5850Spain1Morning walk for HAE
6-4-19SARA L SMITH FOLTZ6500Spain1Morning walk
7-4-19Imar Araújo5200Brazil1Walking during the sunny sunday morning in Rio de Janeiro, around the Maracanã Stadium.
6-4-19Stephanie5070Germany1HAE Walk
1-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen52000Denmark5Nice walk for HAE!
7-4-19Henrik Balle Boysen5200Denmark1Walking airports for HAE
1-4-19Nancy Alvarez 3900Argentina1Colaborando con la causa
6-4-19Nancy Alvarez 7800Argentina2Colaborando con la causa
7-4-19Erina Najdovska2210North Macedonia1Sunday total body workout training to help raise HAW awareness
6-4-19Sønke Boysen7176Denmark1walk for HAE
7-4-19Rachel32637United Kingdom2Walking in the spring sunshine
6-4-19Rachel8369United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
5-4-19Rachel7323United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
4-4-19Rachel9833United Kingdom1Walking for HAE
6-4-19Snezhe5200North Macedonia2Walk with my 8 year old
6-4-19Nina5200North Macedonia2I was having a walk wit my grandson out in the park. We have a lot of fun.
31-3 to 7-4-19Amy-Lee Stam-de-jonge 91000Australia1I have been walking 10,000 steps a day for 8 days
6-4-19César Cieza7891Peru1Caminata por mi hijo Alvaro
6-4-19Cecilia R70200Argentina9Family and friends sharing afternoon by the river in Bs As
6-4-19Carolina73840Spain2Paseo en pareja
6-4-19Biljana1872000Serbia72Rtanj Mountain (1560m) is located in eastern Serbia, and 72 of us walked 20 km to klimb that beautiful mountain.
6-6-19Ivana1300Serbia1A walk around the block
1-4 to 6-4-19Maria Ferron 58500Spain1Daily walks :-)
5-4-19Natasa19500North Macedonia3Walk by river Vardar with my dog and friend
1-4-19Vesna Nikolic13000Serbia1Fur HAE—Serbia
6-4-19Nico32500Argentina1I support hae organization
6-4-19Silvina32500Argentina1I support hae day
3-4-19Cecilia R11050Argentina1
1-4-19Cecilia R3900Argentina1Everyday usual walk
5-4-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1Usual walking around the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
3-4-19Patricia7800Argentina2Great idea! I\\\'m supporting muy friend Cecilia, from Padua, Argentina.
6-4-19Caroline Schor18330Sweden2Riktigt fint väder i solen
5-4-19Caroline Schor7670Sweden2Promenad i Stockholm
4-4-19Caroline Schor8320Sweden2Med bästa kompisen
3-4-19Caroline Schor8372Sweden2Kalt och blåsigt
5-4-19Ivana7800Serbia2Midnight walk downtown
5-4-19Sønke Boysen10790Denmark1Walk for HAE
5-4-19Cecilia3900Argentina1Raising awareness in my mind
5-4-19Carolina15210Spain1Caminata bajo la lluvia
5-4-19therezinha 45500Brazil7caminhada na praia
4-4-19Sara Smith9100Spain2Out walking with the dog
4-4-19Ana Ferron46800Spain2Trekking in the mountains
4-4-19Manuel13910Spain1España con el Angioedema
5-4-19Steen6500Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
5-4-19Carolina12090Spain1Por el Angioedema Hereditario
5-4-19Vesna Mili2600Serbia1I walked from home to my office
4-4-19César Cieza5629Peru1AHE Perú
4-4-19Steen5200Denmark1Around the office and at the fencing club
3-4-19Carolina40092Spain2Caminar como parte de la vida
2-4-19Carolina33722Spain2Por el Angioedema
1-4-19Carolina40664Spain2Caminar para vivir
3-4-19Clare Fear9750Spain1Dog walk and walking to the shops
2-4-19Clare Fear13650Spain1Dog walk then walking into town 4 miles away
1-4-19Clare Fear3900Spain1Dog walk
3-4-19Sønke Boysen7670Denmark1walk for HAE
4-4-19Isabel Muñoz26000Spain2Caminatas a la playa
3-4-19Luis Prado5200Peru1Siempre acompañando a mi esposa Suzet
3-4-19Suzet Lam5200Peru2Dedicado a los pacientes con angioedema de Peru
3-4-19César Cieza5967Peru1Caminata casa-trabajo-casa. Huaraz - Perú
3-4-19Milagros1339Peru1Camino por AEH Perú
3-4-19Imar Araújo3900Brazil1usual walking around the Maracanã Stadium; Rio de Janeiro
3-4-19Anita linnerud7800Norway1Walk with my 2dogs
2-4-19Jorge Murillo14300Spain1Runrún GINES a Gym
3-4-19Elisabeth Aspnes41600Norway4Me, my cusin and her friend and a dog ??
3-4-19Ana Ferron19500Spain1Walking for HAE
3-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic6500North Macedonia1Home - office - home
2-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic6500North Macedonia1Home - office - home
1-4-19Maja Aleksievska Dimic5200North Macedonia1Home - office - home
2-4-19Ana Ferron15600Spain1Walking with the dogs
3-4-19Steen6500Denmark1To and from meeting downtown
2-4-19Natasa19500North Macedonia3Walking with my dog, enjoying nature
3-4-19Emma Silfverswärd3900Sweden1Lunch walk 3 km+ I walked for HAE Scadinavia
2-4-19Evelina Eklid 6500Sweden1A lovely sunny springwalk for HAE .
3-4-19Charlotta Hansson14300Sweden1Refreshing morning walk in a nature reserve close by home.
2-4-19Rachel12134United Kingdom1A day of steps
1-4-19Rachel8578United Kingdom1A walk in the sunshine
2-4-19Sønke Boysen7917Denmark1HAE walk
2-4-19Stephanie 3380Germany1Walk for HAE
2-4-19Ole Frølich9360Denmark2Dog walk with Basse the Brown Lab. For HAE Scandinavia
2-4-19therezinha ribeiro moyses6500Brazil1Caminhada pelo HAE
2-4-19Anita linnerud10400Norway1Walk with 2 dogs in the forest
2-4-19Birgitte bjurner27248Denmark210.48
2-4-19Steen13000Denmark1To and from meetings downtown
1-4-19Sønke Boysen8541Denmark1Går for HAE-Scandinavia
29-3-19Stephanie 4550Germany1HAE walk
1-4-19Stephanie3640Germany1Walk for HAE
1-4-19Ági 10400Hungary1Just walking around the city
1-4-19Ole39000Denmark3Did a walking afternoon-session with friends.
1-4-19Sasan Farmanesh10400Sweden1A walk in a beautiful sunny day alongside of waterfront in Goteborg
1-4-19Therezinha 31200Brazil4Haeday
1-4-19Emma Silfverswärd11700Sweden1Morning walk and lunch walk
1-4-19Rosemarie Segerqvist6500Sweden1For HAE scandinavia
1-4-19Rachel12344United Kingdom1Just walking
1-4-19Steen6500Denmark1To and from meetings downtown

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