Jakobsweg sign

26 September 2017

Will you come walking in Vienna?

In May 2016 HAEi and the Spanish national organization AEDAF launched a three-day walk on the Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain. Around 80 people from 14 countries – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, USA, and Venezuela – took part in this first truly global HAE awareness event organized by HAEi.


Since the event was such a success HAEi and AEDAF decided to try once more in May 2017. This time 30 patients, caregivers, doctors, and others from seven countries – Argentina, Denmark, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, and the USA – joined in and walked four stages over four days.


HAEi would have liked to arrange a third edition of the Camino Walk in 2018, but since the HAE Global Conference is taking place in Vienna, Austria 17-20 May 2018, the organization has been looking at places to walk in and around the Austrian capital.


“The part of the Camino that we have been walking connects to a huge network of pilgrimage routes covering most of Europe and all leading to Santiago de Compostela. As Vienna is located on one of these many pilgrimage roads – the Jakobsweg – it seems pretty obvious to do some walking there”, says the HAEi Communications Manager Steen Bjerre:


“Instead of having a setup much like the first two walks where everybody has to do quite a lot of steps in order to take part in the event we are looking into the possibility of having three or four distances to choose from. One short stage might be around ve kilometers through central Vienna, thereby allowing the conference participants in general to take part, while other stages might be somewhat longer and therefore ideal for those with more time and better training.”


HAEi hopes to be able to present the upcoming walking event by the end of the year.